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Best Buy average rating of 1.3 out of 5 Stars on over 1000+ Appliance Delivery and Installation Public Reviews

⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 05/26/2023 Fort Myers, FL

I spent $1700 on a new fridge which was to be delivered today. I live in a gated community and I waited for the call to open the gate and they never entered I called the store and was told that they called me and waited for 25 minutes. I was told they took photos of the entry gate while they tried to get in They could of went to the office for help which is right there. Now I have to reschedule. WTH


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 03/30/2023 Los Angeles, CA

So I ordered a stacking washer dryer, GE. This is the exact same kind as I already have except updated somewhat. The perin the store was very helpful and informative. However, the installers are a bunch of jerks. They refused to instate new machine. The guy stuck his cell phone toward the back of the machine and claimed the water valves were corroded. I call a plumber and THERE. IS. NO. CORROSION. It's dusty but the water and electricity were absolutely fine. The installers refused to even pull the unit out to see what was going on. And they wouldn't at least halfway the old machine. I canceled the order and have a new machine e from another store. I will never buy appliances from Best Buy again.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 02/05/2023 Lincoln, CA

Great Service

⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 01/1/2023 McLean, VA

So frustrated. They have cancelled twice-but didn’t let me know! Their system for tracking appointments was a mess. Talked to people on the phone & it didn’t help. The worst, though: when they took out the old washer/dryer unit they did not bring to our attention that the outlet had black marks from sparking & the pan had holes in it. WE noticed it & then they admitted that they had seen it but didn’t say anything. Dangerous, sloppy work.

⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 01/1/2023 McLean, VA

So frustrated. They have cancelled twice-but didn’t let me know! Their system for tracking appointments was a mess. Talked to people on the phone & it didn’t help. The worst, though: when they took out the old washer/dryer unit they did not bring to our attention that the outlet had black marks from sparking & the pan had holes in it. WE noticed it & then they admitted that they had seen it but didn’t say anything. Dangerous, sloppy work.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 01/17/2023 Largo, FL

Have had thousands of appliances delivered and install. The two guys installing for best buy were the best I've ever seen


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 01/03/2023 Norwalk

PERFECT! My wife and I purchased a new dishwasher at Best Buy several days ago. We had excellent service in the store with shopping, setting up the invoice and delivery plan. For two days before the scheduled removal of the old dishwasher, I received notices about the removal and install plan and timing. The service people came when they said they would. They were very polite. They were QUICK. They removed the old dishwasher and installed the new one quickly. They tested it. They couldn't have been more polite and competent. Best Buy and their team get 5 starts and a big thank you!


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 12/28/2022 Wildwood, MO

As a member of Best Buy's Totaltech, I took advantage of free installation for an over range microwave. Scheduling was easy and installation was scheduled for 3 weeks after my purchase. As is increasingly typical, installation services are contracted out to 3rd party agents. Mine was a company called "Big Boyz Hauling" from St. Charles, MO. Installation was poorly done. Installers made no effort to cover the range or counters to protect from sawdust or debris. When they left the work area was an absolute mess. Importantly, the installation was done improperly. The microwave was installed on an angle resulting in the door flying open on its own when unlatched. I later found that one of the 2 bolts holding the bottom bracket supporting the microwave wasn't even in a stud. It was simply screwed into drywall. A molly bolt should have been used -- but it wasn't. I contacted the owner of Big Boyz Hauling about the installation. He asked for, and I texted to him, pictures of the filthy installation area and a video of the door swinging open on its own. He told me that he would try to fit me in the next day (Saturday). Saturday came and went with no phone call or communication from the owner or anyone from Big Boys Hauling. I tried to call him on Monday for status. No answer and there was a recorded message that voicemail had not been set up for the phone. I subsequently texted him several more times over the next couple of days with no response. I called Best Buy for help (1-888-Best-Buy). The rep I spoke to was pleasant and helpful and scheduled a service appointment with a different 3rd party installation company within the coming week. I had my service appointment today. Brian and Robert from A Better Solution Home Repair (ABSHOMEREPAIR.MO@GMAIL.COM) came out. They did a great job. They did the re-installation quickly and kept a very clean work area. They ensured that I was satisfied with their work before they packed up their tools. The moral of the story is that the quality of installation is heavily reliant on the quality of the 3rd party contractors hired by the big box stores like Best Buy. I should have been suspicious when a hauling company was going to do the installation of my appliance. I got to see, first hand , the good and the bad. It's important for people to give feedback on these 3rd party contractors so that the stores can work with the contractors to improve the quality of their service or, unfortunately, remove those unwilling to improve from their vendor lists.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 10/13/2022 Paterson, NJ

