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Home Depot average rating of 1.5 out of 5 Stars on over 1000+ Appliance Delivery and Installation Public Reviews

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23 août 2022

HD were supposed to deliver 4 appliances today and nothing happened after waiting over 2 hours. The story is the trucker showed up and kept circling with his truck around the property whining that there is no parking spot for the 48 foot. I told him straight there has been numinous deliveries from HD in the past that they simply pulled over on the side walk or parked in the parking lot then and dropped off the appliances. Instead of pro-actively looking for solution, he smoked inside the truck, texted some photos to the office for the reason of disable to delivery. Before he took off, he gave me a cold face that I would never forget. I called HD right afterward and their advice is go ask for small truck delivery next time and each time from now on to avoid the issue. Not sure the delivery company changed the policies or not in the past 6 months, what used to be doable now becomes incapable. All I can do is to swallow my frustration and wait for the redelivery on a small truck 7 days after.


22 août 2022

WORDS CAN'T EXPRESS MY FRUSTRATION & ANGER WITH HOME DEPOT!!! I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO OTHERS' WARNINGS ABOUT THEIR TERRIBLE EXPERIENCES WITH HOME DEPOT!!! If I could give them 0 stars I would. A month ago, I ordered a washer & dryer set online at Home Depot and paid extra to have my old set removed. 1st delivery rescheduled last minute (items not at warehouse in time for promised delivery). 2nd delivery rescheduled on day of delivery (They supposedly sent a semi to deliver to my residence, wouldn't go up my driveway...driver even wrote in his report "Maybe a bicycle could fit in this driveway." I've had propane trucks, tree trimming trucks, electric company trucks, XL U-Haul trucks, etc... use my driveway with no issues. 3rd delivery canceled the day of delivery [today] (THEY SENT THE EXACT SAME TRUCK & DRIVER AFTER I SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED A SMALLER TRUCK AFTER THE LAST FAILED DELIVERY ATTEMPT!) I was told I could "try again next weekend or cancel my order". I canceled. If they can't get it right the first 3 times... The ONLY reason I went with Home Depot and my 2nd choice of a set was because of the faster delivery date. I had to take off work 3 times, cleared out my entire laundry room 3 times, moved everything back in 3 times, have had to go to laundromats for a month, spent hours on the phone with H.D.'s customer service constantly getting transferred and put on hold, same with Forward Final Mile (H.D.'s delivery service) & still no washer & dryer! Now, I'm out 3 days pay and I have to wait 5-7 business days before I can get my refund and be able to order from somewhere else. After the first time they failed to deliver my washer and dryer set I was warned by many friends about their terrible issues with Home Depot. Looking back, I wish I would have just canceled the order after they screwed up the delivery the first time. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT HOME DEPIT AGAIN. SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND FRUSTRATION...GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/29/2022 Fayettevile, NC

Back in late December I made sure I bought a washer and dryer that were not out of stock. I just needed them delivered. I paid for everything in store to include $100 installed. Didn't have old ones to haul away. It was supposed to be no later than 15 January. Then Friday, I got a text, no phone call, that it Das changed to the 29th with a 1230-1630 window. Yes, I wasted the whole day off starting at my phone and watching for the truck that never came. I caked the store at 1650, on the day the delivery was supposed to happen... The lady said she called the driver and it's just running a little late... I was still going to get the delivery by end of day. Well... 2030, I caked the store asking how late they deliver, and they actually stop at 2000. I was so mad.. Waste of a day, and it's a shame that the employee I spoke with earlier actually lied... Because when I called later that night, no one could reach the third party driver and they were never going to deliver my appliances I already paid for. What crap service... At least call. The store said the only thing I CAN do is call their delivery service on Monday to be rescheduled. What crap service! Not using the Home Depot again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/20/2022 Lake Orion, MI

WILL NEVER BUY anything from HOME DEPOT that needs installation. My son bought me a new dishwasher for Christmas 2021. The 1st one was damaged and had to be returned. When I tried to reorder they claimed the dishwasher was no longer available even though it’s still listed for sale on the website. So I picked a different one. The day it was supposed to be delivered/installed , 1/24/22, they called 2 minutes before delivery, admitting that they should have called 1/2 hour before, but I allowed them to come in. Two young men, ages 22 and 26 came in with wet shoes without anything to cover their shoes and reeking of MARIJUANA. When I addressed the smell one of the guys claimed the smell was his cologne (REALLY!!). One of them looked under the cabinet and said he could not install the dishwasher because the pipe extending from the back wall is PVC piping. Again, REALLY! He then said he needed to call in to the service center just to be sure. He also took a picture and supposedly sent it in to the service center. When someone finally answered, that guy 1st claimed he couldn’t find the picture, then claimed he found it and that HOME DEPOT’s policy is to not install a dishwasher that has PVC piping. I would venture to say that half the homes out there have PVC piping. During the time that we were waiting on the so-call service center to respond I asked these two young men where they were from. The stated that they live in ALABAMA and are hired to go all over the US to work. They live in an extended hotel. Here’s the deal. The SUBCONTRACTORS that Home Depot hire are hiring people with no experience to install appliances. It’s a hit or miss deal yet they are charging people for installations. They know full well that their customers might end up with people who have no skills and can’t install and they have a wide range of excuses for them to use. I should have sent the dishwasher back but because it’s the second one I decided to try and find someone else to install it. Now, my son will have to try and get the installation fee back from these people. Where in the heck did service go! Capitalism at it’s worse!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/20/2022 North Hampton, NH

