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Lowe's average rating of 1.4 out of 5 Stars on over 1000+

Appliance Delivery and Installation Public Reviews

⭐ Big Box User Review 03/26/2023 Delavan, IL

Ordered 2 refrigerators and a stove. One refrigerator was for the basement. Told them multiple times at the store to please put it into the notes that 1 refrigerator needs to go the basement. The employee did just that. I watched her type it in. Delivery arrives, came into the house and asked where things were going. We said 1 fridge and stove up here, 2 fridge downstairs. He said we don't do stairs. After a phone call with his manager for delivery. They shut the doors on the truck and left without saying anything. I paid well over 6 grand for those items. Why tell me they will go downstairs when they won't. I paid cash, and now can't get a refund. Have to wait 72 hours for someone higher up to decide how I'm getting my refund. What a bunch of crap. The first delivery we had were cabinets. Asked if they could go around the house. Was told yes they can do that. Delivery came and set my stuff, cabinets, bathroom vanity, shower etc at the very end of my driveway by the road. I will never purchase anything for delivery from them again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/26/2023 McKinney, TX

I wish I read these comments before placing my order. After 3 re-delivery times, still nothing. I called everyday and everyday there was a different excuse. I finally had enough. I cancelled my order and will go elsewhere.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/26/2023 Flagler Beach, FL

Had our dishwasher installed and could not be happier with the install process. George was great thanks again


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/26/2023

Has to be the worse run delivery service. I would rate them lower than the USPS. The window was between 10 and 2 and they cam at 8 am with no phone call or anything. No one was there because this is a new home and no one is living there as of yet. No one to get intouch with. Couldn't even get insomuch with a manager at Lowe's. I will not be buying anything from them again. Will go to a local small business and buy.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/24/2023

Ordered a stackable washer and dryer from Lowe's through customer service because I wanted everything I needed so this would go smoothly. Delivery was on time and the guys were professional. Then the nightmare began. They did not have the rails to connect the dryer so it does not fall off the washer and they also sent the wrong cord to hook up the dryer. Spent hours on the phone waiting for a manager to get this resolved. I finally went to the store to find out the manager was not even in that day. After waiting an hour and half someone finally came to the customer service desk. They exchanged the cord and then ordered the correct part and setup a delivery date. They charged me 270.00 for these parts but the not so nice manager gave me a 70.00 discount for my troubles. I thought this was bit much for this part so I went home and called customer service and filed a complaint. The rep was very professional and help me sort this out. Come to find out they manager ordered a stand for the washer instead of the rails. So the rep cancelled the stand and ordered the correct part which cancelled the delivery. She called the store for me and had someone from the store call me to setup the delivery to come back out and finish the install. This is supposed to be Sunday 3/26/23. We shall see if this actually happens. I will no longer buy anything from Lowe's again. I have never dealt with anything like this in my life. These are the most unprofessional people and only give customers the run around. Don't put yourself thought all of this just avoid Lowe's for any large purchases or for that fact anything from them. They have lost a customer and when the CC is paid off that will be closed as well. Spending over 4 hours in one day to get something resolved is ridiculous. Very unhappy and disappointed!


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/24/2023 Estero, FL

This review does not go against anyone at the actual lowes store in estero fl as they were very helpful and great! This has to do with everyone behind the scenes including delivery, customer service, customer relations, installation, etc. We ordered our doors from lowes back in november 2022. Our first problem arose due to every local lowes store being so shoet staffed in the windows and doors dept that we sat around waiting for someone to give us answers for well over 3 hours. Our bank gave us a dead line to get these doors ordered and installed so it had to be done. Then the guy who came out and did the measurements either mixed our measurements up with another home owner or did it entirely wrong. The employee's would sorta look at each other when they found out who would be doing our install commenting how incomplete his work was and how lazy he could be. We asked if we could get someone else and they said what's done is done. Not their fault at all. Policy is policy. Our next issue was delivery. Our doors arrived in poor shape, with chipped paint, scratches on the surface etc. And our biggest issue of all was that we were told our doors would be delivered and installed by February 2023. It is now March going into April (the permit was finally paid LATE on march 9th 2023). We kept calling to get someone to schedule us in to install these doors and we get the same answer: "someone will call you within 2 to 3 days"....and no one calls. A lady called from lowes about a week after my first failed attempt to book an appt. and said "someone from install will call you within 7 days to book an appointment to get your doors installed and on Wednesday I will call back to make sure someone called you back and followed through", but she did not call back either. The last time I called someone transferred me to installation and I spoke to someone named Ira (an older guy with a new jersey or new york accent). He was very rude and short with me. He gave me the same answer I got from the others about the call back in 2 days. I asked if someone was going to actually call because im not getting anywhere with this "we will call you back" option. And all he said was "we will call you back within 2 days" just repeating what I already heard from him avoiding my question entirely and then he hung up. Ive about had it with all this. Our next option is to return the doors and go elsewhere. We paid around $7000 for these 2 doors and on top of all the horrible customer service, our doors arrived chipped, scratched and faded from what looks like sliding when they were in route to be delivered. This will be our last purchase from Lowes and if something isn't done and these doors are still sitting in our garage in the next couple weeks we will be returning them. Worst experience ever! My husband and I in all these years of using this company for our home needs have never been put in such a place where we are left scratching our heads wondering what to do next. As we would love to just get the doors installed and move along we kniw this is obviously challenging for such a large multi billion dollar company like Lowes. They need to start cleaning house of all these rude poor customer service employees and implement a better system. It seems like any other store I would have an issue with would make it their duty and priority to get it handled and figured out. But not lowes. Everything done is contracted out and they risk their name and reputation using these shifty lazy "hire ons" to do their grunt work.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/23/2023 Raleigh, NC

Mike and James were very patient, safely getting the large refrigerator through narrow door ways without scratching fridge or doorways. They also made sure I knew how to use the fridge.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/23/2023 Prescott, AZ

Eric was very courteous. He removed our washer and installed the new washer. He checked the connections for leaks before he left. He was a very nice fellow.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/23/2023 Petoskey, MI

Worst retail lumber experience EVER. Treated poorly, insulted, lied about delivery dates, items wrong, cancelled, rescheduling deliveries without my knowledge or permission, fixed every week, reschedule every week. Nightmare customer service. Nightmare delivery services. Deleting our account. .. with luck Signed, your Local General Contractor


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/22/2023 Houston, TX

10 weeks, and there's been nothing but excuses, delays, and wasted time. "rescheduled" 5 times...No show on install. Uzzie at the Atascosita TX store, dropped the ball, and cost Lowes a $6200 appliance order. It's a real clown show. They are awesome at wasting your valuable time, and creating un-necessary frustration.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/20/2023 Bluffton, SC

Lowes delivery is the worst ever, total nightmare


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/17/2023 Hinesville, GA

Made a major purchase of Craftsman riding mower. Has 2 year warranty on it. It needs warranty work with faulty alternator or charging of battery and pto switch. The store says it’s up to craftsman. Even though it’s mention in the warranty to go back to the seller. So after endless calls and bot chats the only service center close to us is over 50 miles and a Lowe’s competitor. Take my advise do not by any major purchase from Lowe’s. They have no capacity to stand behind the products they sell.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/15/2023 Louisville, KY

Horrible do not use, we bought a $2000 refrigerator, it took 3 deliveries before they brought one that wasn't damaged, and on the last try they wanted to take doors off one and put them on the other, seriously ? Add to that the delivery guy was RUDE he walked in right past me looked around the house for other doors without even talking to me,


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/14/2023 Lebanon, OH

Worst delivery experience ever. VERY unhelpful delivery service, who absolutely screens their calls against you. We ordered a new fridge through Lowes on Friday night. We signed up for Sunday delivery from 12-4. I had not heard from them by 3:45 so I called their delivery company and was told we were on the schedule for Monday from 8 to 8 and they had absolutely no record of us being signed up for Sunday. We were on the phone with them for hours, kept getting passed around from person to person, and got absolutely nowhere. With no way to prove we had actually signed up for Sunday delivery, they basically said there was nothing they could or would do. When they came the next day with the fridge, there was a snafu with the water line that connected to the old fridge, which the Lowes delivery man basically said we were screwed because we were going to get a flood, and they ended up leaving the new fridge and not taking the old one because it was still connected to the water line. A plumber (not Lowes associated) came out, who said we didn't actually have any water issues, and actually helped us hook up the new fridge. We then called Lowes delivery back to schedule a time for them to come pick up the old fridge. I called from the phone whose number was associated with the delivery order - and they disconnected me. Eight. Times. I used a different phone, and got in immediately. They "scheduled" me for a pick up of the old fridge today. But today, after not hearing anything at all from them about the actual time frame, I tried calling the delivery team back on my phone - and they immediately disconnected me again. Called from the different phone line, and again got through immediately. They did not even have us scheduled for the fridge pickup - at all. So we are currently still trying to get ahold of someone who will actually schedule pick up for this old fridge. Never get appliances through Lowes.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/13/2023 Manchester, NJ

3 weeks ago got new GE washer, day one it ripped sides of almost all my towels that my old 22 year old machine never tore ever. It goes on unbalance daily, bangs and does not rinse normally. continues to ruin my stuff tatterins seems and tieing laundry at times, not always but at times in knots wadded together. it is never over loaded usually small to medium and carefully placed. Never told they changed their return policy to 48 hours yes 48 hours had I known wold have had them pick it up second day it ripped my stuff. they have zero customer service, just we are sorry and we will document it. making comlaint to attorney generals office. having GE come out but I am skeptical they will solve this


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/12/2023 Petoskey, MI

Worst retail lumber experience EVER. Treated poorly, insulted, lied about delivery dates, items wrong, cancelled, rescheduling deliveries without my knowledge or permission, fixed every week, reschedule every week. Nightmare customer service. Nightmare delivery services. Deleting our account. .. with luck Signed, your Local General Contractor .


