Do you have an experience to share about a Big Box Store Appliance Delivery or Installation?

Home Depot Appliance Delivery and Installation Reviews
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1.5 out of 5 stars AVERAGE rating on OVER 1000+ Home Depot appliance delivery and installation reviews

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"Horrible experience ordering appliances from here. They delivered the wrong dishwasher and it took over a month for them to get the right one to us."

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"Warning to neighbors buying appliances: this Home Depot uses a third party delivery service that is TERRIBLE. When the delivery company attempted to unload a dented washer and dryer at our home, there was a lot of finger pointing between the folks at Home Depot and this delivery company and no one really felt accountable or stepped up to solve the problem. As a result we cancelled our order and are taking our business elsewhere."

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Do not buy appliances from HD! Beware, Home Depot uses outside contractors for installation...these outside contractors do not know what they're doing! My installer DROPPED my dishwasher! Damaged the counter top and cabinets!"

Lowe's Appliance Delivery and Installation Reviews
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1.4 out of 5 stars AVERAGE rating on OVER 1000+ Lowe's appliance delivery and installation reviews

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"My wife and I have had quite possibly the worst experience with this Lowe’s and their customer service as a whole has been atrocious. After having a washer/dryer installation from hell where our brand new house was flooded."


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"Told me I could get next day delivery on a refrigerator. Once they had my credit card they called an hour later and said it would be 5 day delivery. Seems that Lowe's delivery at this store does that a lot. Gets your money by promising anything and then changes it up after purchase. Cancelled order and went through the competition."

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"Worst place to buy appliances they have inexperienced delivery people i purchased a refrigerator over 2 weeks ago and still no luck on getting the appliance at my home i don't understand this store i tried calling someone but they keep transferring but nobody answers"

Costco Appliance Delivery and Installation Reviews
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1.5 out of 5 stars AVERAGE rating on OVER 1000+ Costco appliance delivery and installation reviews

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"I ordered $1900 of appliances, waited weeks for delivery  and when I finally called they said they were out of stock.  Then they hassled me when I wanted a refund"


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"I just called Costco and apparently the person I was talking  to was too busy to help me with a physical check on an  appliance."

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"Ordered a dishwasher from and they have  contracted delivery through JB Hunt.. It took JB Hunt over  3 weeks to deliver once they received the dishwasher  from Costco."

Best Buy Appliance Delivery and Installation Reviews
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1.3 out of 5 stars AVERAGE rating on OVER 1000+ Best Buy appliance delivery and installation reviews

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"They delivered appliances to my house, their independent contractors damages my front doors, my flooring and were rude to deal with."

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"Slowest Delivery EVER! I was told I would receive my washer dryer combo promptly. I was scheduled 4 days out. I was jerked around and waited 17 days. No one in Best Buy customer service could help me because they outsource their delivery"

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"Do not buy appliances from them Complete incompetent service , four delivery attempts to get a washer and still no washer."


This study analyzed over 8,000 appliance-specific reviews for Home Depot, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Menards. These reviews consistently show their struggle to maintain positive feedback from customers due to lack of detailed and thorough customer service. Negative reviews continue to outweigh the positive, as communication remains poor during and after the sale. Moving forward this study will continue to monitor and assess big-box appliance reviews to show an accurate picture of current customer satisfaction levels.

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Why do big boxes have such bad reviews on appliances?

The lowest rating possible is one star. You can't give a 0 star rating

  • Most people will not leave a review at a big box unless they need to vent their frustrations. These people are so upset  that these become revenge reviews.

  • Most customers won't leave a review if there is only one issue with the sale. People usually only do a review when they have had multiple problems with big box sales. 

  • Most of these bad reviews are a culmination of multiple problems during a sale at the big box stores.

Why are appliance deliveries and installations so frustrating for customers?

Selection process
• Selecting the right appliance from hundreds of options is a challenge
• Are the dimensions correct? Is it the right color? Does it match the decor and have the right features?
• If the wrong selection is made, appliances are a difficult hassle to return.

Order management
• Many appliances require someone to manage the ordering process.
• Is the product available? Is it on backorder? Has the model number transitioned to a new model number?
• Are there issues with the product fulfillment? What is the new delivery date?
• Manufacturer systems are complex; items don’t come in on time and gets backordered and substituted.
• It’s important to have someone support the order management.

Delivering the product to your home
• Will the delivery people communicate with you if there are issues? Is the product and box suitable for delivery?
• Will the delivery people be responsive and able to manage any issues with the product or delivery?
• Can your delivery people hook up and install the appliances correctly?
• The delivery process is very problematic and requires professional sales people and quality customer service staff that are responsive and can manage any issues.

Service after the sale
4-8% of appliances need service during the first year.
• Appliance owners need someone they can count on to support them after the sale with the manufacturer and warranty companies when their appliances need service.

Why do Big Box Stores have such poor appliance reviews?

Washer and Dryer
Appliance sales is a unique industry

The big appliance sellers struggle with their reviews because appliances are a unique business that requires customer service from the in-store purchase, through the delivery and installation process

Delivery Truck
3rd Party Delivery/ Installation Companies

This study looks at the big-box retailers and their struggle to produce positive reviews. There is no way to manage the entire customer service process with a sub-contracted delivery and installation team. The sales representatives are completely separate from the delivery and installation teams and cannot help should any concerns arise.

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Poor Communication after the sale

Since there is complete separation between sales and delivery, there is a long and confusing process customers must follow to resolve any concerns or when requesting additional information. There is no follow-through from the sales or delivery team to ensure customers are satisfied.