Maybe this is all a symptom of current business practices where lots of different parties are involved and none of them are invested in the entire process. It's kind of like a "swarm" of entities over-communicating needless information with endless requests for positive ratings .... while under- communicating something basic like: "customer needs to de-install their own appliance before the people contracted to deliver the appliance will also haul the old appliance away." It is just common sense that a customer that needs help with INSTALLATION would also need help with DE-INSTALLATION. But that outsourced model would require: Step One (third party de-installation), Step Two (third party delivery), Step Three (third party haul away, and Step Four (third party installation). It would be simpler and more effective if the third party that delivers the new appliance would also de-install, install and haul away. BUT, when the rude outsourced third party can't deliver the new appliance because the silly customer (who needed installation services) could not de-install their old appliance and thus cancelled any need for the unfortunate outsourced third party to install the new appliance, everything goes to hell. (1) Home Depot loses the sale, (2) the outsourced delivery service probably gets paid for trying to deliver even though no actual delivery took place, (3) the third party haul away service is cancelled, (4) the third party installation service is cancelled, (5) the credit card issuer is contacted to cancel the transaction, and (5) Home Depot gets the appliance returned ... resulting in wasted time, energy, money and a degree of understandable frustration for all concerned. Frankly, the effort and know-how required to de-install the appliance was precisely what caused me to try to buy the new appliance. Hell, if I have to de-install the appliance, I'll buy the replacement part and repair it. The Home Depot Experience was bad. It could have been avoided if Home Depot simply informed me that I'd need to de-install the appliance before anything else could be done. That may have caused me to re-think any purchase but at least we would not have wasted the time, energy and expenses of, by my count, 6 different entities. You couldn't run a do-nut shop this way.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/18/2022 New Rochelle, NY

I WANT TO FILE A COMPLAINT. THE SERVICE WITH HOMEDEPOT IS HORRIBLE!. During Black Friday sale I purchased (Refrig, microwave, dishwasher and stove) from The Home Depot store in New Rochelle, New York. My items were slated to be delivered January 10th. I stayed at home and no one showed up. I was on the phone with both the appliance manager at the store and the delivery customer service for 4 hours only to hear that a product was delayed and didn’t arrive to the warehouse until late. I received no phone call or anything notifying me of this and therefore I missed a days worth of pay. I finally reached a supervisor who said the next available date is January 18th (which is today). I stayed at home and took another day off of work and no one showed up AGAIN. This time I called and the representative said that someone put in the system they came and no one was home. This is a lie. I’ve been up since 7:00am waiting because I had no delivery window estimate and I took the day off work again. This is two days worth of pay that I lost and still no appliances that I paid for. This is unacceptable and horrible how I have been treated as a customer. Not mention there is no one to directly speak to when in crisis. I will never purchase anything from Home Depot again. In addition, I will post and let everyone I know not to buy anything from this store.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/15/2022 Hillsboro, OR

They cancelled twice, once was even a no show with zero notice. I had ordered a stove when it was delivered, they would not take it up one flight of steps to the kitchen. I called the store to complain, and they could have cared less and the assistant manager actually suggested that I rent a dolly from them and do it myself. I am now in the process of dealing with corporate in Atlanta to see if things can get resolved. Lowe’s delivered a fridge to the second level with no problem and also took the washer and dryer up two flights of steps with zero problems. Please do not shop at this Home Depot.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/12/2022 Aurora, CO

We bought a new refrigerator from Home Depot on a Sunday, delivery scheduled for Wednesday. We have been trying to save food in coolers until today. Window was 10-2. Drivers show up at 9:40 am, one driver has no mask. I opened the door and they compliment my top, as I walk in the house the mask less guy goes ‘Mmmmmm” (On my Ring video). The come in, and because the shit off valve is downstairs they won’t deliver. They then compliment my hair, tell me multiple times how nice I look. Although they claim they ONLY deliver, won’t leave the refrigerator because of the shut off valve, they don’t want to be responsible for poor installation. So now I’m without a refrigerator another week! Going to shop elsewhere today for a refrigerator that can be delivered properly this week.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/12/2022 Lenoir City, TN

TERRIBLE! And the installer exchanged vulgarities in MY HOUSE!


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/12/2022 Lenoir City, TN

We had paid for a new washer to be installed with new hoses. The delivery man - said : "You dont need new hoses I dont have time to hook them up so I'm just going to leave them with you" Then there was the water issue...It eventually got turned off, but the guy insisted "we call a plumber - and he was going to leave the washer in my garage and I had to call Home Depot to tell them the water was off and the washer was ready to be installed" I told him NO he was paid to install my washer with the new hoses. His response to me was "Im leaving" When I asked him his name he refused to tell me -when I asked the second guy his name - he said "I don't know" They both, also were NOT wearing masks. Rude. Inconsiderate. Unprofessional. I will NEVER shop at Home Depot AGAIN!


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/12/2022 Paramus, NJ

Home depot was supposed to deliver and install a gas dryer in December 2021. They cam looked around and told me they can not install but did not give a reason why. I refused delivery called my plumber and made sure pipes were up to code. Home depot rescheduled and the same thing happened this time they delivered and walked away without installation or explanation. Worst service I have vere encountered in 45 years as a home owner.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/8/2022 Burlington, NC

So I bought an expensive washer and had it installed, the guys did not level it and it walked about a foot away from the wall put a dent in my wall. They did not put any of the installation pieces on the washer! Happy as I can be with the washer but very unhappy with the install that I had to pay for!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/7/2022 Joliet, IL

There are no negative stars or they would be here. Why, you ask? Because there is no installation. Buy your dishwasher and install it yourself or have somebody you know install it for you. The guy who dropped it off couldn’t get out of the door fast enough. Told me a plumber had to come back to install it. When I set up the appointment for the plumber to come back and install it I asked will the plumber remove the old machine as what I paid for. Nope!! That’s what the guy on the phone said “no the plumber will see the old machine and he will takeoff.” Will he remove the old machine if I take it out what’s my next question. Nope! But I paid for removal “oh you would have to call somebody separately for that.” So after I had this dishwasher sitting in my kitchen for a week in a box I had to remove the old machine by myself. Dispose of it by myself. Now I called them and told them I want my money back for services not rendered. Still waiting on a refund on my credit card for installation that never happened. Now I need to have somebody who come in and help me to install it because it’s a little more complicated than I am able. Imagine you’re some 75-year-old lady who buys a new dishwasher and they tell her on the phone you have to remove it yourself after you paid for the service!! All of these reviews I see say the same thing. Hey Home Depot if you’re reading this message just tell people you don’t do installations. Because you don’t. I should’ve read these reviews before I went there I probably could’ve gotten a dishwasher anywhere and hooked it up myself.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/6/2022 Naples, FL