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/08/2023 Martinsville, IN

worst experience I have ever had, once they get your money they don't give a hoot about you delivery guys were a couple of jerks to put it mildly problems to numerous to mention or have time to commit. rating would be -5 stars if possible. no more lowes for this guy!


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/06/2023 Redlands, CA

They lost my $550 order. Their installer did not answer the phone. Finally when I got angry and threatened to cancel the order,theymade an appointment with me for the installation. Just like all democrats, they are not happy until you are not happy. Never again with Lowes. Home Depot is right around the corner.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/06/2023 Moravia, NY

Terrible. Purchased on 2/24 I had a washer and dryer delivered and installed on 2/25. They only installed the washer. The dryer vent hose was the incorrect one despite it being the one sold with the Whirlpool dryer. The delivery people told me to hire a handyman to complete the install when I had the correct part. He didn't tell me what part I needed so off to the store I went. I returned the part and informed customer service of my issue. Customer service was argumentative with me and told me she would tell me how to install the dryer vent hose and sent me to isle 33. In Isle 33 and told me an associate would be with me shrotly. I waited 30 minutes for help, ended up calling the store to let them know that I was still back there. The associate was helpful and reassuring in helping me to get the right part. I went up to the customer service desk and customer service told me I didn't have to purchase it and that the installers would bring it when they came to complete the install. The third party company XDT then called me and told me I needed to go back to the store to purchase what I was just told not to purchase. I was also informed to call them to schedule the installation. I called for about a week to no avail, appointments were scheduled and rescheduled. I then reached the point where XDT told me I was in the 24 hour claim window. That as of 2pm Saturday the installation would have to be completed. It is now Monday 3/6 and I completed the dryer installation myself. I will never again use Lowes. I would have used Home Depot but I thought I was saving myself a little time since Lowes was able to deliver sooner.


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/03/2023 Columbia, SC

I bought a new washer and Lowes did not deliver it on Friday,3-3-2023 as promised. I went to the store to try and pick it up and they had no idea where it was. I tried to get a refund and they would not give me my money back until they figure out what happened. I called my credit card company and reported them as FRAUD. I'll get my money back one way or the other


⭐ Big Box User Review 03/02/2023 Alton, IL

Well the delivery people came when scheduled but before they brought my refrigerator in the house the guy ask me if I would want to check the small dent out. I went out and discovered 3 obvious dents in the front doors. I refused the delivery and I'll give them a chance to see if its possible to get one to my house undamaged, I'm skeptical. I suspect I'll be going back in the store to get a refund and will have to spin the roulette wheel again. I'd be embarrassed

Update: The replacement refrigerator was delivered early this week. No dents this time , guys did a decent job of wrestling the new and old elephant sized fridge's in and out of the house. I did end up getting a discount on the original price for the frustration which getting money back on the deal was a good thing. Would I'd been happier overall if it went down correctly on the first delivery attempt ? Yep !


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/28/2023 Kailua-Kona, HI

i bought a wash machine at lowes with a warrenty and paid for delivery and new hoses,they delivered the wash machine didn't have the new hoses,and didn't take the old wash machine,said they would be back the next day that was on a saturday today is wednesday,no one has showed up,no one picks up the phone when I call


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/28/2023 Los Angeles, CA

Our fridge went out yesterday morning so we needed to find a replacement quickly. We ordered our fridge from Lowe's because they said they could deliver it the next day, and it was written on all their appliance tags. We waited all day at home because the Lowe's employee told us that it would get here sometime between 7am and 7pm on the 28th (today). Throughout the day we tried to call the number on the receipt (per the instructions on it) to call Lowe's and find out a more exact time, but their service number kept us on hold for about 5 minutes before simply hanging up on us. We called about 7 times and eventually gave up, figuring they would just get here at some point today anyway. It started to get late, so I called them again and was hung up on again, before finally getting someone on the line on the second call. The delivery company then told me that they never deliver the next day and that we had been misinformed. In reality, it would be delivered tomorrow end of day. Not only had Lowe's lied to us about the date of delivery directly (we asked to confirm when we bought the fridge), but we couldn't even reach the people at Lowe's to find this out today. It's unacceptable to give false information about this kind of thing. Perhaps we could've figured something out to save some of the food that remained in our dead fridge. What a waste.


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/27/2023 San Diego, CA

I wish I had read these before I purchased!! Bought a matching Frigidaire Kitchen Range and above range Microwave. The Microwave was delivered with no issues. The Range did not show any damage from outside the Box. Inside the rear right corner was smashed in as if the unit was dropped on that corner so hard the adjusting foot was smashed in two pieces. I had them delivered on a Friday so i could get them installed over the weekend. I tried for 3 days to call the Third Party Warehouse and every time I selected the correct #2 option, the line hung up. On Monday, I forced an employee to manually transfer me to the customer services department, and now it is too late to return since 48 Hours had passed. I will never order online or have anything purchased from Lowes's ever delivered to my house again. One should only have items delivered to a local store and then make them inspect it before delivery or pickup. Also, the phone system Lowe's has for customer service is of such bad quality it almost impossible to actually hear the people are trying to help you. Nothing against the folks doing the job, but, the Lowe's Company is not doing them any favors when customers literally have get louder so that the customer (who never has issues hearing any other person or service person) can actually communicate with the Service Rep. They have the worst customer service system ever. Do yourself a favor and never order online from Lowe's. Your mental sanity will thank you!!!

⭐ Big Box User Review 02/27/2023 Pataskala, OH

Purchased a $2600 samsung refrigerator from lowes, the third party company that delivered the refrigerator where horrible, said that they where not allowed to attach the waterline and refused to bring the refrigerator into the house, called the local lowes store spoke to a manager whom spoke to this delivery person he ended up getting in a shouting match with the store manager, we ended not getting our refrigerator put in our kitchen they ended up driving away, have an official written complaint to lowes corporate office over two weeks now no reply and no one has reached out to us, never again


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/25/2023 Knoxville, TN

Lowes installed my washer incorrectly. About 3 months later I noticed mold of my walk-in closet wall. I pressed the wall and it crumbled from Moist I had a washer installed by Lowe's and also had them remove the old washer at same time. About 3 months later saw mold on the rear wall of my walk-in closet which borders my laundry room. It turn out Lowes had installed my new washer incorrectly and it had been leaking every time I ran the washer until it finally built up enough moisture in the crawl space to damage the floor and the wall. The plumber came and reinstalled the washer correctly and wrote in my receipt it was due to faulty installation . I called Lowe's repeatedly and spent literally sitting on hold for hours only to be told that lowes had "given me the wrong number". The damage was so bad that I called my insurance and they sent ServiceMaster into to remediate the damage. Total cost was $22000. My insurance submitted a request for Lowe's to pay and they denied it but finally offered me $1250 which was half my deductible. Lowes said no water damage could go on that long but it sure can when it leaks into a crawl space. The insurance company did not want to litigate so I took that since it was Lowes final offer. Lowes still has not sent me a check and it's been over a year since this first was discovered I have signed a paper saying I would not ask for more damages and was told when I signed it would come in "a few weeks" and I am still waiting 2 months later. Will never use Lowes again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/24/2023 Manchester, NH

Never got a call to confirm delivery time!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/22/2023 Alton, IL

Well the delivery people came when scheduled but before they brought my refrigerator in the house the guy ask me if I would want to check the small dent out. I went out and discovered 3 obvious dents in the front doors. I refused the delivery and I'll give them a chance to see if its possible to get one to my house undamaged, I'm skeptical. I suspect I'll be going back in the store to get a refund and will have to spin the roulette wheel again. I'd be embarrassed


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/21/2023 Glen Rose, TX

Delivery that still has not happened. Bought a refrigerator on 2/4. Was told that they had 40+ in their warehouse of the model I purchased. The fridge was set to arrive at the store on the 9th and I set a delivery date on the 15th due to my schedule. I got a call the 14th and was informed that the fridge had not yet arrived for delivery on the 15th and that the delivery would be on the 20th. Got a call the 19th that the delivery would be between noon and 4 pm. Waited patiently the 20th and no fridge arrived. No call or message that it still had not arrived at the store. I found out that it was supposed to arrive today(21st) at the store. Because of my schedule, it is supposed to be delivered on 3/2 now. It may or may not arrive. Really thinking of canceling the purchase.


