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Lowe's average rating of 1.4 out of 5 Stars on over 1000+

Appliance Delivery and Installation Public Reviews

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14. Dez. 2022

Terrible communication.


06. Sept. 2022

This is now the second time within a month that lowes delivery screwed something up and went to the wrong address. Both only 5 minutes away. And won't believe it. And have to make a new delivery day and time. This is wrong in so many ways


29. Aug. 2022

We've purchased a refrigerator, washer and today a dryer was delivered. We no longer will use Lowes due to their poor delivery service. It's always bad but today was unbelievable. Came Late, No Tools, after 5 min said will leave in living room as no time, more deliveries. They broke my railing on stairs, scratched walls, said couldn't get unit down the stairs.( same size items already downstairs) After damaging the dryer told them to just take it back. They said must call store where purchased not delivery number. Went in house to get phone, back outside and they dumped dryer in garage and were driving out of my driveway. They just left!!! Numerous calls to Store, (finally spoke to someone who will contact delivery service and call me back. (so far no call), delivery service never answered and lowes corporate had me on hold for hour and never answered either. Home depot here I come. Just Terrible. To bad because store employees are very nice.


23. Aug. 2022

Lowe's delivered our new refrigerator around May 25, 2022, with a ding in one of the doors. They promised to replace it. It's now 3 months later and no door. I totally understand supply demand issues--which is a big problem for our door--but my main complaint is the way Lowe's handles this: with zero communication. Andrew at our local Topeka location has not responded to an email from me since June. The only way I can get a peep from anyone is via the Lowe's Twitter account. I suspect I'll eventually get that door, but what compensation of this whole mess? That fridge is the most expensive thing in our kitchen, and was a big deal for us to buy. They literally don't care.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/1/2021 Ballwin, MO

Company delivered my new washer and dryer , said they hooked up the machines and they were ready to be used . We ran a load of laundry after they left and about 20 min into the cycle there was a rush of water that flooded and ruined my new hardwood floors and did damage to my basement , 1 month has gone by and they say they are still trying to figure out if there driver hooked them up . Come on , the driver never even ran a test cycle . Lowes is the worst


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/30/2021 Patchogue, NY

Totally disappointed purchased new refrigerator it was delivered damaged on 2 sides, we refused delivery They then delivered a 2nd had a 3rd party Install they attached water supply pushed appliance back against wall checked water dispenser on front of fridge than left , needless to say the install leaked for several days before detected during holiday while we were out of house and damaged 1st and 2nd floors now buckling , walls and closet full of clothes saturated Called Lowe’s disconnected us twice then the appliance guy accused us saying why did we wait to call Really !!! Didn’t know if was leaking we weren’t home why didn’t the installer check the work done on the back of the appliance ? We then spoke to another associate who helped get us to a manager whom advised us to email and take pictures and send we did we were then told they can send a new refrigerator, for a leak ? We hired a plumber to rectify Tyne leak most likely damaged when they pushed it up against the wall after tightening down to much . After waiting all day hearing nothing from the store until we called back letting them know we hired a plumber the MGR said they understood and then passed us onto this 3rd party stating they will compensate us for damages but after reading these reviews we are more concerned then ever Why does Lowe’s continue to use these 3rd party vendors knowing they have all of these issues? Why is it the customer who trusted Lowe’s is paying the price due to their installer They just shoved it all downhill We are beyond frustrated and disappointed we ordered a simple appliance that has now caused significant damage to our home due to the faulty install ! This is just so wrong we are sick over this and can only pray they all do right by us So much for a Happy Holiday they damaged our home now plans will now have to change and our holiday cancelled