Ordered Samsung dishwasher via home depot online. Waited 3 weeks and it shipped to Naples, FL store. Delivery guys attempted to deliver and leave without install. As I've read, a common excuse was used " need a plummer to install a hose. Wanted to drop of new and not take old which was paid for including installation. Waited two days and the delivery genius's cancelled the whole order. Called Home Depot online and for several days they've been apploligizing but delivery company has been non-responsive. Really? Maybe good idea to find my dishwasher and give to a competent delivery service before you lose a long term customer. Horrible customer service all around. Last product to be purchased in Home Depot.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/6/2022 Stickney, IL

home depot delivery a fridge at mothers house and we pay to bring the old fridge down to the basement, because they are older an is no family or friends arorund them to get help the delivery people they NOT honored what we pay they say go back to store, no good service from delivery department


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/5/2022 

Home Depot should be ashamed. Will not install, you need a plumber, won’t drill over backsplash, electrical problem, etc. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/4/2022

We purchased a new washer and dryer from The Home Depot with installation and removal of the old unit on December 23, 2021 and scheduled delivery for January 4, 2022. We were told that on January 3 evening, I would receive a call to let us know the delivery schedule. No one call on January 3rd so I called the delivery service 1877 946 9843 and was told our delivery would be between 9:30 -13:30 on January 4th and I would received a call from delivery person before they came. On January 4th 11:30 am I called the store Appliance department, and was told the delivery time would be 12:30 – 3:30 pm, nothing happed and the delivery time shifted from 3:30 to 5:30 pm after 3 calls. No single called from delivery and finally, the delivery person called and came around 5:00 pm. They are not properly trained and dropped the tools on wood floor several times. Later, we were told that the washer hose is too short, need 6 feet long hose, the hose Home Depot ordered is 4 feet and I need to buy 6 feet long hose, return 4 feet hose and install our self. Home Depot is a good company but they do not select a good sub contractor. We bought Dish washer from Lowe’s with delivery and installation, the gentleman came on time, install and test the machine very professionally.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/30/2021 St. Louis, MO

forward final mile delivery service is the worst service to use. And Home Depot should be ashame of itself for using them.This brings a bad name for buying product from there store.And after the sale at Home Depot they want help you be satisfied the customer and they got your money.Please people dont buy from Home depot if they are still using Forward Final Mile services.Ask first are you will be shocked for delivery.Very,Very disappointed.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/28/2021 Seaside, CA

I’m not sure if this appliance will ever be delivered. Initial delivery was skipped - they went to the wrong address, then claimed I wasn’t home. No answer when I texted or called when I got the 30 minute notice. The service rep said they never got out of the truck. Promised a supervisor would follow up after I called and got the issue escalated. No one called. Followed up the next day - same story…no response. Called Home Depot, and they had a similar lack of response. Still don’t have the appliance, and now they’re sailing it’ll be at least a week for redelivery.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/27/2021 Raleigh, NC

F- on refrigerator delivery. Took 8 + weeks to get my second choice (the first order was for the wrong item, then the correct item was indefinitely out of stock.) LINNSTAR (to whom this Home Depot has subcontracted their deliveries) finally showed up with the right fridge, then proceeded to give me grief about having to take fridge up a flight of steps and take the doors off to get it in the house. That done, they refused to remove the internal packing materials, tried to tell me that the removal I paid for meant leaving the old fridge in the back yard and left. I'm still waiting for the promised $50 refund from Home Depot. Worst service I've ever gotten from anybody! Goodbye Home Depot - you'll never see me again!


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/26/2021 Warrenton, VA

Paid $240 for installation of dishwasher replacing an old one. They were done in 25 minutes. Dishwasher was put in sticking out some 2-3 inches and quite obviously crooked. It is not level leaving a gap down the side getting wider as it goes down. When told they said it was the counter top, nothing they could do


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/23/2021 Greenwood Village, CO

The contracted provider uses drivers that don’t carry a current valid drivers license.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/16/2021 Sacramento, CA

Home Depot has done a negligible screening of it’s delivery and installation subcontractors. Personally, we received no notification but G&E appliance Repair delivered the dishwasher at 7am on 11/16. When it came to installation, which is the same team that delivers, again the G&E Team tried to reschedule twice without an explanation, reason or call. We found out after numerous calls to Home Depot associates and getting a phone number from an associate. You are a disappointment HD and will not hesitate to share this with BBB, social media and friends


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/16/2021 Memphis, TN

I purchased a new dishwasher with installation and removal of the old unit from The Home Depot on Nov 4th and scheduled delivery for Dec 1st to avoid Thanksgiving. I received notice my delivery would be between 2-6PM. On the Dec 1st I checked online / call number and was informed the item was on the delivery truck and the delivery was on schedule. I never received an advance notice call. Around 5:30PM I reached a person at the delivery service number who put me on hold to contact the delivery service; after 23 minutes on hold, she hung up. The next day the delivery number recognized that my item had not been delivered. In talking to an agent, I was told it was never on the truck for delivery. Delivery was rescheduled for the next available appointment 2 weeks later - Dec 16th. On the 15th I received notice of a 2-6PM delivery window. On the 16th the delivery service showed up 2 hours early. Upon bringing the item in the house, I asked about the installation and was told "we don't do installation..... you need to call and put in an order." I've now called the local store 5 times and not reached the person who can schedule this. I've call the delivery service number and just been told earliest installation they can schedule is Dec 31st. You can't write comedy this good. As God is my witness, I will never buy another appliance from Home Depot every again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/14/2021 Paulsbo, WA