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/16/2023 Kokomo, IN

The delivery service deserves 0 stars. We are remodeling our new home, so we are in and out of Lowe’s often. I brought my two dogs (that are in training) to the store, where when I was walking them out to the truck to wait for my boyfriend to pay, the employee comments on how we weren’t “customers”. Then, basically had to force a lady to help us buy a refrigerator, told us we could order the parts then walked away. Had to go to the appliance area and press the button, she came back, still wasn’t very helpful at all. We come back for flooring. Our flooring was supposed to be delivered during its time frame, the guys call WAY early (keep in mind, we live 20 min from the new house, your 10min warning that actually means 5min isn’t good enough) and drop all of our flooring. We go through it and find MANY broken pieces. We call to figure everything out, we get told to go through ALL the flooring to find the broken pieces then box them up again for the delivery driver. Scheduled to pick up broken pieces between 12-4. This man shows up, takes our UNOPENED PALLET of flooring back to Lowe’s WITHOUT US BEING THERE OR EVEN KNOWING IF IT WAS CORRECT. We call back because we get there for our scheduled time and our flooring is MISSING! We call and call, yet no one at Lowe’s has a single clue what’s going on. Was it picked up? Was it stolen? So we load up the actual broken flooring and go to Lowe’s and speak to a manager because at this point, Lowe’s will never be a first choice again. The manager was great, she took care of us, got us taken care of, and we went home to await the SECOND DELIVERY OF THE SAME PALLET OF FLOORING. no calls, they don’t show up. We get back to the new house and the whole pallet is open in the driveway. ONCE AGAIN NO COMMUNICATION. BEYOND disappointed with this whole situation. Even more disappointing in Lowe’s for doing business with such an unprofessional delivery service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/16/2023 Ludington, MI

Refrigerator delivered this morning. Delivery people couldn't have been more helpful and courteous. On time, careful and pleasant. Thank you . Excellent delivery experience.


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/11/2023 Russellville, AR

The delivery was scheduled on a Friday between noon and 4, nothing came. At 4, I called to inquire and was told the items would be delivered by 8pm. At 8:20pm, still nothing so I called and was out on hold for 37 minutes. I decided to drive there and speak with someone. Nothing solved and they would call on Saturday. Now it is Saturday 4:20 and still no news!!! I am livid. The lack of professionalism and communication is baffling.


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/11/2023 Wilmington, NC

Ditto on the in-store service or delivery. Purchased Samsung refrig 9/22. After many in person visits to Lowe's, calls, emails and pushed delivery dates I'd had plenty. Went to the store again and was told Samsung had cancelled the order. No reason given or date that it occurred. I had a great deal and really want the refrig so got a refund and ordered another. Was told delivery today and made arrangements. Received a call this AM to expect a delivery. 1.5 hrs after the timeframe l got on the phone to customer service. Song and dance that it's now 3/3. Unless you can walk out with an item DON'T purchase from Lowe's. Horrible delivery service that they absolve themselves from. No follow-up on outstanding purchases. I'm tired of everything still being blamed on supply issues and COVID. Enough. Provide good service!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 02/03/2023 Kingsport, TN

The worst service ever. I was scheduled for delivery on Monday, here it is Friday and I still don't have my washer delivered. They tell me they had the wrong phone number yet David messaged me and text me every couple hours to tell me I'm next. When you call to inquire you get lost in call waiting. The last call told me I had 30 to 1 hour wait time for a representative. When I got to representative she tried to tell me that my house was a big green house. It is a small yellow house. She was looking online to find the picture of my house! Bottom line 5 days have gone by and I still don't have my delivery. The last call I got was from the driver who said that he would be here in 10 minutes. A no-show. I will never do business with Lowe's again. I will deal with home Depot or Best buy from now on. Save your money save your time and your nerves and avoid Lowe's delivery service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/30/2023 Franklin, TN

The worst delivery that I have had in the hundreds of deliveries that we have had in 45 years of marriage! Wr bought a 2,300.00 refrigerator from Lowes in Franklin, TN. The salesman Lou was fantastic! The third party delivery company that Lowes hired to make their deliveries Retail Direct was the worst company that I have ever worked with!! They were the worst delivery company that I have ever been associated with! They delivered our refrigerator took them forever to get the refrigerator inside our house! They did not have the tools to get the sliders off the bottom and so it did not fit in our space because of that. They left the refrigerator in the middle of or kitchen floor. They did not take the plastic or the tape inside or outside the unit. They said that they hooked up the water and the cooling unit. They'd none of the above! Last but not least they stole the lock on my husbands tool box, scratched our hardwood floors left plastic and other trash in our driveway and on our street! I had to clean it up myself at 65 years old. My husband is a lawyer and did research on this 3rd party company hired by Lowe's to do their deliveries. They have a 1 out of 5 on customer satisfaction. If you buy any thing from Lowes do no let Retail Direct deliver what ever you buy! They are the pits! Lowes should be ashamed to hire a pitiful 3rd party company


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/29/2023 Kenosha, IL

Bought fridge for my rental unit. Waited there 3 hours. At home had a message they went to my home address. Couldn't deliver too much snow. Had about 2 inches. Called 800 number. On hold for 25 min. They received wrong address from store. On my computer order it was for the rental. So it's nobody's fault?So we wait for another delivery date. Thanks for great service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/29/2023 Nashville, TN

I purchased a wash machine & was told it would be on January 28,2023. It’s January 29 & I still have NO washer. The delivery service is HORRIBLE!!!! My experience with Lowe’s was a nightmare. They are very UNPROFESSIONAL. 😡


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/28/2023 North Agusta, SC

Lowes ,to whom it may concern I bought a refrigerator in 2000 r 2001..I paid 7.00.00 for it a⁶nd I have spent just last month over 200.00..and it still isn't working..They told me no service man can come along because of all the holidays that we have had..I need help!! I have cancer and extremely dehydrated..They delivered it at my Trailor on 437 Big Oak Dr.I paid cash...My name is Shirley Dorland..And I'm really upset..I started calling for help in 11/ 2022..I didn't even get a drawer or any Ice trays..please Help! I Have contacted lowes in North Augusta several times with nothing back! Please help!! phone number is 803-508 3049..please contact me!! Thank you!!

Lowes ,to whom it may concern I bought a refrigerator in 2000 r 2001..I paid 7.00.00 for it a⁶nd I have spent just last month over 200.00..and it still isn't working..They told me no service man can come along because of all the holidays that we have had..I need help!! I have cancer and extremely dehydrated..They delivered it at my Trailor on 437 Big Oak Dr.I paid cash...My name is Shirley Dorland..And I'm really upset..I started calling for help in 11/ 2022..I didn't even get a drawer or any Ice trays..please Help! I Have contacted lowes in North Augusta several times with nothing back! Please help!! phone number is 803-508 3049..please contact me!! Thank you!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/28/2023 Glen Burnie, MD

I am extremely disappointed with lowe's service & delivery of my washer, dryer & dishwasher which the men did not stay to run the appliances to see if they worked nor balance them. The delivery men were rude & rushed out quickly, after me and my son had appliances disconnected and ready for removal, which saved them an hours work and they said they weren't taking the old ones, which I paid for removal of. Service technician who sold me my appliances never informed me I had to purchase a serviceman to hook up dishwasher so it was left in my dining room. Had someone come to hook it up & found no hook up kit which I had to drive to purchase. Absolutely horrible what was done to me. The technician who sold me the appliances, my calls to lowe's for help, and the disgraceful deliver of my appliances is unforgivable. I'll never purchase another appliance from Lowe's.

⭐ Big Box User Review 01/25/2023 Federal Way, WA

We are seniors and I'm disabled. The delivery driver said they could not move frig because of company policy even though it was on work order to do so. My wife called my daughter to move frig,move old stove out and instal new stove. So what is their policy? Or was it the drivers not willing to do their job ?


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/24/2023 North Agusta, SC

Lowes ,to whom it may concern I bought a refrigerator in 2000 r 2001..I paid 7.00.00 for it a⁶nd I have spent just last month over 200.00..and it still isn't working..They told me no service man can come along because of all the holidays that we have had..I need help!! I have cancer and extremely dehydrated..They delivered it at my Trailor on 437 Big Oak Dr.I paid cash...My name is Shirley Dorland..And I'm really upset..I started calling for help in 11/ 2022..I didn't even get a drawer or any Ice trays..please Help! I Have contacted lowes in North Augusta several times with nothing back! Please help!! phone number is 803-508 3049..please contact me!! Thank you!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/19/2023 Greensboro, NC

He was very good at his Job,Good attitude and friendly,very professional.explain everything I need to know.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/18/2023 Snellville, GA

Lowe's destroyed my front door and security system. I called them immediately and they agreed to repair my home. My Ring system Videoed the destruction. They agreed to repair but refused once they left. DOBT TRUST LOWE AND I WILL NE ER BUY AN APPLIANCE FROM LOWE AGAIN. THEIR PRODU T HAS DETERIORATED IN RGE WAREBOUSE DURING THE PANDEMIC. IT IS A NIGHTMARE. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/18/2023 Muscle Shoals, AL

Lowes sells dangerous and defective appliances. knowing they are dangerous...