⭐ Big Box User Submission 11/21/2021 Chino Hills, CA

bought a refrigerator, and new icemaker- it was delivered and "installed" ....wrong icemaker was sold, so returned it and purchased right one for a higher price.....second set of workers returned two days later incorrectly installed said icemaker....third set of workers came two days later, and said it was the wrong icemaker, and left.....fourth set of workers came two days later, and re-adjusted the water intake line the first set of workers had left kinked where no water would flow to icemaker, BUT, put the icemaker chute OVER the freezer's water input so water flowed into the bottom of the freezer, through the back of the refrigerator and onto our floor......we believed the entire unit compromised, so drove to Lowes, and requested a new fridge and icemaker.....fifth set of workers delivered a new fridge that was dented and scratched, -- we called day later,, a sixth set of workers delivered a new fridge, one of whom said, "Trust me, I've done this three times before." ...ten minutes later could not manage to correctly assemble the icemaker.....still one piece not attached, so he says, "We just never put that piece on," and both workers left without finishing the installation-- We had to take all the tape, cardboard, and shrinkwrap off, and out of the fridge, where we found the covers for the feet and top hinge, and directions for putting the anti-tip nuts to the floor....... Topping this month-long frustration of having to adjust our schedule due to workers not being adequately trained, regardless of the time window we were told, the delivery/workers would be at our house, they arrived one to two hours earlier-- one day workers arrived at 7a.m., when we were told 9a.m. ..... Lowes needs to change their third party delivery/installation company for more qualified workers, OR, provide more detailed training for installation/delivery workers. With another 24hrs to wait before knowing if the fridge/icemaker works properly, and after a month of not having a properly functioning icemaker, if possible, I'd give both Lowes, and this third party company a negative five (-5) rating.... Sorry, but zero out of 12 different workers who don't know what they're doing does not make me want to purchase anymore appliances from Lowes, Chino Hills. Have a great holiday season.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 11/17/2021 Indiana, PA

Delivery guys showed up late and did not speak a word of English. Hard to have customer relations or understand customers needs when u can’t communicate with them


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/30/2021

Bought a washer and dryer set. They took the old ones but left the new ones sitting in the boxes and left. I hope they don't do this all of the time. They had no idea whether or not that I had someone to open them or hook them up. Lowes has always hooked up my appliances.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/26/2021 Dartmouth, MA

Run do not walk away from from purchasing any appliance from this Lowes. Worst delivery company. I believe it is either XPO or XTO delivery located in Mass. We have been waiting daily on supposedly delivering just a standard fridge. Every we wait dont leave the house one time didnt even take a shower out of fear of missing the delivery. Have spoken the the delivery company mgr. Dan several every time he apoliges says he will personally take care and the same thing happens. Today after speaking with him last night and him promising it would be here i found out we were never on the list. This has been going on FOR DAYS NOW. it feels like we are prisoners not being able to leave until we finf very late in the day there will be no delivery. LOWES should be ashamed of hiring a company like this. i for one will be sellong their shares short as i believe this and other customer service issues like returning Craftsman tools with a lifetime warranty that they are completely not trained WILL CATCH UP to this company and the stock will suffer for it.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/21/2021

Worst delivery service ever!! They delivered a damaged fridge and damaged my hardwood floors. Came back next day for an exchange they dropped fridge in front of my front door and the second fridge was damaged as well and they did even more damage to my floors without bringing another fridge in! They took my front door off the hinges let the hinges fall on the floor and drug my front door across the hardwood floors causing more damage. The delivery guys were argumentative and rude. I will be getting a new fridge and appliances elsewhere.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/18/2021 

My closet doors were delivered to my old address. I discussed the new address with the attendant he was familiar with the area. The driver said he couldn't bring it to the new address even if I paid him 20 bucks on top of the 60 I paid for delivery which I said was only 3 miles away. The edge of one of them is chipped in 2 places. I have to reschedule my guy who was going to install them. At this point I just want them delivered. I was better off renting a pickup from Uhaul and taking them myself.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/28/2021 Lenoir, NC

My range was delivered by a third party per Lowes and they plugged wiring in to outlet but did not have it wired too my range and blew up my outlet and tore up floor. It has been over three weeks and i have a Range stove still just sitting in my kitchen not wired. Lowes cannot understand why yiu have not made good on this.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/25/2021 Marble Falls, TX

Don't waste your time. MANY MANY MANY problems with washer and dryer. Management failed!!!!!!!!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/25/2021

garbage company.. should be closed.. never buy any appliance shipping from lowes..piece of ****


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/20/2021

True very nice man delivered my washer and dryer when they started to unhook my old washer to take it away Delivery driver broke my hot water pipe while trying to unscrew The connection to the old washer of course room got flooded had to shut off main valve for water he did help me clean up the water and he left I signed a work order and never got a receipt he also charge me $70 cash for insulation kit no receipt problem is I still have water leaking out of this broken pipe all over my house I called Lowe’s right away and explained what happened I didn’t want the man to be in trouble or fired I said mistakes happen but can you help me now my pipe is broken and I have water leaking in the wall under the floor and throughout my house the very rude manager said cut and dry no we are not responsible for anything that breaks in your house even if we broke it it’s on you you’ll have to call your own plumber goodbye I think that’s horrible business I will never go there again I didn’t expect money or I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble I just wanted help With an emergency that they caused I’m done with them