Had one of the worst experiences with a vendor, that I can remember. Went to your flooring dept. at you Poulsbo Washington location picked a slate flooring and scheduled install. After waiting 2 months they show up today, pull my carpet, cutting it into pieces, remove it with padding, lay out my slate, call manager, manager comes, installers leave. Evidently they do not like to install flooring on chip Crete, which is what I have over my radiant floor heating system. I am sitting in my home with no flooring and no resolution other than oops sorry, we can refund you you're money. Crystal (from flooring) and Shannon (store manager) were absolutely no help. This is how you operate? The measurer came out 2 months ago, measured, pulled a corner of carpet and indicated the subfloor, so what's the problem? Why am I sitting in my home with no flooring and no help!! As my records will show, I have spent $15,000. at Home Depot this year and hundreds of thousands over the past decades. This is completely unacceptable. Contact at Home Depot Executive Escalations, was a joke. She claims she is an advocate for the consumer, when she is just trying to make the issue go away.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/14/2021 Paterson, NJ

0 is way to generous, 10 hours of waiting for delivery. now day 2 and they say delivery was never processed. My advise buy from a local appliance dealer. time for shareholders to read some of these reviews. send the stock to the shitter.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/10/2021

Home Depot Install service is horrible because they won't install anything. They are really just delivery drivers with no skills. I can stick a dishwasher in the hole myself, what I need is installation people that can access what needs to be done and then do the work to install my new appliance. Not every home is new construction with everything set up perfectly for a new appliance. We ordered a new dishwasher to be installed in our home which was built in 1982. They came out and said they couldn't do it because we needed a different valve and to call a plumber. The plumber came and spent 5 minutes putting in a new valve. Installer came back and said they couldn't do it because we needed a different plug. Never did understand what they were talking about but they said we needed an electrician and they left. So what is the point of home depots installation service if the installers aren't qualified to do any plumbing or electrical, or whatever needs to be done? They should just do delivery and tell people to hire their own installers. Waste of time. Very frustrating and pointless.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/7/2021 

Never dealing with Home Depot again. Purchased a washer/dryer in early October. First delivery -- dryer was heavily damaged. Second scheduled delivery in November-- dryer was intact but the washing machine was heavily damaged. Third delivery in December - never even saw the machines because installers refused to install the dryer because we have a flexible duct connecting to the vent and they insisted it had to be a solid 4 inch pipe which is just ludicrous. As a matter of fact, at the time of purchase Home Depot insisted we had to purchase new flexible ductwork that the installers would bring with them because they don't use existing flex ducts. So there's that. They also claimed there was corrosion on the water supply valves which was just some old paint, not corrosion. Called customer service and cancelled the order and was told that the refund would be delayed because they were busy with the holidays after they've had my cash for over 2 months and I have no laundry pair. If there was a choice of ZERO it would be too high.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/3/2021 Frederick

Yet again HD has failed to provide a competent delivery and install. I should have learned from the last failure on appliances. I hate to say it I am I going to use Lowes or other stores as taking off work and waiting time is their specialty


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/1/2021 Home Depot Web Purchase

Home Depot appliance delivery service is horrible, We will never purchase another appliance from them. The delivery of our clothes dryer was scheduled for 3:30 to 7:30 pm. The delivery crew did not show up or call us. I called Home Depot and asked them to deliver the following day. They said we had to do to go to the end of the line and wait another 10 days. 10 Days later they called and said they would arrive in 30 minutes. So I leave work and rush home. They showed up in 1 1/2 hours. The installer broke our dryer vent elbow so could not install the appliance. At that point I showed them the door and finished the installation myself


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/30/2021 Dalton, GA

We ordered a stove and they delivered it at the wrong house and was not helpful at all, said we had to file a police report because we couldn’t find it anywhere. We’re drove around and found it on a porch down the road from our house, extremely inconvenient and they was not helpful at all. We had to move a brand new $1000 stove, we was not given a option except to have it “delivered” to our house we was told we couldn’t pick it up in store. If I could give them 0 stars I would! Best advice is to go somewhere else


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/25/2021 Jersey City, NJ

I’ve in my condo for over 25 years. I ordered a dishwasher with installation. I was charged $170 for installation kit The installed refused and said I needed plumbing work but did not specify what was needed. They had me speak with a person in their office who me to call a plumber and hung up the phone. I have this work many times in the past by other vendors and never a problem. I cancelled the order and will never make an appliance purchase from .Home Depot in the future. In was told by the store that immediate credit would be issued but it was not. Stay away from this store!


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/24/2021

Home depot rescheduled our delivery twice and it was not our fault. Someone is supposed to call us few minutes before delivery. We never received the call and delivery guys just left note on the door. Thats it. Again nobody calls , you need to call again and reschedule the delivery as you need your appliances. I am really angry and disappointed in home depot. I am never buying anything again from their store and sharing my experience on each and every social media. We recently moved into new house and living without refrigerator and washer dryer for two weeks. It is super inconvenient and frustrating -especially when you are eagerly waiting for new appliances.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/23/2021 Montgomeryville, PA

Six years after I had them install a gas dryer, I found out that it was installed incorrectly by a Peco inspector who was at my house for a gas leak and found the improper installation when restarting my gas hot-water heater. The booklet I received with the new appliance and installation stated, incorrectly, that they followed code, which they did not. They blatantly lied, saying they had followed correct and safe procedures for the gas connection when in fact, they did not. Peco turned off the gas to my dryer because it was a hazard and I had to pay a plumber to come out and do what they falsely claimed to have done. Luckily, no one in the house was injured from their incompetence, but I think Home Depot should be picking up the tab for the plumber who connected my dryer correctly.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/22/2021

Would give a zero if possible. Ordered a garage door on 8-21 have had no communication whatsoever from Home Depot. Ordered and paid for a refrigerator and range to be delivered on 11/24/21 get a call at 7PM on 11/22 to say delivery has been changed to 12/17. Done with Home Depot!