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/15/2023 Issaquah, WA

The installation of our dishwasher was scheduled for Friday afternoon between 2 and 5. When the installers still hadn't arrived at 4:30, I told my wife that in my past experience, companies give you an "arrival" window, not a "completion" window, so they could still show up at 4:59. Our installers arrived at 4:50 and left at 5:15 - the installation was completed quickly. However (and this why they lose a star), this installation was made easier by the fact that my wife had already tried to repair the old one and had left it so it could be removed in under 5 minutes.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/15/2023 Wilkesboro, NC

NEVER BUY FROM LOWES!!!!!We purchased a Whirlpool dryer on 12/27/22 and due to the holidays it wasn’t delivered for a week and I was going to deal with that. However, when the dryer was delivered it was damaged on both sides and underneath so we declined the product and they were to bring me another replacement in a few day the second dryer was delivered and it was damaged same as the first only worse so they took it back and a third was to be delivered in two days, they called and emailed to confirm day and time and no one showed up or called. I called the Store and spoke with Steve which was a big waste of time all he did was refer us back to the delivery company and offered us no help at all. With numerous phone calls to Lowes customers service and the delivery company customer service no one could explain why it wasn’t delivered or where it was at and were were told to wait 72 hours for a return call. Well here it is on Sunday Jan. 15th and a forth dryer was brought today and it was damaged the same way as the others. Needless to say the delivery guys this time were the most unprofessional I have ever dealt with. When they took the dryer off the truck he cut the box off and said this is damaged also and just dropped it on its back so hard it would have busted everything inside of it, I ask him to please be careful unpacking it and he just ignored it. So yes it went back and they took my dryer the first time so now I am out of my dryer and four attempted dryers. We were to have a supervisor call within four hours and that didn’t happen. We went to Lowes Store to dispute the charges and get a refund and we were told the delivery company would have to do that and to give them a few days to enter into their system. I ask for something in writing from the delivery driver and was told it’s all on their little tablet thing. So I am out $1500 and no dryer. Let me emphasize that the Wilkesboro, NC store manager or customer service has been any help and have the most I don’t give a flip attitude I have ever experienced (this is the original home of Lowes Store and corporate offices). I will never purchase anything from Lowes again and will be contacting an attorney. BBB and attorney general in NC


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/15/2023 Coraopolis, PA

Kevin Vidmire a manager for pilot lets the 3 party drivers go to customers house under the use of drugs. That is correct. I was a contractor that loved doing my job and he fired me for bring that to other customers attention.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/14/2023 Union City, CA

The employees do their job well, but each one has a slot in a messed-up system. I ordered a gas clothes dryer online, through the webpage for store A. I also ordered flexible duct, which turned out to be out of stock at store A but was ordered through store B - to be shipped ten days later! When I looked online a day after placing the order, there was a Delivery Charge of $89 for the flexible duct. I called the phone number on the email for my order, which took me to store A. The person told me I had to call store B about the ridiculous charge for an item that weighs a few ounces. I called store B. The person there said she could not remove the $89 charge; I had to call their national Customer Service number. I did that, and the CS person and I agreed to remove the duct purchase, which also removed the $89 Delivery Charge. (Later I bought duct in person at the local Home Depot.) Then a Lowe's email told me I had seven days to pick up the dryer at store A. When I ordered, the web pages said I would get free delivery. I had to call store A. The person told me I had to speak to her supervisor, who would call me later in the day. Someone did call, and we agreed on a date for a real delivery. The truck arrived for delivery. I was told that because I had not purchased an (overpriced) connector kit, they would not connect the dryer. He did say something, too quickly, about 48 hours, maybe I had that window to find any problem with the dryer. I asked if they had connectors in the truck; no. They put the dryer in the laundry room. One of the delivery duo told me I had no warranty because they had not made the connection, and he took photos to document the situation and had me sign for the delivery


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/12/2023 Tuscon, AZ

My installer, Andy, was very professional. He, and his helper did the work, removing my old appliances and installing the new washer and dryer. I'm very pleased with the job they did.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/10/2023 Raleigh, NC

Lowes uses a third-party vendor to deliver appliances. That worker damaged the dryer before it ever left the truck by throwing his straps with metal buckles down on the top, because he couldn't figure out how to put the straps on his shoulders. He scratched up the dryer because he'd already removed all the protective boxing and plastic (dumb!). Didn't apologize, his co-worker tried to get me to accept it anyway and hope for some 'discount' from corporate. Nope! Now I'm in appliance purgatory, calling every day to find out when the dryer charged to my cc three business days ago will show up (if ever). Ever phone rep is 'sorry and escalating this', but still transfers me to the place where no one ever answers the phone. On hold for 1 hour and thirty minutes tonight so far. Tomorrow I'm calling corporate.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/08/2023 Sevierville, TN

Dakota and his assistant delivered a range and refrigerator today where two previous delivery attempts failed. Even in a light rain Dakota went far above and beyond to complete the delivery. When things did not fit he found another way to get the job done. The difficult he does right now the impossible takes a little while but he still got it done. You want these two working for you


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/08/2023 Issaquah, WA

The washer and dryer I bought lowes they bring home twice, they forget the screw or the coupling every time, even though I paid for it, we are still waiting for the installation of the machines, they have very bad service


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/06/2023 Tampa, FL

I purchased a new top freezer Frigidaire refrigerator ($750 plus $150 5 year protection plan) from the LOWE'S TAMPA NORTH, FL store on 12/31/2022 with a delivery date of 1/1/2023. The refrigerator was being purchased because our main refrigerator was having issues and while it was being repaired we decided to buy a new refrigerator as a back up. The refrigerator was delivered and installed by Lowe's delivery personnel on 1/1/2023 as promised. The refrigerator was not cooling a day later so we started to get worried but waited one more day to ensure that it was simply not slow to cool. It was a brand new refrigerator! That night after the refrigerator was still not cooling we tried calling Lowe's and Frigidaire but both customer service departments were closed so we called them the next day. We were told we could not return the refrigerator and that it had to go through Frigidaire customer support so that we can schedule service from them. We went to the store to speak to a customer service manager about why we could not return a brand new refrigerator that never worked straight out of the box. We were informed that nothing could be done because their new policy is that no returns are allowed after 48 hours unless you purchase the goods with their Lowe's credit card (which we did not). It should not matter how we paid for the appliance to honor a return. Now Frigidaire has scheduled a repair service call for a brand new refrigerator that never worked, for a week after the call was made to them and we are unable to return the unit unless we sue them in small claims court. Both Lowe's and Frigidaire are terrible companies and I would caution anyone that is looking to purchase anything from them as you may receive the same treatment we did. I personally will never purchase or set foot on a Lowe's store ever again and never buy a Frigidaire product again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/05/2023 Renton, WA

I scheduled a toilet install after a purchase of one at Lowe’s make sure if there’s a install price special you purchase it right there and then or the price may change you can’t get that deal if you go home and schedule it on line. The special 285$ plus tax and dump fee usual rate 400$ plus dump fee and tax. Make sure you purchase any Xtra parts they may need they’ll tell you. Once paid the install dept contacts you right away to schedule. I was very pleased with the whole process and would use them again and the installers they contracted with. I was kept up to date on arrival time what to expect it was quick and painless. I’ve left a separate review on the company they sent.


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/05/2023 Nashville, TN

We purchased a washing machine and we’re told delivery would be approximately December 31st…New Years Eve. Two young men who call their team D-Con(Raquan and Hassan) are from Cincinnati Ohio and called us to say they were about 20 minutes away and would be here soon. This was approximately 7:00p.m. and New Year’s Eve. They were very professional and did a great job of bringing in our washer, hooked it up and hauled away our old one. I stated that it was about time to celebrate the new year and their response was,”No, we have to work and drive a big truck tomorrow.” That about says it all for these two professional young men. Great team!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/05/2023 Troutman, NC

Liar, liar their pants are on fire. Don't waste your time on their installation. They scheduled an installation on a certain date but the product was not in the store. They use third party vendors, in my case "Reliable Services USA" who never followed through on the installation of a tankless water heater. Lowes will tell you all they do is "make a referral" to a third party vendor and it's then seamless. Well it's not and Lowes will not standby these "partners" they use!