This is my 1st review ever on any situation and never deal with this same repetitive situation ever either . .Best Buy got one of most Very unprofessional customer service and delivery personal.

⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 10/07/2022 Conshohocken, PA

These guys were awesome. They called ahead and we’re on time as expected. My washer had a dent in it and they immediately notified me and contacted the company to help me regarding my options. I was very impressed and happy with their services. Too notch in my book!!


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 9/15/2022 Charlottesville, VA

Dryer that I bought was never delivered. Waited all day. No phone call or e-mail message.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 8/24/2022 Columbus, OH

Horrible communication. Called me saying they were coming tomorrow to deliver and install. I told him I was under a remodel so they could just deliver and I'd have it installed by the contractor since the plumbing wasn't ready for the dishwasher. He tells me he won't deliver it unless he installs it...really? He says he's gonna have to talk to someone and get back to me...yeah right. That evening I get a text, my delivery is still scheduled for the next day. The next day rolls around and I get a call from Best Buy that states for me to be home from noon til 8pm for delivery. So 5 o'clock rolls around and no one yet. I get online to find out they have cancelled my delivery and I had to reschedule. So I stayed home to wait for these jokers skipping a family birthday party only to have them cancel. Come on Install Inc., LLC. That's ridiculous!


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 8/9/2022 Charlottesville, VA

Best Buy scheduled to deliver range on August 9th between 7 - 1:00 PM. Never showed, no call or text to reschedule. Had to call company directly and they informed me that this had to be rescheduled for August 23. Having to wait 2 weeks longer and have already waited for 3 weeks (5 weeks total). Really bad service.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 7/29/2022 Denver, CO

Total Disaster! I’m a professional remodeler and have ordered from all the Big Box stores. I’ve worked with Best Buy for years and something has gone very very wrong recently. My orders are a mess!! Not getting items, no call, no show on delivery! They’ve attempted 3x to deliver double ovens and each time are a NO show!! Stop scheduling and wasting my time! Update your software and get organized as a company. Anyone could run it better than they’re doing. I think someone may be stealing appliances from your warehouse since my order keeps getting cancelled after the No show delivery! It doesn’t make any sense!! I spend a lot of money every year on appliances for jobs but Best Buy has ruined their own reputation.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 7/17/2022 Los Angeles, CA

I had a refrigerator delivered by Best Buy and the old one disconnected and ready to be taken away.The installer saids he could do it because the water line was not on the wall behind it. The Fridge. installer said he couldn't do it because the outlet for the water line wasn't behind the old fridge. It came from a filter under the sink with a line connected to the old refrigerator. He was completely at a loss and arrogant about it as well. Fortunately a plumber was working next door and I had to pay him to turn the water off. He didn't trust me to do it.. The installer didn't remove the packing or set up the shelves and drawers in. It seemed he didn't have a clue.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 6/15/2022 Los Angeles, CA