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/15/2021

BAD COMMUNICATION! No follow-up, return calls, or truth-telling! The details are moot. I cancelled the order. I don't need that drama in my life. I'll take my money elsewhere.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/11/2021 Silverdale, WA

Horrible. I bought a new matched set washer dryer. I made sure to pick one they had plenty of in the warehouse. It was over 2 weeks for delivery, but ok, i get it, lots of deliveries. The big day came, they installed, and the washer didn't work. I called it in that day and was told installers would have to come by to check it out. A week later 2 different installers came by, check it out and told me the washer was faulty and would have to be replaced. Another call to the 800 number and I was told I would have to wait over 2 weeks for a new washer to be delivered. I explained to the lady that I had already spent my time at the back of the line and i wanted to be moved to the front. No way, I had to wait another 2 1/2 weeks. I went to the Silverdale store to complain, talked to the manager who lied to me and told me I could not return them both for a refund. The info plainly says that if you report it right away, faulty or damaged appliances can be returned for a refund. Do not buy an appliance from these jokers. They hide behind a 3rd party delivery system and they are liars.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/11/2021 Memphis, TN

Absolutely awful experience! Waited three weeks for our appliances and the delivery drivers refused to install, even though we paid for it, because we had plates out of the dishwasher (that was broken) and a pot of food on the stove (from lunch). When we called we were told it was really because we hadn’t uninstalled and moved the appliances ourselves and that was expected. No one told us we had to uninstall and move our own appliances before they’d install new ones and if I knew how to uninstall/install appliances I wouldn’t be paying someone to do it. Home Depot refunded the money and we are selecting our own installation service. Will NEVER buy with Home Depot again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/1/2021

My mother who is a sr citizen & 1,000 miles away from me needed a fridge. I ordered it from my local store in PA to be delivered to her in the midwest. Nothing but excuses about covid, blah bla blah it will be 4 to 6 wks. So I pay for it 20% cash & 80% H/D store card. Fast fwd 42 days later on delivery day I get a call from my mom, NOT the delivery guy that "delivery co says all her doors (standard size doors) are too small for a tiny 20 cu ft fridge to fit thru". I thought this is absolutely bonkers. The delivery guy just eyeballed it & half measured but made NO attempts to even unload the fridge from the truck. I feel he lied to a senior citizen in her own home & as his defense used his "years of service in the business" to KNOW everything. He took the fridge back to the warehouse now I have to REBUY the same fridge that went up an extra $100 plus wait another 4 to 6 wks on delivery. I feel the guy lied because he didnt want to remove the old fridge out the way plus remove the doors on the new fridge to get it in there plus reinstall the doors. As for the cost it took Home Depot SO long to deliver it, I have made not 1 but TWO payments on it & have to go thru hell & high water to get a refund. Supposedly theyre going to expidite contact with "procurement" or some dumb department at their warehouse. They can see my whole order, the ignorant @$$ 3rd party deliverys notes, & the store credit card info/payments but they cant do a refund on the spot! Lowes really is no better. If u dont absolutely need an apploance folks dont buy anything right now! Just let the economy ground to a halt & all these folks can be out of a job


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/1/2021 Charlotte, NC

The dishwasher made it here and three delivery people came in and said they can't install because they were not certified and left. After several calls I eventually got a credit back for my install. At one point the employee told me they didn't have a customer service person. 350.00 and about two weeks later I called s plumber who did the install


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/1/2021 

Terrible service. Dishwasher install, they came out first and said a plumber needed to install a valve. We hired a plumber who installed the valve. Home Depot comes out a second time and says they cant install, now because they wont fish the new lines through a 6" cabinet. They just walked out while I called customer service. Dont use Home Depot installation!


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/23/2021 Fremont

Delivery and installation is the worst. Delivery person complain the new appliance to heavy for 2 people.


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/23/2021 Home Depot Online

Worst experience trying to get a new washer and dryer delivered - just awful. Anyone thinking of buying an appliance from Home Depot don’t bother and avoid the pain and disappointment - last time ever for me


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/22/2021 Novi, MI

Would give a 0 if possible. Home Depot? Done with those idiots. They use bottom of the barrel Forward Final Mile for their major appliance deliveries and installs. Let me tell you- these guys make up their own rules. Shame on Home Depot who tells me they've had soooo many complaints with this place but THEY STILL USE THEM despite the customers concerns. Which, I guarantee you will have if you buy major appliances at Home depot. I spent a wad on all new appliances for my condo, washer and dryer included. Washer and dryer arrived a month later- they installed the dryer using the old vent despite me having to buy a new one- which they left in the garage. The disrespectful and cockey installer cranked the 'legs' on the dryer as high as they would go so when the washer was installed it was 2" higher than the washer and 5" apart from it. I asked for them to be leveled and Mr Cockey said 'nope, don't have to. I was told to only make sure it didn't wobble.' So it got left like that. Plus they were installed backwards- doors open into each other instead of away. Very awkward on wash day. To top it off, Mr Cockey skipped 8 of the 11 instructions for installing the washer. I asked about the shipping bolts being removed and he said 'I did that a long time ago which meant he removed them at their warehouse and trucked my front load washer a lot of miles with no support on the drum mechanism - a big no no. The frosting on the cake was as Mr Cockey was exiting my condo he jerked the power cord to the washer out of the wall and threw it behind the washer. Laundry tub right next to it made a difficult retrievel. I'm 72 and I have NEVER been so disrespectful been treated. He was the equivalent of a snot nosed brat. I wouldn't spend another damned dime at Home Depot if my ceilings fell in and they were the only appliance place within 2000 miles. So we get to the delivery of the refrigerator, range, dishwasher and over the range microwave 12 days later. All going well until they get to the microwave. Upper support bolt stuck in the old one and they had no tool to cut it (Remember this is a delivery/INSTALL place) and said someone else would come out to take care of it and do the install. Crew #2 shows up a week later, proceeds to attempt the install and tells me there's a bolt stuck in the top of the microwave that needs to be cut. I asked if they had not been given that information when they were assigned the job??? Said 'NO, nobody told us that's. And, yep- they had no toll to cut it. A week later Crew #3 shows up. I asked if by chance, had anyone made them aware of the problem here???? You hot it- answer was NO. So I told them and they said 'Were not allowed to do anything like that'!!!!! Bottom line - they dumped the install on me. So here I am over 2 months after purchasing all these appliances and my microwave is sitting in the garage. I was so angry I had to step away from this whole Home Depot mess for awhile before it affected my health. I'm ready to jump back in now so I'm going higher up the ladder in the Home Depot barrel and see what excuses they have. And then to Samsung to let them know how their products and reputation are being cheapened by Home Depot I'm not holding my breath.