⭐ Big Box User Review 01/04/2023 Austin, TX

Horrendous delivery experience- the worst ever - first the truck “disappeared “ - then the truck that was supposed to deliver 5 days later broke down - then the next truck which was pushed out another 5 days had a delivery driver to at called and told me he was “5 mins out” but never showed leaving me waiting over 2.5 hours in the driveway of a property I manage. I ended up canceling my order - I will NEVER give Lowes my business again - totally awful experience.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/31/2022 Little Elm, TX

I have shopped with Lowes for years and spent a fair amount of money there, However I will now drive across town to a Home Depot to spend my money. I ordered a refrigerator on the Lowes website on 12/25/22 and was given a delivery date of 12/30/22 On Dec 29, 2022 I received an email stating that my delivery window was 1-5. I left my office in order to be here for the delivery window. I received an email at 7:15 am on 12/30/22 stating that it was "out for delivery" I received a text at 12:15 saying "This is Lowe's delivery team with your delivery" I was with a client and unable to respond until 1:52 telling them that my husband was home to receive the delivery at 12:45. No response. I received 2 emails saying that they were running late but it was on the way. I texted the In the second email they had changed the delivery time to 2-6. And we waited. My refrigerator was not delivered. I called Customer don't Care and they were closed for the evening, So I called the Little Elm store and was on hold for 30 minutes before hanging up. I looked at the delivery status the next morning and the delivery date had been moved out another week. I called "Customer don't Care" the next morning and was told that I had called around 3 the prior day and asked to move the delivery because no one was at the business to receive the item. 1) My home is not a business and 2) I made no such call. Customer don't Care continued to repeat that I had called and moved the appointment which I did not. I spoke to a manager to see if the refrigerator could be delivered earlier than the next Friday "no". I asked if there was any discount they could give me to offset the $800 I lost by not being in my office "no". I called the person who had texted me. The delivery driver immediately picked up and said they had a really slow day 12/31 and to call the store, talk to Jason in receiving, and see if they could get it on the truck for a Sunday delivery. I talked with Jason in receiving what confirmed that it was a slow day for deliveries the next day but that the system they used would not let him select 12/31, only the following Friday the 6th. I cannot speak highly enough about the receiving and delivery team that I spoke with, but Lowes, in general, is an uncoordinated mess of an operation, who cares nothing about customers.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/30/2022 Flemington

Ordered a $1000 dishwasher that was to be delivered December 11 . Never called. When I called they said it was on back order until December 30th. Finally arrived they brought it in and left. Said they don’t install. I also paid to have my old one removed. Nope they left. Lesson learned never buy from Lowes. Still waiting to hear back from someone.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/30/2022 Brentwood

I ordered a Dryer which was six days late in the delivery. When the installer finally showed up, he refused to hook up the dryer since he did not have a plug which was clearly included in my order. I had to go back to Lowe's, pick up the plug and reschedule another effort to install in 3 more days. The installer did not have a tool to remove the plate covering the plug connections so I pick up that tool just in case it was needed. I found Lowe's service to be just pathetic.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/30/2022 Anderson

They just use appliance installation as a tool to sell the appliance. They do not install the appliances and say they will just deliver once at your home. They have a list of excuses as to why they can't install them... when this happens, refuse delivery. Do not reward them with their false advertising!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/27/2022 Centennial, CO

I would give a zero rating if I could. I purchased a washer & pedestal on October 8th, which was not installed until December 9th. During the initial installation, the installer refused to assemble and install the washer until the faucets were replaced - even though there was nothing wrong with the faucets. After spending $870 on an unnecessary plumbing repair, the installers simply did not show up on the next scheduled installation date. It took another ten days for the installer to show up only to have them refuse to install the washer because he said the plumber damaged it when connecting it to the new faucets. Although it was the initial installer's responsibility and not the plumber's to assemble the washer and remove the shipping bolts, Home Depot refused to accept responsibility for the faulty installation. After getting the media involved, Home Depot agreed to replace the washer, which took another 2 1/2 weeks. When the replacement washer was finally installed, the installer improperly connected the hot to the cold water faucet and the cold to the hot water faucet - which I fixed because it was clear to me that these installers do not know how to install appliances. When I again notified corporate customer service of the improper installation - there was zero response. I will not purchase any appliance or item from Home Depot that involves any of their third-party companies


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/23/2022 Navarre, FL

Very bad. Your better off installing it yourself. They will schedule you weeks out, cancel multiple times, and months later fail at installing it due to some random thing like missing a part. They are just bad. They will waste your time and charge you an arm and a leg, they don't offer any kind of recompense when they do fail, and don't care how much of your time they waste.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/21/2022 Orlando, FL

Oh my goodness. This delivery was a travesty. From the time they came they had no idea of what they were doing. Damaged my four frame cause they didn’t know how to take the doors off the laundry room. Tried to take it out without doing that til I used sign language to show them cause they spoke no English. Then they could not get valves off. Of course they never shut the water off first. Good thing I caught that. He d his boss call me and say I needed a plumber. I got my friend down. He used WD 40 and a wrench and got them off. We did the work. Then he wanted to leave without leveling it cause they had another stop. I said no wsy and had to show him how to level the dryer. We called Lowe’s three times. No one wanted to help. Horrible service. And I had to pay 80 to tow away old ones. Just stinks

Oh my goodness. This delivery was a travesty. From the time they came they had no idea of what they were doing. Damaged my four frame cause they didn’t know how to take the doors off the laundry room. Tried to take it out without doing that til I used sign language to show them cause they spoke no English. Then they could not get valves off. Of course they never shut the water off first. Good thing I caught that. He d his boss call me and say I needed a plumber. I got my friend down. He used WD 40 and a wrench and got them off. We did the work. Then he wanted to leave without leveling it cause they had another stop. I said no wsy and had to show him how to level the dryer. We called Lowe’s three times. No one wanted to help. Horrible service. And I had to pay 80 to tow away old ones. Just stinks

⭐ Big Box User Review 12/20/2022 Middletown, NY

This would be a zero but the lowest I can give is a 1. Purchased a washer and dryer for delivery, installation and removal of old dryer . They refused to take dryer during installation since it was gas and not unhooked. Was told by driver to reschedule the pickup so I did. They never showed up for the pickup the next Saturday. My window was 2pm to 6 pm. Called the store and they rescheduled for Sunday 18 Dec 2022 no phone call for a time frame to pick up. Called lowes to ask what was going on. Got Chantelle who provides zero help to me. No pickup as of yet going on three weeks. Crappy customer service.

⭐ Big Box User Review 12/17/2022 Sanibel, FL

A month ago I ordered a fridge from Lowes, because they said they could deliver in 2 weeks, and everybody else said 3 or 4. I got a text, saying my order would be delivered between 8am and 8pm on the promised delivery day. It takes at least two hours to get from where I am staying to my house on Sanibel, so I went over the night before. No fridge, no internet, and no elevator, an AC that is running but has lots of red blinky lights, and assorted electrical issues, but getting a fridge would make waiting for all of the other repair folks easier. A Lowe's truck pulls up, delivery guy gives me a hose kit, says "Have a nice day" and walks away. I call after him, "Hey, where's my fridge?" He says "I don't have it" and walks away. Not, "I'll double check" or even "Call this number". Meanwhile, Lowes has already billed me for the whole order. Over $1.400. I get a text from Lowe's that my order is being delivered on Dec. 15th. I get up way too effing early in order to get to Sanibel by 8am. Lowes is a no show. They send me an email that my order is now scheduled for the 17th. Meanwhile, they have charged my credit card AGAIN for the $1,400 on the 13th. Lowes says "oops" and reverses the charges on the earlier billing. Dec 17th. After once again getting up too effing early to get to Sanibel by 8am, Lowes truck shows up. I explain to driver (same rude jerk as last time) that he might want to use back stairs instead of front, since a palm tree had come down on the front and they were a little shaky. He checks it out, and says back stairs are fine. He and his partner bring new fridge up. Guy looks at old fridge (which Lowes was charging me $40 to haul away). He is totally heebeejeebeed out by the fact that there are some dead gnats clinging to it. He is horrified that there is still food in it. Tells me he can't put it on the truck, he will have to leave it on the street. I told him that was fine, just get it out of the house. The he decides it weighs too much, he doesn't have to move anything over 400lbs. Its 200 lbs of fridge and maybe 50lbs of food, but, OK. I tell him if he puts it on the back deck I will empty it out while he and his partner hook up the new one. I have filled a trash bag with about 10lbs of stuff - about 1/3 of what was in there, when he tells me he is done and can't wait while I finish. Tells me his time is more valuable than mine. I suggest he look at the third staircase which is interior, which is wider and more stable, but he tells me interior staircases are always narrower, and he doesn't have time. I tell him Lowe's has wasted an enormous amount of MY time already, and he should at least get my old fridge out to the street. He says now that I am yelling, he is leaving. And he left. Leaving me with a dead refrigerator and no way to get it out of my house. Oh yeah, and that $18 hose kit is still on my kitchen counter. Lowes had insisted that I needed it. I didn't