Do not trust this installation company precision appliance, or any thing the installer department says for that matter. especially if they were assigned to you through Best Buy. They will screw you. I'm additional I am adding the person who assigns these piss poor installers. His name is Danny @ Best Buy Appliance promise and no deliver!!! 714-404-6008 just call Danny yourself if he ever answers...I was told by precision that I was not even on his board of tasks, I've been waiting patiently 2 weeks... nada. In fact I was told I was taken off the board? Not even a follow up planned...WOW. speechless I'm escalating this to every high level. I will not make one payment. In fact I will be spreading each invoice, filming it and sending it to you for records. This has been the worst experience ever. I will never ever shop here again.... Don't buy from BEST BUY, they 3rd parties abd lie and could care less. I won't pay one cent of the product purchases until they acknowledge the issues. 6 weeks I've had a fridge in my place not installed properly.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 5/11/2022 Palm Harbor, FL

BEST BUY MICROWAVE INSTALLATION FROM HELL -Purchased from Best Buy March 18, 2022. -Original installation date: Wednesday, March 23rd. -They called to reschedule for Friday morning, March 25th. -Then they rescheduled for Friday afternoon. From noon to 8pm. NO CALL... NO SHOW. (90 minutes on phone). -They rescheduled for Saturday afternoon March 26th from noon to 8pm. AGAIN NO CALL... NO SHOW. (Another 90 minutes on phone) -Sunday, March 27th DROVE TO STORE and spoke with store manager. Said someone would call shortly to reschedule. NO ONE CALLED. -Monday, March 28th RECEIVED AN EMAIL that it's time to schedule installation. -RESCHEDULED for Monday, April 11th. NEW MICROWAVE INSTALLED DANGEROUSLY HIGH. We were so excited it was in, we did not realize how high it was installed. I am 5'4". The bottom of the microwave came to my forehead. UNSAFE!!! I could not see into the microwave. LOOKED IT UP ON LINE: Standard height... the bottom should be shoulder height or lower if owners are older. We are seniors. -April 19th. REINSTALLED INSTALLED CORRECTLY.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 4/13/2022 San Diego, CA

Best Buy scheduled a microwave installation for me for $119. The installer charged me an additional $90 to droll 3 holes for the bracket to hold it! Said I could pay cash or check. Was never told by Best Buy there might be additional charges.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 2/2/2022 Castleton, IN / Avon, IN
I’m rating the service quality I received at these two stores a combined 2.5. This morning at the Castleton location I purchased an LG LMV2301BD over-the-range microwave oven. It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes before the item was confirmed to be in stock, my purchase validated and I was out the door. The young lady who assisted couldn’t have been nicer, as was the stock clerk who did the check on the item’s availability. For this I gave the Castleton store location a solid 5.0. But then in the early afternoon I contacted the Avon location to arrange installation of the microwave (Avon is the closest store location to my residence). I was on the phone with their representatives – 26 minutes to be exact, while being routed here and there, placed on hold repeatedly and speaking with a variety of different individuals. In the end, I was referred right back to the store again! I endeavored to reach and speak with the store manager, but their automated system didn’t give me this option. I even pushed “0” hoping to speak to someone personally, but it was to no avail. For this quality of service, I give the Avon store location a big donut (“0”). After working all day I’m too bushed and irritated to go through the exercise again, so I’ll make another attempt to arrange installation tomorrow. But let it suffice to say I’m not a happy camper.

⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 1/31/2022 

Worst experiance ever dealing with a large purchase. Ordered 2500$ fridge on Nov 29 through Best Buy. Product was on back order would be delivered on the 18th of Jan. Before delivery date I get an email "Be ready for the delivery have the space cleared out etc.." So I remove everything from the fridge, delivery time comes 7am - 1pm. No call no show. So at 2pm I call the store. Im directed to a national call center 3 times I was dumped back into the que. Finally I go online chat and they hook me up with someone at the actual store near me. I'm told I need an appointment. I tell the delivery guy that I have one that it was today and nobody showed or called. I tell him I have text and emails AND on the website it says delivery today. He tells me they don't have my order and that I can go ahead and buy it (at the non-sale price) and wait till nearly June for the delivery. I tell him no thanks Ill take my business elsewhere. Do not buy any large purchase from Best Buy that you cant carry out yourself.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 1/10/2022 Brookfield, WI