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/16/2021 Victorville, CA

The.Worst.Ever. I will never buy anything from Lowe’s, ever! Their Customer Service, Delivery, and Installation is the worst all across the board! Not only has it taken over a month to receive my appliances, each time their installers bring my appliances, they either steal my previous appliance, try to leave my appliance uninstalled (although I paid for installation) or just don’t show up for the installation and call me a “liar” ! I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/14/2021 Cape Coral, FL

Their customer service may be worse than Comcast! I have been remodeling a house and have spent well over $30K with Lowes so far on this project. Their delivery service is hands down the worst I've ever dealt with. To add insult to injury, whenever there is a problem with a delivery you will be spending no less than forty-five minutes on the phone and deal with two to three people that will undoubtedly drop the ball. You are supposed to get a heads up call thirty minutes before your delivery......that never happens. This last delivery (a stove) I received a text @ 12:26pm stating they were ten minutes from my house. The delivery was supposed t be between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. I told them that nobody would be at the house until 1:00pm. I asked them if they were going to drop it off after 1:00pm or if they were rescheduling. Their response was: "No sr I'm on the phone." (I didn't make a typo, this is exactly how it was sent to me) My response was: "That's not even a response to my question!" I tried to call them, no answer. I went to the house, they were gone. At this point I had no idea if they were rescheduling or what was going on due to their lack of proper communication. I have a busy schedule so I left. At 2:38pm the delivery guy calls and says he's at my house, no warning at all this time. I told him I was twenty minutes away, he told me I'd have to reschedule. The delivery company called and after I explained what happened I was put on hold which disconnected after about two minutes. I made two calls to the local Lowes location and was met with nothing but confusion from their employees. I called the 1-800 number and spoke with them for twenty-eight minutes. I was told that they would contact the store and they had forty-eight hours to contact me or the problem would be escalated to the corporate office. This call was made at 5:46 on Wednesday. Lowes never called to straighten this out. Instead, they send me an e-mail at 2:24am Friday stating, "Great news, your item has been delivered." It's 5:45am on Tuesday morning, I have jumped through multiple hoops, spent about two hours on the phone, driven to my house being worked on, twice. Now Lowes has completely dismissed the whole delivery fiasco, not holding any of their people accountable for what has happened, not taking any responsibility for what they have put me through. They have now started a lost item claim for the stove I paid $1,379.00 for. Someone will contact me within twenty-four hours of my call to them around 9:45 yesterday morning. I've got $100 that says I won't receive that call! Any takers? I've got about $30K more I'll be spending on this remodel. Lowes won't be getting a dime of that!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/13/2021

The store scheduled a delivery and then no one calls and they cancelled delivery and scheduled a date without asking if it works for us. Then they rescheduled for an afternoon delivery. No call and I had to wait on hold for 30 minutes- then left a message to call me per their instructions. No one called. That night sat on hold for an hour to find out that switched an afternoon delivery to the morning- again without asking if that worked. Then they told me they never call the day before or anytime to confirm delivery after 3 different people in the store assured me I would get a call the day before. Never again. My advice is do not buy appliances from Lowe’s . Never had such poor customer service.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/13/2021

Lowe’s install service is extremely poor.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/13/2021 Gilford, NH