⭐ Big Box User Review 12/17/2022 Madison, NC

Lousy delivery service --- never attempted to install refrigerator and eventually sent another truck to get my large refrigerator out, which the 2nd set of guys did easily (first set just did not want to attempt it) Given impression another truck bringing refrigerator by the ones who took the refrigerator out --- discovered not happening --- called them (same it was out on a truck broke down and turned out that was not true--- then they scheduled a deliver in two days then got the verification call the night before and then got a call on the morning of delivery at about 830 am saying the order had been cancelled by the manager at the delivery service ----- i would like to use a 4 letter word to descibe my experience (over a 6 day period the refrigerator was never delivered or attempted to install but they came to take mine out and when I discovered what they did --- i wanted my refrigerator back ---- DO NOT ORDER APPLIANCES FROM THEM AND EXPECT GOOD RESULTS --- THEY USE 3RD PARTY TO DELIVER AND THE STORE SAYS OUT OF THEIR HANDS. Find a locally owned store and pay a little more and they will use their in house deliver people


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/17/2022 Roanoke, VA

Lowes delivered a washer and dryer to our home. Kevin and Malon were the employees who made the delivery. These men were professional, respectful, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. A+++++


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/17/2022 Evansville, IN

Spirit Logistics is a third party company who deliver for Lowes and were supposed to deliver a refrigerator I bought from Lowes. It was/is a nightmare. First delivery time was 8--2pm, then 2 to 4 PM, then I got a call that they had been in a "minor accident" and it would be delivered before 6pm. Never arrived! The "accident" was a lie intended to keep Spirit Logistics from Paying a contractual fine to Lowes for undelivered items. And, I still don't have the fridge. Lowes needs to step up their game. Next time I'll use a local merchant. I may pay a little more, but I'll get much better service


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/15/2022 Tobyhanna, PA

I purchased a refrigerator on 12/09/2022.I purchased installation, removal , and warranty. The delivery guys came and did not want to deliver it , they said there was ice in the driveway which was not true it had snowed days before about a inch but days ago we shoveled and threw salt so it was not icy , however they did bring it in but did not install or take the other one away which leaves me now with two refrigerators in my kitchen a week before Christmas. I called lowes and they assured me it would be resolved the next morning so I agreed . The same driver backed into the driveway when I went outside they pulled out and left . It was so unprofessional they were paid for a service and we were treated very badly . I then went to the store and asked for a refund which I’m told I will not receive until the refrigerator is picked up . I asked them if indeed it will be picked up …. It is scheduled to be picked up Saturday. I am appalled by their behavior.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/14/2022 San Antonio, TX

Left a 1 because a negative 10 was not an option. By far the worst service provided today On delivery of 3000 worth of appliances. Never again….


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/14/2022 Schertz, TX

Driver was clueless and could not communicate correctly. Said he would be there and I left work to go and he wasn’t there. I called office and after 30 mins was told that he moved on. This is ridiculous customer service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/14/2022 Newtown, CT

Only a 1 as there’s no zero. It’s a big zero for their Dishwasher installation team. Ordered Nov 9, I got a call for install to be Nov 26. No one showed or called. After several calls & being put on hold endlessly I finally cancelled today Dec 14. I’ve now ordered from Power House in New Milford, CT. Lesson learned.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/13/2022 Cheswick, PA

It’s a 1 only because a 0 wasn’t an option. Never purchase an appliance from Lowes. They use a third party delivery. The delivery guys are ignorant, especially Darnell who refused to bring my fridge in my house today bc of a water line. Then he called it in and some bimbo told me I needed to pay a plumber to put a shut off in my kitchen! That wasn’t relayed to me when we bought it. The first two came damaged. Then a Kevin ott recommended another one, but told me I had to pay the difference, after much back and forth, he agreed to let me have it at the same price. When I got it, I didn’t like it bc it’s too small so I picked another one (still not the original one I wanted), but settled since it was obvious I wasnt getting the one I wanted. Then, the hassle with the water line now. Their customer service sucks, their delivery sucks and everyone you talk to is ignorant. I paid $2000, made four pymts and still don’t have a fridge I want and I’m prob stuck with one I don’t want now. Then, they hang up on you when you try to get it straight. I’m in tears. Time to call a lawyer. NEVER PURCHASE AN APPLIANCE FROM LOWES! I won’t buy as much as a paint brush from that store ever again!


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/12/2022 Commerce, Michigan

Excellent. Professional & timely. Cleveland & Corey were on time as scheduled. Courteous & efficient. Great experience with Lowe's delivery.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/11/2022 Rochester, NY

Ordered a electric dryer on 12-9-22 for delivery next day. They had me pay for a 3 prong plug and dryer vent tube. Arrived on 12-10-22. Vent tube was not long enough so installers said I had to return it and install myself. They left and I went to inspect. They never put the feet on the dryer, all plastic and tape still on AND wrong plug was installed! Went to store to exchange tube. Then I told them about the cord and they said I can by the right one and then go home and take off the old one and return it. They missed the part that Lowes is supposed to install my dryer and assessories, not the customer. I took care of it but this is beyond bad service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/11/2022 Rochester, NY

Ordered a stove and microwave on 12-8-22 to be delivered today 12-11-22. Received an automated call yesterday indicating a time of 1-5pm EST. I called yesterday to confirm and was told the time is correct. I called again today at 4pm and the manager told me the time is 1-5pm. Well it’s 5pm and no courtesy call a half hour before. Once again Lowes has failed the customer.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/7/2022 Oakboro, NC

I bought a new range and was told that with the purchase of a new cord it would be installed for me. Well, it got delivered by two Mexican men and they shoved my stove in by force trying to get it to go into my old bracket that prevents tipping instead of installing the new bracket that came with it. The result was the brackets were different and I had a range that was crooked and higher on one side because it was on top of the old bracket. He then turned on all the burners and took a picture and left me to properly install the range myself, including he didn't remove the paperwork from the back or the stickers or paperwork work in the drawer. The worst delivery delivery service ever. These guys are going to burn down someone's house that doesn't know better than how bad this really was.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/6/2022 Memphis, TN

Make sure your crews are picking up access packaging from dryer cords & water hose packages before leaving & not leaving them in customer or neighbors yard. I’m sure they pick up trash at their homes!!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/6/2022 Bettendorf, IA

Worst delivery experience ever, wish I could leave a negative number. Had a new Whirlpool washer and gas dryer delivered and installed. They left with the washer and dryer running short cycles to show the worked. Within 1 minute of them leaving I heard the vent hose blow off the dryer. It's a gas dryer! Dryer was left cockeyed in the room, looking in back they had jammed the vent host into the gas line, which was pinched. Washing machine started draining and water started running on the floor, idiots didn't put the drain hose in the drain. Washer was rocking 1/2" and they didn't level it. Might as well have dropped it off at the curb for me to install myself as I had to fix what they didn't do correctly. What concerns me is wonder if they delivered to a little old lady, she could have gotten asphyxiated from the carbon dioxide dryer fumes and could have had a real flood from the washer. And the washer would have been rocking bad from not being leveled. Never again will I buy an appliance from Lowes and use their delivery service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/2/2022 Hamilton, OH

Very poor delivery experience. The delivery people did not, remove all the packing tape from the washer & dryer, they did not leave all the parts to the washer ( shipping bolts for the front loading machine, drain hose bracket, and leveling foot wrench. I called the delivery crew not 5 minutes after they left to request the missing parts and was told the parts were not included in the washer materials.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/2/2022 Butler, NJ

My experience with Lowe's delivery has been a nightmare. They gave me a delivery window a week later than was promised in-store, the night before they called with a specific tone window that was impossible with my work schedule, and I spent ages on the phone trying to resolve it to pick a better time. How are working people supposed to get appliances? To make matters worse, the store answered and hung up on me 4 times! I waited so long, it interfered with my work, and everyone just kept passing the buck and putting me back on hold. It's horrendous.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/1/2022 Pooler, GA

Bought 4 appliances 05/21. They were all delivered 09/26, that's when the "fun" started. Range was damaged; they took it back, reorder it, postponed delivery 3 times, finally delivered 11/28, range damaged again. Now they want me to purchase a new one on my card to refund me later. What if the range comes damaged again? it'd be the third time, meaning, the chances are high the little dance will continue. Their delivery crew has no experience at all. Service is the worst ever!!!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/29/2022 Sidney, OH

Lowes hires a third party to deliver. Was very impressed at the Lowe's store when purchasing a stove the employee was very helpful. Ordered a stove could be delivered in 3 weeks. Got a call last the delivery would be made from 1:30 to 5:30pm i took off work and was at home at 1:25. look at my phone and had a voicemail saying Lowes was at my house at 1:15 to deliver and i was not at home and they stayed 15 min and left. Whxih is not true. Because i got home at 1:25 and no truck at my house. Since then I have had the run around. I took time off work if they needed me home at 1 i would have been here. but they said 1:30-5:30. Now when i call the 3rd party can't tell me when they can deliver. Call the Lowes store and the store manager is aware but out of his hands since it is a 3rd party company. The store manager did send an email to managers letting them know what happened but really no one seems to care. All I can do is wait and see if someone will call me. After tomorrow i will just go and get a refund for the stove and Never use Lowes again. My husband is a contractor and Will lose his business also. NOBODY CARES! I took off work NOBODY CARES, I have no stove NOBODY CARES, I paid good money NOBODY CARES, I will return to get money back NOBODY CARES. CUSTOMER SERVICE of 3rd party is clueless they can't tell me anything it agree it was bad for the delivery truck to come before time assigned and leave before time assigned and don't know how to get me to someone that came deliver my stove. Asked for higher up and they will not transfer me. The delivery company stinks!