Unbelievably negligent service. Received text night before delivery, stating delivery time between 9 am and 1 pm. Installers arrived at 7 am, while I was unavailable. Was not allowed to reschedule til end of day. Next available date was three days later. Installers arrived within time frame. Dryer was installed without proper gas connection patch, resulting in gas leak. After calling to report problem, I was put on hold. After 10 minutes on hold, I called the gas company who came out and properly connected the dryer. I was never contacted by Geek Squad or Best Buy to insure the gas leak was rectified. I would give a rating of 0 if available.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 1/10/2022 Roseville, MN

0 stars. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THESE jokers. We placed our order 4 months ago. The first install scheduled for 3 months ago was randomly canceled with no explanation except that the item was "out of stock" even though we had purchased, reserved it and scheduled the installation. So we had to reschedule the install for 2 months out. Then of course, nothing goes smoothly when we get to that point. Our work required some custom carpentry so they directed us to their go-to carpenter and said they would also be coordinating with him (which they never did). Not only did they not coordinate with him, they didn't update the order so the installers knew he was coming and knew to allow time for him to do his portion of the job. And every step of the way, trying to talk to Customer Service is a total nightmere. They are completely useless and unapologetic, probably because this isn't unusual for them - it's their norm. Don't buy from them, or if you do, at least know what you're getting into.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 1/10/2022 New Brighton, MN

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE CLOWNS! They are completely useless. Reschedule after reschedule. We're 4 months out now from our order (we had been told they could get us in within 2 weeks). The Home Advisors who come out get you all excited and make it seem like it'll be a smooth process and then when things go wrong, Customer Services is a total joke. They are unapologetic and useless. DO NOT BUY or if you do, make sure you know what you're getting into.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 12/22 

I wish I could give "zero" stars. I purchased a washer and dryer over a month ago, and paid for delivery and install. I am now on my 3rd reschedule for delivery. There is an ongoing issue/delay with Best Buy delivery nationwide. They dont tell you about this issue at time of purchase. If you want your appliances immediately, pick them up and install them yourself! DO NOT TRUST BEST BUY!


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 11/13 

Experienced quite possibly the worst delivery experience by a large retailer. I was given a window of delivery from 8am to 1pm for my two laundry pedestals. Normally, drivers will call when they are 30-60 mins away. The Best Buy delivery team called when they were less than 10 mins away. I was out running errands, but made sure I was within 15-20 mins of my home. The delivery driver was extremely rude and told me if I'm not there within 10 mins, he is leaving. What kind of delivery team gives only a 10 min window of arrival? Do they expect customers to wait at home the entire 5-6 hour window of delivery. Luckily I got home just as they were getting ready to leave. To top everything off, as the delivery team was leaving, their lift gate on the truck caught my mailbox and damaged it. I tried to flag down the driver as he made a U-Turn but he kept driving. I filed a damage claim with customer service but I'm not sure how they will proceed to remedy this problem. Not only is my mailbox damaged, but the entire post has been shifted.


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission 11/13 Austin, TX

Installer must behave never installed anything at all before! Had to redo the dryer hose because it was rattling loudly when dryer ran. He barely had the dryer vent attached to the dryer and the outside vent. Washing machine was leaking water at the water connections and the drain hose was crimped like a garden hose and connected with a zip tie instead of a hose clamp. Didn’t speak a word of English as well. Well done Best Buy!