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/13/2021 Daphne, AL

Bad delivery service will never use home depot again


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/6/2021

Ordered dishwasher to be delievered and installed. Delivered as scheduled but said they couldn't install. Surprising since this is second replacement DW. Said we needed a plumber and that the install charge would be removed and that they would return in three weeks to pick up old dishwasher. Left the new one in the kitchen. The install charge was not removed, they didn't return to pick up old dishwasher on promised date. Called Home Depot, who said pick-up was rescheduled-no one notified us. Said they would remove install charge- we'll see. Very unhappy with delivery-install service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/22/2021

Ordered a new LG washer & dryer for delivery and added everything that their site said would be required to have it installed and tested upon delivery. When it was delivered, the delivery team refused to even bring it in the house because they said they could not install the washer without a pan. They wouldn't even connect the dryer and instead left both washer and dryer in the garage. Horrible service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/22/2021

Delivery is not here. Called the toll free number. Got recording. Delivery is late. Duhhhh. No option for anything else. Horrible service.😠 if i was not desperate, i would tell them to shove it. Last time they get an appliance order


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/17/2021 Mobile, AL

Unreliable. Crap. Communication is nonsense. I will drop Home Depot. I will use Lowe's.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/14/2021 Mobile, AL

Purchase of range August 24. Promised delivery on September 15. On 9/14 called with the approximate delivery time. Then, about 3 hours later, called with a different delivery date--OCTOBER 7! Crap service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/14/2021 Glen Mills, PA

Like other folks, this has been, by far, the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. We ordered a refrigerator, range and over the range microwave. The 3 came on time the first time but our fridge had a massive dent on the front. I wish I just kept it! Instead of rescheduling, they cancelled my order and didn’t issue a refund. I had to call Home Depot and get it reordered AND rescheduled. The kicker is that they wouldnt fully honor the sale I got it for. And the refund was never for the full amount. When it was finally settled and rescheduled, I found out it was the wrong address. I then had to cancel the order AGAIN and wait for a new delivery date. After the date came and went, they NEVER contacted me again to say it’s been rescheduled for 15 days. But the next time, it’s “guaranteed” to deliver. The day came, and they called me to say theyre coming. Only for me to call and find out it’s not on the schedule and the soonest it will come is a month from now. I’m besides myself. I’d cancel it entirely but We’d be out even more money since we never got fully reimbursed from the first transaction. I can’t stress enough to NEVER EVER work with Home Depot’s delivery system. I wish I could rate it a -5. The ABSOLUTE WOOOOOOOORST!


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/13/2021

I have been a long time customer of Home Depot in purchasing appliances and materials for my properties. However, I no longer have any confidence with the delivery companies they use to deliver and remove old appliances. This is the 3rd time that GE Appliance (redirected via HD) has been just another call center with no access to contact delivery person directly. They are suppose to call 30 mins to arrival with the delivery window of morning or afternoon of scheduled date. I am still after almost a month of them delivering new fridge, dishwasher, & Stove to come back and take away the old stove and dishwasher that they could not take away at time of delivery. When they delivered they were also 2 hours past the delivery window and into the evening. Set up time to come back after that the next week and being at the end of the que for pick up the delivery operators did not call to cancel after waiting 6 hours. When I called to check in with Home Depot / GE Appliance Call center they assured me I was still on the route for pick up and they were running behind but no matter what would be coming. I called 2 other times to confirm this throughout the day. No call recieved and only to find out later that evening after calling again that they were not in fact coming. Rescheduled for this past weekend (10 days was the soonest available) and because a Sunday scheduled delivery there was no Call Center to pick up on delivery status... recieved no calls on when coming and only found out of the delivery window after contacting a few days before to confirm. Communication is horrible enough, not to mention it is now the 4th and final try that I am hoping they will show up in another 10 days to take away my tenants old stove and dishwasher. I recommend anyone buying appliances from Home Depot to not use their delivery services in the future or you will most likely be very frustrated and disappointed. Especially because you can only call Home Depot and all they do is email the delivery company for scheduling there is no supervisors anyone they can connect you with whether at Home Depot, Ge Appliance Delivery Center or any other delivery company used by Home Depot. Not the way to do business.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/13/2021

ANYONE ANYWHERE will do a better job than the "outsourced" group for Home Depot. I order a dishwasher - which if anyone has ever installed one - so simple. Just connect the drain to the Garbage Disposal, connect the water source to the Water In and plug in the electrical plug. These guys somehow loosened the P-trap under the opposite side of the sink and left a leak - they scratched up numerous cabinets loading the OLD dishwasher up on their dolly and even worse they didn't install the kick plate on the new dishwasher - they just hauled it off to trash. Totally incompetent and could not have cared less about the installation for which they were paid $129 to connect three connections and $25 to haul off the old appliance. Don't even THINK about buying appliances from Home Depot - the insanity I've already gone through trying to make a claim is ridiculous - each time I call they indicate they have no record of previous calls even though I have names, times and full transcripts of the discussion(s).


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/11/2021

Today I receive in the afternoon my combo washer and drier an the machine not wash the cloth not spin


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/11/2021

Worse delivery and installation service ever.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/4/2021

First attempt at delivery - June 2021. Delivery guys unboxed the gas range on our front lawn and brought the gas range into our kitchen. Then indicated the refrigerator had to be moved. Apparently they were not allowed to lift the range up and over our countertop. They left with all the packing materials strewn across our front lawn. Our township does not take huge boxes so we kept it thinking we would be contacted about a retry. After several days I contacted Home Depot to learn that the delivery and setup was contracted to a 3rd party and that I would need to reschedule which I did. I got a call the day before indicating they need to reschedule which I did. The day of delivery came and nothing happened. I called the delivery company and they told me they don't have the stove to deliver and that I would need to get a refund and repurchase. Called Home Depot got a refund. Delivery day today 2 months later. Took maybe 5 minutes to install as I had moved the refrigerator. But still left with a big box I can't get rid of. Also the Home Depot delivery folks threw part of my old range in the box along with an anti-tip fixture they were required to install by law but did not install. I questioned if the range was level as it rocked also. They said it was fine (it's not). So I will need to relevel. The icing on the s*** cake is they left no manual for the range which I just printed out. These guys SUCK and I would recommend ordering from anyone but Home Depot.