Nightmare--from start to finish. DISHWASHER: Said the non-English peaking installer---"We no install--only deliver"--we paid a lot of money for both. What Lowes does not tell you is they hire 2 totally separate subcontractors--(1) only delivers and (2) installs. Lowes says on the website the INSTALLER will contact the buyer within 2-3 days--it is now 10 days after purchase and the installer has not contacted us--even tho we paid a LOT of money and I have called Lowes repeatedly as well as the installer and left messages. The dishwasher tha "delivery men" brought has been just sitting in our garage for 5 days. RANGE: (1) the delivery/installation people did not speak English---which is essential--without knowing English they cannot ask questions, can't answer questions, they cannot raise concerns, they cannot explain what they are doing, they cannot understand requests (like. please put on a mask due to COVID), (2) the range installers did not remove any of the packaging until we had to specifically ask them, (3) they shoved the range in without removing packing tape along sides, which are now hidden by cabinets, (4) they did not install the safety tip-bracket--with the bracket you CANNOT use the range--as it says it on a huge notice right on the range; (5) they did not install a piece that goes along the back, (5) they did not demonstrate how to use it or even check whether the range was working--just pointed to the clock and said "Eees OK" and headed for the door, (6) they shoved the range in--not even the entire way--turned around and started to leave--we thought they were just getting something in the truck, and had to run after them--we told them the range needed to be pushed further back--they sullenly loped into the kitchen and pushed again and we had to mime it was not pushed all the way it before they did it, (7) we have been waiting 5 days for Lowes to send someone back to finish the job and we CANNOT use the range until then. REFRIGERATOR: (1) we set up the delivery time between NOON and 4pm---at 9:45am they show up and start pounding on the door(!)--my Mom is 90+ years old and had a physical therapist at the house when they arrived and I was on a conference call with a client--they had her in tears saying "This when we come--others jobs end" I guess meaning they had cancelations or their work was finished early or simply they wanted to end their day earlier and didn't FEEL LIKE waiting until the contracted time so barged over and insisted on doing it on THEIR time, not the customer's, (2) Lowes did not indicate if you have copper tubing the installation people will NOT hook it up--only rubber or plastic tubing, (3) the men did not remove packaging from the drawers and containers nor put them into the refrigerator--they were ready to leave until we asked about it and one of them reluctantly did it, violently tearing the plastic off and slamming in the drawers, (3) prior to entering the house, they tore off the plastic wrapping carelessly, and missed places on the refrigerator, so we keep finding more pieces of plastic, (4) they were going to leave without checking to see whether it was level--I had to ask them, in Spanish, because they didn't understand the question in English. MICROWAVE: it has been 10 days since we purchased and paid for installation--which was hella expensive. Not one word from the installer. I have called Lowes and they have had no luck in getting this scheduled. I give Lowes a grade of D on this.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/10/2021 Manitowoc, WI

Called on Wednesday to find out if my dishwasher had come in. I was told no, but that it might be on the Thursday truck. Was also told that if it arrived on the Thursday truck, I would receive a phone call by 4 P.M. on Thursday letting me know it had arrived. I did not receive a call on Thursday. Called Friday to reschedule the delivery to be sure I was on the schedule for the next week. After being placed on hold for a very long time, all of a sudden my dishwasher was at the store, it had showed up 2 days ago. Very odd, as 2 days ago, I was told it was not in. But even though I was on the phone with Lowes delivery, they could not verify that I was on the schedule for Saturday or give me a time slot. I now have to wait 1 to 3 hours for them to call back to schedule. Total lack of communication on Lowes part, zero customer service. I am very leery about trusting anything that anyone says with the delivery of my dishwasher. Lowes, Manitowoc, WI


⭐ Big Box User Submission 8/22/2021

Purchased a washer and dryer from lowe’s today apparently the warehouse doesn’t check the items before it leaves because the washer machine was crushed on the top. The manager asked me if I still wanted to keep it wow ABSOLUTELY NOT REFUND ME ALL MY MONEY IM GOING ELSE WHERE!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 8/3/2021 Clayton, NC

I had Lowes deliver a new washer and dryer this morning. I have never had a worse experience from a delivery standpoint in my 80+ years of life. The driver from Lowes in Clayton, NC (Richard Boone) was the most uncooperative, nasty, irritating, noncommunicating person I have ever dealt with. If Lowes has this type of contractor working for them, they should not be in business. Everything I said to him, he argued about. I called the store manager to inform him of my concern and he seemed to have very little interest and never even said he was sorry for my irritation. I just wish I had read some of the delivery reviews (most all bad) before buying from them.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 8/1/2021

Lowe's delivery service sucks!! Two strapping men refusing to bring in our dryer because our basement stairs were crooked and they might get hurt!🙄 it is a very old house and the wood steps down into the cellar move a little, but my partner and I both danced up and down them to prove they were safe. They made us carry it down and then ran back to the truck refusing to take the old dryer. Even tho we said we would get it up the stairs for them! Lowe's need to hire real men instead of whiny boys!🤬🤬


⭐ Big Box User Submission 7/25/2021 Shreveport, LA

Lowe’s Shreveport. Worst delivery experience ever. Had appliances being delivered and went to go check on order status and it said delivered which it wasn’t. After being on hold for way to long just to be hung up on to start the process all over again is frustrating enough. This went on for hours. Getting off work early for a certain delivery date is the whole idea. Talked to person in charge of deliveries and they promised a delivery date and knocked 200.00 off for my inconvenience. Of course that didn’t happen either. So far a really bad experience. Really going to be hard to recommend buying appliances from Lowe’s ever.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 7/7/2021 Lowell, MA