⭐ Big Box User Review 11/28/2022 WI

Called back for a second visit from the delivery guys from Lowe's. Left our washer so unlevel we couldn't even do a load of wash. When we could do a load of wash, we had water ALL over the floor and under our steps and into our main rec room. When they hooked up the washer they cross threaded our hoses. Had to call a plumber to come and completely redo their work. If I could leave a "0" star I would!

⭐ Big Box User Review 11/26/2022 Benson, NC

This is the worst service I have ever received. After getting a phone call from someone stating they would be here at 1:00 I had to call back at 3:00 to see where they are. I find out my order is not being delivered at all today now. No reason for why the delivery was canceled. The item was on truck and out for delivery at 1:00 because it was the truck driver who called me. Please be cautious if using these third party companies for delivery unless you like to gamble and your time means nothing to you.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/23/2022 Hickory, NC

Worse experience ever. Promised 1 hr notice prior to delivery. Was only given a 10 min notice or no delivery. The delivery person could not speak english and the other installer spoke minimal english. They left off parts to my dryer. I took them out of the trash and made them install the parts. They crushed the dryer vent so there was no air flow, I had to fix it. They didn't check to verify the dryer worked. I had to ask for the dryer to be balanced. A terrible experience


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/22/2022 New York, NY

Ordered a refrigerator early November. Estimated delivery date was 12 days from purchase, the primary reason why I purchased it. A couple of days later, the delivery date got moved up a week. I called to find out why this was and they said schedule availability got taken up (why book me that day in the first place) and they were able to move me to 4 days earlier. Then the DAY OF supposed delivery, about 2 hours before the delivery window, they rescheduled me again and postponed the delivery date 7 days later. I got rescheduled three times, with no telling whether they'll reschedule me again. When I called in to find out what's happening, they refused any accountability and deflected blame by pointing to the delivery department or understaffing in delivery and kept claiming they cannot commit to a delivery date. OK, so if you know you're understaffed, why give me fake delivery dates twice? Why not anticipate this understaffing, look at the available workers for a particular day and if it falls under a certain threshold, give a more REALISTIC delivery date, instead of jerking the customer around giving them false hope? And if you can't commit to a date, can you at least commit to a week or month or YEAR? Where's the line in the sand here? Lowe's needs to adjust their delivery estimates to account for delivery people dropping off or falling behind and give better estimates. Not give dates assuming the staff on the calendar will not go down. They need to assume it will go down a certain percent at a certain time during the month. Rescheduling dates for appliances needed for basic necessities, like a fridge for example, especially around Thanksgiving, is borderline cruel.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/22/2022 Roanoke, VA

I ordered a stand-up freezer and scheduled for a delivery today. Originally I was sent a text, NOT A PHONE CALL, that my delivery would be delivered between the hours of 6 am and 10 am. I thought that was unusual but I went ahead and woke up just in case, for an early delivery. At 10:30 am I looked at the link and found my delivery was in process but it was running behind and they would be arriving shortly. However, the time frame was 8 am to 12 pm. At 11 am I still do not have my freezer! I called and spoke with someone at the store and they told me that it should be delivered today and she didn't see where it had been cancelled. Why would it be cancelled? I have taken off work half a day and by now I have to ask for the whole day, to continue to wait for this missing freezer! So now it's after 4 pm and I'm extremely frustrated. This is the 2nd time within the last 4 months that I've had trouble with getting deliveries from Lowe's. However I also had this issue with a delivery earlier this year with Home Depot! So they are not off the hook. I spent time on a live chat and got nowhere and was told that I should contact the store. I call the store and speak with the manager and didn't get anywhere because she said the delivery drivers have until 8 PM TO DELIVER. I was originally told between 6 am and 10 am Remember!!!??? Meantime, I finally get a phone call from the delivery driver and he said they were "a little behind" and that they were "doing a job for the company" and he would be coming now but it would take an hour to get here because he is in another town an hour away. This is putting my delivery time around 5:30 pm but knowing that it is 2 days from Thanksgiving and this truck will be driving on I-81 coming from Blacksburg, VA (home of the Hokies) and a well traveled interstate by truckers and travelers alike, that he will encounter an extreme amount of traffic and it will most likely be 6 - 6:30 pm before I receive my delivery. By the time they bring it in and set it up it most likely be around 7 - 7:30 pm. So I have waisted an ENTIRE DAY, waiting over 12 hours for a delivery that was supposed to come early this morning. I know that these are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS that Lowe's and Home Depot hire to deliver their products, but this still goes on THEM because they are the ones that hire these horrible contractors. I have been a life long shopper of Lowe's and am pleased that they support Vets because I am a Vet and greatly appreciate all that they do, however this has made me not want to order large items from them anymore. It is so Frustrating to have this happen consistently. This only makes Lowe's and Home Depot look bad for customer service. Not only where they late in delivering, they never even had the courtesy to call for verification the day before, or the morning of the delivery, and never once called to let me know that they were running late. I mean I could have worked today and been home for the late delivery if I would have known this ahead of time. Poor Customer Service! Shame on Lowe's and Home Depot for hiring such incompetent companies to do their deliveries. I was also wanting to have some work done in and around my house by Lowes, however, if this is what they hire, then I will not even consider it at this point. Lost revenue by not only me but a ton of other people also because of the other reviews on this site.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/21/2022 Richmond, KY

Two guys showed up to my house today to deliver a washing machine. I was going to ask them some questions about it but that was out of the question when I figured out one of them didn’t speak English and the other did somewhat but I couldn’t understand a word he said. Lowe’s should send people that are fluent in English to peoples homes. I would have been ok with it if I could have understood him but i couldn’t and while they were in my home all they spoke was Spanish to each other. This is not ok Lowe’s


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/20/2022 Jacksonville, NC

HORRIBLE, LAZY...DID I SAY LAZY? Purchased a matching set washer/dryer. The delivery/installation personnel did not want to stack the items like previously requested at purchase. Item that was delivered had a mechanical defect, the installers could not get out of the house fast enough when defect was found. Left item installed, no paperwork, no request for signature...nothing. For the last 35 hours I have been trying to get lowes to replace the unit and no one and I mean NO ONE wants to do their job or attempts to point blame elsewhere than fix the issue at hand. I know that this is going to make me add a star but if I could I would give them a NEGATIVE star rating.

⭐ Big Box User Review 11/19/2022 Sandusky, OH

I ordered a washer and dryer from Lowe’s in Sandusky, included with the purchase was free delivery and installation as long as I purchased all the goodies with it ie. new water lines, vent, clamps and electrical cord for the dryer! Heck yea I’m in! Ohhhh noooo..the delivery people ughhhhh…would not install it on the pedastools bc I did not purchase them with current washer and dryer. I was like ok can you just take the old ones to garage…dryer yes but washer no bc the old water line was rusted and they couldn’t touch it I needed to call a plumber! Never again will I show Lowe’s they said the delivery service has things they have to abide by as well. Fine I guess. I feel like I should’ve been informed of those things at purchase but it’s whatever just $1700.00.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/18/2022 Fayetteville, NC

Ordered a side-by-side refrigerator (2 all-refrigerators with left and right hand doors) from Lowes. Only had 1 delivered and have tried to call Lowe's numerous times with no response other than "a manager will return your call within 24 hours" with no return calls. Day of delivery was told other refrigerator was on the next truck. It has been 2 weeks with zero resolution. Do NOT order appliances from Lowe's.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/17/2022 Pasadena, CA

On Nov. 13th I ordered a new refrigerator. Sales clerk said it would be delivered on Nov. 16. I received various confirmations by email, text and an automated phone call. On Nov 16, received delivery tracking progress reports. "Just 2 stops to go." 45 minutes later received a "Sorry we missed you" message. Called Home Depot hotline. Was told that they waited fifteen minutes at building entrance and I didn't appear so they left. I responded that they could have pushed the buzzer for my apt. or they could have made the promised 30 minute before delivery courtesy call. No response. Curiously, they couldn't deliver the frig later that day so rescheduled for Nov 17 but they wouldn't give me a time window. Nov 17, checked Home Depot delivery app. Still no indicated delivery time. I called their hotline again. I was told that they were expecting a shipment from GE but couldn't deliver until Nov. 21. I asked what happened to my frig, the one on the truck the day before. I was told that there wasn't one on the truck the day before. So the whole fake delivery seems to have been orchestrated to delay delivery and make it appear that it was my fault. I gather that I'm not the only person to be duped by these guys. I cancelled my order.

