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Appliance Delivery and Installation Public Reviews

⭐ Big Box User Review 4/23/2022 Shrewsbury, MA

Unsafe installation of dryer! We ordered a washer and dryer to be installed (since other places didn't have them available for months). The installers installed the appliances quickly, asked if we wanted a new gas line but said that ours looked fine. Once they were gone, I tried to do laundry and realized that they never turned the water on. We quickly noticed the smell of gas, but assumed it was just residual smell. The smell did not go away. We are now 36 hours after install, all doors and windows are open and Costco cannot have someone come check the install until tomorrow. Terrible incompetent installers, poorly trained in a potentially dangerous installation, and customer service doesn't seem to care. I will obviously be paying a professional to come reinstall the appliances to be sure my family is safe. And I should have waited the 2 months and used a proper installation company!


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/23/2022 Greenville, SC

Yes we had them deliver a fridge and the guy who delivered it was rude when he first came in and said we gotta leave these doors open those cats need to be put up. Second he ripped the linoleum when he pulled the old fridge out and said he didn’t have room to remove the fridge that he was taking and replacing but he couldn’t put the old fridge or the new fridge was on the truck. Third he had pulled the fridge out I was vacuuming behind it he comes in you do that when I’m done. I had been vacuuming for 10 minutes already because he wasn’t doing anything. Then he proceeded to get an attitude and say I had an attitude and when I specifically said you weren’t doing anything I have been vacuuming for 10 minutes already and I was like and he proceeded to get all cocky and arrogant and said well you can choose another delivery date we’re leaving. As they are loading the new fridge back on the truck. They are pushing it along the road scraping the underneath of it. So don’t buy a new fridge because it could be damaged already. Then sits outside in their truck and smokes a cigarette and gives me nasty looks. Worst I mean worst service ever. And they damaged the kitchen floor.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/17/22 Seabrook, TX

BUYER BEWARE! Fail from start! Do not buy your appliances here. 2-wk late delivery. 1+month late install (both required multiple calls). The most expensive Kitchenaid dishwasher I've ever bought worked 10:14 months. I'm now 3 months into the warranty waiting for 'part', plus there is a RECALL. COSTCO has no skin in the game once past the 90-day return, pointing fingers at the manufacturer-supply chain problems. They could fire customer service and save paying salaries - just keep the recorded message: You are valued, please hold.... (forever!) My solution: buy a not so fancy brand for 1/3 the price at my local hardware store. VERY DISAPPOINTED with entire process. The one I let them junk worked better than this one!!! NOT HAPPY.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/17/22

So bad they where 3 days late. Then wanted me to pick it up as they where stuck on a bridge. They finally got to me and they where rushed and could not deliver it. Shell on phone was beyond un helpful and rude. Even the drivers said she is like that. Never again will I buy from Costco


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/23/21 

Epic Fail!! Waited three weeks for a supposedly in stock range. Terrible delivery crew finally showed up with wrong range. Wrong model, wrong color, and it was gas not electric. They scratched the floor taking my old range out and then just got in their truck and left. Costco charged my credit card within minutes of my order but it's been a week and I still have no refund. I will never buy another item from Costco that I can't fit in a shopping cart and wheel out the door. I had similar experiences buying a car and hearing aids through them. Lesson learned!

⭐ Big Box User Review 11/29/21 Costco Online

Absolutely terrible. I am not gonna waste anymore time talking about it. Just believe me


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/3/21

Had refrigerator deliver by Costco. Door handle was removed during delivery and asked them to put back on right side of door rather than left. He said he didn’t have time and would put it work order right now to have someone else come back to do it. Still hasn’t happened 13 days later, 3 extended phone calls and lots of wasted time later still no resolution, just get a run around. Tried to email them but Costco won’t accept customer service or complaint emails. Live chat doesn’t let you explain situation. Most frustrating and worst delivery experience EVER!


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/30

Costco has the worst appliance del service I have ever seen and I’m a 40 year delivery driver myself don’t buy stay away big headache


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/1

Purchased an LG Gas Range & Microwave package, with a very good price. After Costco Logistics confirms the appliances were received locally and after a scheduled installation date is set, they email to say "sorry" but we do not have anyone to install you appliances. Additionally, they stated that they can't cancel the order because it was shipped so I'm not at the mercy of Visa Card (no AMEX). This is beyond ridiculous and will be my last purchase! I have a generator that was delivered some 6 hours later than the scheduled time and had to miss an important event which I paid for. Horrible experience, they need to get out of the appliance game if they cant deliver, oh and install!


⭐ Google Review

The worst! Where do I begin? I ordered a microwave via thinking it would be an amazing experience  better than buying from the local other options.  I was wrong!!!

⭐ Google Review

I just called Costco and apparently the person I was talking  to was too busy to help me with a physical check on an  appliance. 

⭐ Google Review

I will NEVER buy another appliance from Costco as they  do not contract with reliable delivery companies 

 Google Review

I ordered $1900 of appliances, waited weeks for delivery  and when I finally called they said they were out of stock.  Then they hassled me when I wanted a refund

⭐ Google Review

The box for the LG Washing Machine said not to have the box upright, but the idiots who loaded it put it on the dolly  that way, now it doesn’t work of course.

⭐ Google Review

Ordered a dishwasher from and they have  contracted delivery through JB Hunt.. It took JB Hunt over  3 weeks to deliver once they received the dishwaher  from Costco.  

⭐ Google Review

They damaged my front steps and the appliances during delivery. They drivers refuse to lift anything “heavy” so  they bounced the appliances up the stairs using a dolly.  The brand new fridge was also dinged. Complete animals.

⭐ Google Review

It’s become a major chore to shop here, I don’t understand  why they don’t do a better job of keeping their popular  appliances stocked at all times.

⭐ Google Review

Worst delivery service ever. We ordered the four piece  appliance set. The microwave was dented. When I  contacted online service they arranged to send another one, but twice they claimed they stopped by to drop it off when  they never came. 

⭐ Google Review

Ordered a kitchen suite online for our new house. When it  finally arrived a couple of the appliances were damaged.  A month later Costco still has our money and we don’t have  any working appliances. 

⭐ Google Review

Never buy any appliances from Costco unless you are  okay with waiting and never receiving any feedback on your order.