I bought an air conditioner on 6/17. I have had 4 different dates of delivery 6/20, 6/24, 7/2, & 7/7. It had never arrived. I have contacted the corporate office. This has not gotten me any results. They jerk their customers around. They are a waste of time. Go anywhere but Lowe's! I went to the store in Lowell Massachusetts. 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠Don't give them your business!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/29/2021

Lowes delivery is by far the worst delivery system I have ever experienced. Botched the first delivery day of our fridge, then tried to move it to the end of the week. Then conflicting times of delivery. Lowes is a good company, I strongly suggest Lowes hire a different delivery management system. 1 star at best!

⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/28/2021

I took a chance with Lowes delivery and installation even though I heard from several people (including the in-store sales rep) that the delivery service was unreliable. They were a no show/no call on the original day of delivery. It has now been 8 days and I have not been able to reach anyone or get a call back. The people at Lowes said once the purchase is made it is out of their hands. That is just wrong! Now I need to go through the hassle of cancelling my order and purchasing from someone else. Very stressful experience and I will never step foot in a Lowes store again


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/27/2021 Patterson, NJ

I will never do business with Lowes again. I made the mistake of ordering a refrigerator from them. Lowes of Paterson took the order. The first attempt at having the (3rd party) XPO deliver the item, ended when they brought me a damaged refrigerator. They never even brought it up, just opened it on the street and said that it was damaged and took it away. told me to get my sub zero taken out by a plumber, since apparently that is considered a commercial refrigerator... ( didnt say that anywhere...?!) So, $500 later, I had it out and they ordered another refrigerator. Waited until it was in and set it up for delivery again. This time Lowes of Paterson gave the delivery company XPO my billing address instead of my home address. I spent hours of my time trying to call, but was only put on eternal hold by the rude employees of Lowes. So, despite my begging them to make the 10 minute drive to my home, they wasted another day. While the Lowes managers Nymshai, Kieth, Patricia all tried to get them to deliver it that day. In the end it did not come. I had to cancel my floor re finishers for the second time. But Nymshai promised me that I was the first delivery the next day... that would be today,. He said that they load the truck at 630 in the morning, and hopefully it would be delivered before he came in at 8:30. It is 10:30 my groceries are all getting warm for the third time, while I wait for anyone from Lowes to actually show up and give me the refrigerator that I paid them for. Instead I had all this time to tell you do not make the same mistake! DO NOT GO TO LOWES!!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/14/2021

I have never had a problem with Lowes delivery until this year. Bought a new refrigerator that needed to be replaced. Took 4 1/2 months. And all they did was drop it off in my kitchen. Didn't take plastic off, level it, center it where it belongs. They delivery guys couldn't get out of my house fast enough. Must have been lunch time as they were here at 12:15


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/10/2021

The worst appliance sales, installation (it doesn’t happen) and apathetic customer support. The delivery/installation contractors don’t communicate, leaving the customer in the middle, without the appliance purchased for an indefinite period of time. Just don’t.

⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/9/2021 Chandler, AZ


⭐ Big Box User Submission 5/11/2021 Webster, TX

They, Lowe's, lie to you in order to make a sale in total violation of the Texas DTPA. Lowe's induced me to purchase a replacement Microwave and told me that if I select an in-stock it would be installed in 2-3 days which I did from their store # 0651 Webster Texas Invoice # 76272 on May 1, 2021 three days later I received a call that the installation is tentative for May 12 and would be confirmed on May 11, 2021 so I filed a complaint and received the following response its not Lowe's problem its under the control of their contractor OAO group, even though the contract is between me and Lowe's. After complaining I received several emails saying they would look into it. This morning I received a call from their executive representative promising to contact their vendor and get back to me...this afternoon I received a recorded phone message from their contractor OAO telling me to ask for a installation time to say installation which I did and received 5 different voices telling me " DUE TO HIGH CALL VOLUME TO HOLD" After holding for over an hour the phone messages went Dead...and no answer this behavior is a mini fraud against Texas citizens and in Violation of the Texas DTPA and must be stopped This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business. This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.