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/31/2021

0 stars. literally the worst contractor experience of my life. we have had the washer and dryer sitting in our house unable to use for over 45 days. 3 teams have been out to get it done. none of them have completed the job. I've now called home depot multiple times trying to get them to come out and ******* finish the job and every time am told I will get a call and email in the next 24 hours. and of course have received NOTHING. none of the appliance repair places will touch it because it's an install. so I'm at a loss for what to do. will be calling again and asking for a full refund and giving them a bad review every possible place on the internet. absolutely do not buy your appliance from home depot.


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/29/2021

I didn’t mind that they came at the last minute. I didn’t mind that neither used English as their first language. But they were extremely ignorant too. When I had prepared everything so it would be incredibly easy for them. As soon as they came upstairs. They immediately complained. Saying that they wouldn’t be able to do this install. Why? Because this Dinning room cabinet is in the way. I was okay. Why? And then they both moved the cabinet to the left. And, I didn’t take issue with them bumping my wall coming up the stairs. And why couldn’t they even say something about this product. Like how long before it will be running properly. Like they could have said. 2 hours should be up and running. The only thing they said to me is that. My bottle of frozen Absolute looks good to him. So maybe I should never do in installation with Home Depot Watertown!


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/11/2021

What an awful experience! I bought a four appliance package having taken exact measurements before ordering. Delivery date was four weeks out which was just fine. Delivery/install day arrives, two delivery men don't speak English and the frig goes in, no problem. They pull out the stove to look saying the gas hook up isn't correct for the new stove and it will need to be replaced and could not install. They went back to the truck for the dishwasher, came back saying it was dented and need to be replaced by HD. They then measured the space above the stove where the microwave was to go and said it was the wrong size as it came to three and a half inches below the back splash. This also was returned to HD. A week later the dishwasher was rescheduled for delivery/install. Again two delivery men who spoke very little English. There seemed to be a problem with install as it took over an hour. As he completed the job he turned the washer on , looked under the sink , no leak and left. Ten minutes later an alarm chimed and the washer shut off. Looking at the manual it was signalling "draining problem". I had to pay a plumber who said the "knock out" from the washer to the disposal was still in tact thus yes there was a drain problem. I have ordered many appliances in my life but usually from family owned appliance stores where they know how customer satisfaction is important, not so with Home Depot


⭐ Big Box User Review 7/19/2021

In October of 2020 Home Depot, Denver, CO, installed a stackable washer and dryer in an investment property. The Home Depot installation was done so poorly I'm continuing to address problems they caused. They did not anchor the W/D unit which led to the motor burning out and the gas line cinching tightly so as to need a plumber to come and cut it and replace the valve. This was done at my expense. Never again will I use Home Depot installation for anything except, maybe, to install large megaphone in my house so I can yell at them.


⭐ Big Box User Review 7/10/2021

Star rating is 1.2, Delivery schedule is not accurate, Changing the dates Several times....


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/21/2021

The worst. I was told they would call the day before with a 4 hour window. No call the day before or scheduled day, so I went to my local home depot and inquired. I was told the time was 7.45 am- 11.45 . At 12 noon they called and said they needed to reschedule for another day but could not tell me a time until the day before delivery. At least 2 days pay are wasted and I still do not have the product.


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/15/2021

ASI delivery contractor Ass-hton excalation supervisor did NOTHING to resolve my apology? She said for what? Your people did NOT call me OR knock on my DOOR?! She they did and the automated system showed it???😆 lol...I told her to stop believing the Lies they tell other people...she got the right name ASS-shton...she was definitely that....they picked the wrong person to be a member of the leadership team 😑...But Thank God Ms Courtney made up for all her short comings...

⭐ Big Box User Review 6/12/2021



⭐ Big Box User Review 6/10/2021

My husband and I ordered a dryer from Home Depot three weeks ago.. not only is it super annoying that Home Depot gives you a 9 hour time frame of when an item will be delivered but the two boys that delivered it were so BEYOND UNPROFESSIONAL. They arrive and I take them to my side door which leads directly to my basement. I asked if it would fit through the doors and if not they were more than welcome to use my front door. The first guy tells me that it would fit. He goes into my basement and informs me that my old dryer needs to me unhooked which I was NEVER told. I quickly ask my father in law who lives next door to me if he could unhook it. As he is doing that the two guys are telling me that it would not fit through either of the doors and they could not bring in the dryer or take the old dryer as agreed upon at purchase. I’d like to note that they also told me they did not have time to wait for doors to be removed as they had 20 other stops. They had only been at my house for a matter of 10-15 minutes. I don’t not care how many other stops you have I paid for your time for you to do your job. My father in law over hears them and ask what the problem is. He kindly ask if he could us the measuring tape to measure it himself they rudely tell him “get your own” so he does and measures it and they sure enough have an extra two inches to fit through all of the doors. My father in law says “if I remove the doors will you bring it in” they agree. As he is removing the door they get in their truck and leave. They left my new dryer sitting there outside. My father in law unhooked the old dryer and brought in the new one to the basement by himself. They did not tell me they were leaving. They did not give me any paper work or anything! Absolutely the worst experience I’ve ever had.

⭐ Big Box User Review 6/4/2021

Paid for install and haul away of dishwasher - installers refused to install, and then wouldn't even haul away. Although our dishwasher is literally right next to the sink, because there is a false cabinet or "void" between them, Home Depot installers will not put this in because they cant see in there to tell if there is a leak. Third dishwasher install and never had any problems before- just Home Depot.