⭐ Big Box Appliance Review Submission

I bought an Insignia (Best Buy Brand) refrigerator and stupidly bought the extended geek squad warranty.  The fridge is 6 months old - it broke - service came out 2 weeks ago & said they need a part and they would be back in a week.  One week later they said the part was on backorder and they would let me know.  Just got a text today saying the part "is supposed to be mailed in 3 weeks".  I have called BB about this to no avail - YOU HAVE TO WAIT 30 DAYS FOR IT TO BE REPAIRED - AND THEN THEY WILL ONLY REPLACE IT.    So I will be without a refrigerator for 30 plus days (they won't discuss replacing it until 30 days have expired) and then they are going to replace it with the same piece of crap that they can't get parts for - DO NOT BUY INSIGNIA - DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY - DO NOT GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY - it is worthless!!!!   Read the fine print...


⭐ Google Review

"They delivered appliances to my house, their independent contractors damages my front doors, my flooring and were rude to deal with. This was 3 months ago and the process has been very slow with the burden of proof on US to prove the damage..."

⭐ Google Review

"Slowest Delivery EVER! I was told I would receive my washer dryer combo promptly. I was scheduled 4 days out. I was jerked around and waited 17 days. No one in Best Buy customer service could help me because they outsource their delivery"

⭐ Google Review

"Horrible communication amongst team members. I purchased a washer and dryer through them saturday with a delivery scheduled for tuesday morning. With explicit directions that my address does not work on gps alone"

 Google Review

"I purchased a Whirlpool washer and dryer in February and I have had nothing but problems with installation and service from Best Buy. Here the end of April they are just now completing installation."

⭐ Google Review

"Do not buy appliances from them Complete incompetent service four delivery attempts to get a washer and still no washer."

⭐ Google Review

"You’d think after giving them $2,300 for a new washer and dryer they could at least send their delivery people with something to cover their shoes so they don’t track mud all through our house."

⭐ Google Review

"We bought a dishwasher from best buy. We asked for instillation and delivery. The person I had only put down delivery. Needless to say I had to hire someone else to do the job they were suppose to do. They refused to get an instillation the same day as delivery and wanted us to pay 160 for the service. I would not recommend using them ever. Buyer beware."

⭐ Google Review

"Took 4 months to get a refrigerator!! After 9 delivery attempts!! DO NOT BUY WITH GIFT CARDS THEY HAVE YOU BY THE SHORT HAIRS AND THE KNOW IT!!"

⭐ Google Review

"This place stinks put on hold 25 minutes..cost an extra 300.00 to have washer installed..driver would not do it..said to call plumber..address was wrong on purchase...still have credit card floating with fed x..purchase 12/7/2015 as a present."

⭐ Google Review

"O.M.G... horrible, horrible phone service with this location . I have called for 2 days trying to schedule an installation appt.., left my name and number with no return call from them, call back 2nd day on hold for an hour, finally get transferred to audio installation and they disconnected me. . not once.. but twice!! Not sure how they stay in business with this type customer service."

⭐⭐ Google Review

"Don't buy appliances here. Had a bad dishwasher installed. Took over a month to get fixed because they kept denying they were the ones who installed it."

⭐ Google Review

"I recently purchased a dish washer and micro wave, and paid $125 each for installation and $30 each for recycling the old ones, it took 24 days for even the delivery and they never installed it saying some one else will be coming and installing, but that never happened till now, and both dish washer and micro wave are still sitting in box, its been now about a month after i purchased and both the items are still not installed, i made couple of phone calls which were of no use. never had such horrible experience with any store before."

⭐ Google Review

"Bought a couple of appliances from this store, they never called to set up a drop off time, they just showed up at our condo and asked where we were. They also didn't bring the refrigerator that we ordered. Called the store, and no answers, just kept putting us on hold. So, we went to the store, and they said that they didn't have the refrigerator. They then asked us to call samsung about it, because somehow this was not their problem. Now, it's been six weeks and still no fridge. No apologies offered either. But! They still wanted us to get a service plan. Go somewhere else for your business."

Company Name: Best Buy

Year Founded: 1966

City: Richfield, MN

Phone: (888) 237-8289


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