⭐ Big Box User Submission

I bought a $1800 counter depth frig and a $700 stove from Lowes. First delivery date the stove was delivered but not the frig. The stove had a big scratch on the cook top. A few days later finally the frig was delivered but the delivery guys smashed up walls as they removed the old frig and told me they would not chance damaging the new frig. Went out and bought a counter depth frig for $700 more than the full size. Go figure? Counter depth frig was delivered but delivery guys did not lower the leveling feet so consequently the frig moved every time the door was opened. So here I am at 74 years old down on my belly lowering the leveling feet which should have been done at installation by the delivery guys. Lowes uses 3rd parties to deliver appliances. These delivery people just deliver and don't do anything else. My advice is to find another more reputable vendor.


⭐ Google Review

"My wife and I have had quite possibly the worst experience with this Lowe’s and their customer service as a whole has been atrocious. After having a washer/dryer installation from hell where our brand new house was flooded."

⭐ Google Review

"Told me I could get next day delivery on a refrigerator. Once they had my credit card they called an hour later and said it would be 5 day delivery. Seems that Lowe's delivery at this store does that a lot. Gets your money by promising anything and then changes it up after purchase. Cancelled order and went through the competition."

⭐ Google Review

"Worst place to buy appliances they have inexperienced delivery people i purchased a refrigerator over 2 weeks ago and still no luck on getting the appliance at my home i don't understand this store i tried calling someone but they keep transferring but nobody answers"

Google Review

"Do not use Loews home delivery. I have attempted to use their home delivery on three occasions and they have been late with delivery every time. If you are working on a home project, DO NOT use #Loweshomeimprovement to keep your project being completed on time. Completely unreliable unless you have a 7-10 day window. Very dissapointed for all the money I have spent there over the years."

⭐ Google Review

"I just spent $4,000 on appliances and installs -- Delivery day...20 minutes before my delivery window, I get a call telling me they are out of stock on the washer that was due to be delivered. about a very SCREWED up inventory system. time to deal with people is very limited and I don't feel it is my responsibility to do damage control for LOWE's or to do the jobs of LOWE's employees. I will not recommend Lowe's in the future...and will NOT shop there again. They BLEW it!"

Google Review

"The absolute worst experience ever. Will never set foot in another Lowe’s store again. From rude delivery drivers to incompetent installers"

Google Review

"Don't bother having appliances delivered. They will call you with excuses about delivery times then never show up. Horrible customer service!!!"

⭐ Google Review

"Horrible customer service, signs up saying delivery the next day on appliances. But when you go to buy, the soon as they can deliver is a week out. Was told to “Read the fine print” by the associate as him and his co-worker started laughing about it. Was not impressed by this location."

⭐ Google Review

"NEVER BUY AN APPLIANCE FROM THEM. They did not deliver on time, took days after the scheduled date to arrive. We specifically picked a product that could be delivered next day, which we we're promised. Waste so much time on hold to find an employee that knew what was going on, those that did not were rude. Then once it was installed, they didn't ensure it functioned properly. Within 15 minutes of them leaving, I was already on the phone with the manufacturer and store. I was told to wait a few days to see if the issues resolved themselves and if they didn't it would be no problem, that they would either fix the issues or replace our product. We waited and called back to say it is still not working properly and they told us today that it must be operator error and they will be charging us to be out. Then provided us an 800 number to call."

⭐ Google Review

"Buyer beware! Ordered a Washer/Dryer from here as it stated they had these 'in stock'. Less than 24 hours before my delivery time I receive a call from Jim advising these units may be 5 or more weeks delayed. This is completely unacceptable. Save your time and go to Home Depot unless you want to be disappointed."

⭐ Google Review

"Messed up the delivery of a new washing machine, and made it extremely difficult to correct. Would not use again."

 Google Review

"Already spent 1.6k for a washer & dryer set and the sales person simply said they are not yet in our distribution center, on the day before the delivery. They are now saying to go outside laundromat for washing your clothes until it is arrived, which is delayed for 3weeks. I am really not expecting this!!!"

 Google Review

"I will never order another appliance from Lowe’s. Ordered a new washer and dryer on Jan 19 paid in full, set up delivery and I still don’t have my new set as of Feb 13th."

 Google Review

"We ordered a refrigerator and received notice that our order was canceled with no explanation. After spending a half hour on the phone with two different representatives, we were told that the refrigerator was actually out of stock and we'd have to go to the store in person if we wanted to reorder it because it would have to be a "special order."" 

Company Name: Lowe's

Year Founded: 1921

City: Mooresville, NC

Phone: (800) 445-6937


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