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Home Depot Delivery Fail

A Home Depot delivery crew drops the ball, and the refrigerator.

Best Buy leaves customer flooded with problems

A Best Buy installer hooks up refrigerator water line incorrectly causing $2200 worth of damage, and a customer service nightmare, refusing to help until she contacts the local news.

Lowe's delivery destroys lawn

A family in Georgetown, TX was expecting a dishwasher delivery. However, they were not expecting a destroyed lawn and a cold shoulder from Lowe's customer service department.

Best Buy delivery fail

A Best Buy delivery team treats a washer and dryer set like a slinky, and sends it down the stairs.

Best Buy leaves customers appliances in the street

A busy mom expected to have her new appliances delivered to her house, but instead finds them sitting in the street getting snowed on.

Best Buy refuses to do right by customer

Best Buy installs damaged product refuses to compensate customer for the damage, or honor their free delivery policy.

Lowe's botches delivery 3 times

Lowe's customer has terrible experience and has to contact local news before a refund is issued for appliances he never received.

Pandemic causes delivery delays at big box stores

Big Box retailers struggle to meet demand due to Covid-19 supply chain issues.

Lowe's dishwasher install gone wrong

Lowe's dishwasher install causes major water leak and damage

Washing Machine VS Heavy Metal

See who wins in an epic matchup between a front load washing machine and a heavy piece of metal.

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