⭐ Big Box User Review 5/17/2021 West Palm Beach, FL

Home Depot west palm beach installers hooked up the wash machine so there was no cold water. Washed a load and ruined clothes when I discovered it. Called for them to come back and fix- waited two more days. Morning of the office called at 8 am to say the guy was early- could he come at 8:30? Yes! Well 9:00 no guy. Called. She said he made a stop and would be there in 10 min. 2 hrs later no guy. Called to reschedule. Another four day wait. Ridiculous!

⭐ Big Box User Review 5/12/2021

The very very worst delivery experience imaginable. Lost several days of work due to incompetent scheduling. The customer service people are nice - they just have zero information required to do their jobs. They try to please but it isn't possible because the system is such a failure. Details: Incorrect parts delivered first try, second try scheduled immediately, never verified despite 7 calls over 7 days. Still haven't received washer/dryer. Unfathomable given the price of the item and my persistence in trying to schedule delivery. I even went out and bought the undeliverable part myself. Please go to another retailer until Home Depot solves their deep deliver issues.

⭐ Big Box User Review 5/6/2021

Home Depot delivery is the worst. Gave me a delivery date then rescheduled it without informing me. Buy your appliances from someone else.


⭐ Big Box User Review

I purchased a new refrigerator from Home Depot and the first refrigerator they bought out was damaged and they delivered a second one since then they have charged my card for both refrigerators its been almost 3 months and still haven't refunded my money I guess I will have to get a lawyer I will never purchase a refrigerator like that again


  Google Review

"The worst experience ever! I placed a large order and they scheduled me out 4 weeks later for delivery. Got the day off from work for the delivery date. After waiting for 4 weeks, I get a call THE DAY BEFORE the delivery and was told that they would not deliver anything for another week because a dryer in my order was out of stock! What a joke!"

 Google Review

"Do not trust the contractors home Depot uses to install dishwashers. Had them come out twice and completely fail to correctly install the dishwasher. First sign of a problem was the explosion of Sparks that happened when they tried to wire the new dishwasher. They caused electrocution and fire hazard. If you value the safety of your family, do not allow home Depot to install your dishwasher."

 Google Review

"I feel like I need to warn folks on ordering an appliance from the store. We ordered one refrigerator with my wife taking the day off work for the delivery; they didn't show up in their window of time they gave on a Friday, and called an hour late to say the fridge was "damaged" and they weren't coming. Wife went into the service desk at HD and they told her the delivery people commonly pull this stunt on Fridays. Ordered another refrigerator, took another Friday vacation day (today), and that one cancelled also. Two vacation days for us is worth as much as a refrigerator."

⭐ Big Box User Review

My husband are remodeling our kitchen using Home Depot Installation services and since they were doing that, we decided to purchase the appliances through Home Depot as well. The delivery was scheduled nearly two months out, which we had no problem with, the problem was with the TWO missed delivery appointments with no notice that my appliances would not be delivered on the scheduled dates. I had to call to ask where my appliances were and received one excuse of my appliances were delivered to the service late, hence the new delivery date and on the next scheduled date - TODAY- I had to call and was still told that my appliances were on the truck for delivery. As of yet nearly two hours after I was told they'd be here - NO APPLIANCES. I have a bathroom reno pending and I will not be using Home Depot again. I am so disappointed.


 Google Review

"Horrible experience ordering appliances from here. They delivered the wrong dishwasher and it took over a month for them to get the right one to us."

 Google Review

"Warning to neighbors buying appliances: this Home Depot uses a third party delivery service that is TERRIBLE. When the delivery company attempted to unload a dented washer and dryer at our home, there was a lot of finger pointing between the folks at Home Depot and this delivery company and no one really felt accountable or stepped up to solve the problem. As a result we cancelled our order and are taking our business elsewhere."


 Google Review

"Do not buy appliances from HD! Beware, Home Depot uses outside contractors for installation...these outside contractors do not know what they're doing! My installer DROPPED my dishwasher! Damaged the counter top and cabinets!"

 Google Review

"Lies lies and more lies. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell you a package deal with 3rd party installers that don't work for them. As you can imagine, right hand doesn't talk to left hand and you're stuck with no one to complain to when something goes wrong because they both want to blame each other and home Depot doesn't take responsibility. Terrible place.. shop elsewhere where they take customer service seriously."

 Google Review

"I will never again buy appliances from this store. After spending $1300 on a new washer and dryer they get it to my house and tell me something is rusted they can’t hook it up to call my landlord and left the washer sitting in my living room. Okay whatever got my landlord out they said absolutely nothing was wrong -thankfully he was nice enough to hook it up for me. - Had to wait a week for them to come out to pick the old one up which was not free I paid for that service.. now 2 MONTHS later the dryer will not work at all ! called them and they gave me the run around on who to call.. finally get someone on the phone and I have to wait a week for someone to come out just to look at it. Ridiculous..."

 Google Review

"Horrible experience with delivery of $2500 in appliances... Delivery service damaged the washer, took it back with them and promised to return 2 days later... Didn't come back for 3 weeks, and then didn't bring correct replacement and wouldn't work with is on their 4 hour "window"... "

⭐ Big Box User Review

"My new washer dryer combo was to be delivered on the day I selected but the installer would not do it when they saw the corroded condition of the H/C faucets. Both were corroded open. They guys checked the site before unloading their truck which was smart. I rescheduled fo0r 2 weeks later after I replaced those old faucets. The new delivery went great. No damage and they ran both units before departing. Old units hauled away by the same 2 man crew who have been in this business for 15 years. They know what they are doing."

 Google Review

"Very disappointed! I would rate it no stars. I had a really bad experience with delivering my appliance to my new built house. They completely destroyed my new cabinets. They wanted to install my microwave on top of my stove, they drilled at least about 8 holes. They didn't know how to measure. Very unprofessional. Still have to wait another week or so, for they can replace cabinets. I'm very upset."

Company Name: Home Depot

Year Founded: 1978

City: Atlanta, GA

Phone: (800) 466-3337


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