⭐ Big Box User Review 11/17/2022 Commerce Township, MI

I will never ever want to buy an appliance and have lowe's install them. They have the WORST customer service and the WORST installation ever. I have had 3 groups of people over who knew nothing !! The worse!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/15/2022 Florida

New fridge purchased with delivery, installation, and haul away services. Fridge is not properly installed. Learned the hard way. WARNING: Be sure to find out exactly what is included for installation of a new fridge from both the store AND their third-party delivery/installation company. Insist on the name of the store's third-party delivery/installation company, speak to the manager, and find out exactly what installation includes before buying a fridge from the store.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/15/2022 Houston, TX

I do not recommend using Lowes delivery and installation services. If you need these services I would recommend purchasing your appliances from somewhere else. The delivery guy literally dropped the washer in the middle of the floor and advised my husband to call a plumber. We purchased new hoses as required and the guy refused to hook it up because he was too lazy to try to take off the old hoses. My husband did the hook up him self. We have been a good customer for many years but next time we need a appliance we will give Home Depot a try. Joyce Ford


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/15/2022 Minooke, IL

Delivery man wanted me to sign that there was no damage but they left all the plastic and foam and tape on the fridge and claimed that’s not part of their job. How can I sign off that it isn’t damaged if I can’t see the fridge. Can’t tell if the ice maker is functioning for hours. All he cared about was leaving to go to his next stop. I refused to sign he left. And left my front door wide open even though it’s snowing out. Extremely upset with their poor service. Only have 48 hours to complain if there are issues. Taking forever to peel off the stuff covering the fridge.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/15/2022 Greenville, NC

The two large, trying to be very intimidating men were very late, lying, unprofessional, disrespectful, non-compliance delivery people who threaten me (small african american woman). Kept yelling in spanish in my face and lying to whomever the spanish person they were talking to on the phone. Then they left when they told me to shut up and i got loud back and refuse to have them speak to me in that manner. They took my new washer and dryer and left because they did not want to remove my old washer and dryer that I paid $80 to have removed by them. Plus I cannot get in touch with their management to insist on some type of apologies, and repercussion done on them for having me miss 2 days of work with this very frightening and unacceptable situation.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/14/2022 Holiday, FL

Looks like I am not alone having a dreadful experience with Lowe's 3rd. party delivery company. In my case it was RXO. Both drivers that showed up appeared to be Mexican. They both could not speak a word of English. I had a new $900 GE electric range delivered but it was in a tight spot. Small one bedroom condo with a small kitchen. Only way to get the old range out and new one in was to slide over the counter top which I had done before with a much larger and much heavier Fridge. They refused to lift anything higher than their waist and I could not get them to understand using leverage you do not have to lift it. I got so frustrated I told them just bring up and leave in my living room. I had a neighbor help me a short time later and it took 15 minutes and no strain whatsoever to slide out the old and install the new. I have had three situations in the last week where a service company is using workers that speak no English. No doubt it is cheap labor at the heart of the matter but it sucks. Jim


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/14/2022 Clearfield, PA

I would leave a zero on the delivery if it were an option. My refrigerator was supposed to be delivered yesterday. The previous day we got prerecorded call that our window of delivery would be between 3:30 and 7:30 Sunday. At 1:15 or so our home phone rang. Caller ID showed it as a wireless caller, but did not show a phone number. I answered the call on the 2nd or 3rd ring, but there was no after about a minute I hung up. Proceeded to wait the rest of the day for my delivery. Refrigerator was never delivered. When I called I was told the delivery company noted that they called and I was not home, and also that they had trouble finding my house. What a FARCE. These delivery people are the worst! They only called the one time...never even tried back. I personally think they just didn't want to deliver they went home early. Would not recommend this delivery.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/14/2022 Bristol

I had the most unprofessional experience of my life with Lowe's third party delivery. They did not call to say they were coming. When I opened the door, the guy did not speak to me he just looked at me so I said "Oh do you have my refrigerator?" To which he replied "I need to see where it's going" never told me his name, name of the company etc. As soon as he saw my old fridge, he said "shit" which he repeated about 40 times while he was in my house. The old one needed to be moved about 10 ft to my laundry room. He said he didn't know if they could do that. Mind you taking it out of the kitchen, through the rest of the house and loading it onto their truck would be much harder! Moving the old one or taking it to be recycled is part of their job! He went outside, told me to come out and showed me a couple dents in the new refrigerator. Did not offer to bring that one in and install it until another could be ordered just immediately said I'll let them know you need another one and they'll send another team. He didn't want to do his job, he was extremely unprofessional, and made me feel very uncomfortable. Had an attitude from the minute I opened the door. A new one is on the way but if these guys are anything like the last little punk I will be cancelling the order. Too bad Lowe's doesn't do their own deliveries anymore!


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/10/2022 Evansville, IN

The delivery of our stack washer and dryer was delivered but they forgot the stack kit. A different set of delivery men cam the following Monday but they too did not bring the kit. A third date was set for Thursday and no one called or showed up. After sitting home waiting I called and they didn’t even have me on the schedule. So a 4 th trip out is scheduled for next Monday. This will be 4 times we’ve been inconvenienced. The first time they failed to tell us that our delivery time was on Eastern time and they got here way before the window given even for Eastern time. We were eating out and had to get up and rush home. This company has no clue as to what they are doing. The scheduling is terrible and the installers don’t have what is needed when they arrive. Several people have made these mistakes not just one person. Whoever is doing the training needs to have a redo. This is the most unprofessional company I’ve ever encountered.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/10/2022 Kentucky

3rd time, you'd think I'd learn by now. Late, sometimes days. Right now I'm on hold for over an hour now to find out where my refrigerator is, supposed to be delivered yesterday afternoon. Lost a day of work waiting ( happened 18 months ago, same exact situation. I'm canceling my order and going elsewhere.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/08/2022 Canton, OH

Purchased fridge, stove and dishwasher. Fridge was in stock and scheduled to deliver in 2 days. Got a call from delivery company that they picked up a fridge from Lowe's not in box and was damaged. It was taken back to the store. Instead of scheduling another unit, I am told they refunded the charge and I needed to purchase again. I made the purchase on my Lowe's card and would have to wait a couple of days for the refund and then reorder. Lowe's made the mistake and I have to be the one that is inconvenienced. Terrible customer service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/05/2022 Springfield, VA

I’m extremely disappointed in lowes. We ordered refrigerator with extension for water line connection. Apparently they came to deliver, they didn’t have the right water line so we can’t even use water or ice features. They should have called before leaving for delivery to tell me the items were on back order for 4 months. I would have refused delivery but my family that received it didn’t know. I will never order another appliance through them now!


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/03/2022 Los Angeles, CA

This has been the worst "delivery" experience imaginable. It was rescheduled multiple times because "they needed a smaller truck." It's impossible to speak with someone. I had to physically go to the store twice. Then the recording said the delivery would be today between 1 and 4. They came at 10:10 a.m. and did not ring the bell. They left a note saying they missed me. Calling the store and all options and no help provided. Our remodel has been postponed by weeks,

⭐ Big Box User Review 11/03/2022 Port Charlotte, FL



⭐ Big Box User Review 11/03/2022 Nashville, TN

I ordered a washer and dryer with the pedals it’s been hell going back and forth I don’t ever want to do business with them again


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/02/2022 Fort Wayne, IN

Dryer was too big to go down the basement. It has been a week and they still won't refund my money.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/02/2022 Fort Wayne, IN

Lowes/CRST Home Solutions is the worst installation experience I have ever had. The oven I bought was delivered to the store the end of August, several days after ordering. After eight weeks of weekly delays (text messages, never a phone call, some not updated until I called to see why they hadn't shown up at the appointed time), I cancelled the order - probably didn't get a refund for the labor that was never performed... They wanted to add another $450 to the bill to move an electric box and modify the opening, which wasn't needed. After cancelling at Lowes, I bought the same oven locally for a discounted price, paid a little less than 1/3 the Lowes installation cost, and had it in place and operational three working days later. I will never use Lowes/CRST for this type of work again! If I could go negative with the rating, I would. That said, the Lowes employees I dealt with did as well as they could within their control, but this is a broken system.


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/02/2022 Mariertta, OH

recieved my new washer and dryer and am loving it so much. Ty and Joseph were great. Were very careful not to track mud in my new house. They were very professional and were very pleasant to interact with. Checked to make sure everything worked before they left. 5 stars


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/02/2022 Columbus, OH

We had an amazing experience with Lowe's delivery with a refrigerator the two men Jorge and Gabriel were phenomenal and very professional and took their time while bringing in our new refrigerator. We are very happy with the service from them and also the new fridge rocks!


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/30/2022 San Martin

Lowes never delivered my fridge they canceled delivery 3 times I finally canceled my order.


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/26/2022 Dearborne, MI

Bought fridge put door on wrong and shelve cracked had three appointments no confirmation it's been two weeks. Ready to return and go to Best Buy. Will never buy appliances from there again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/26/2022 Johnson City, TN

We bought an LG refrigerator on Saturday with the understanding it would be delivered before noon on the following Monday. The delivery team was supposed to call on Sunday and confirm time of delivery which they never did. Monday morning called them to find out when they were coming and they said between 1 and 5 which of course couldn't happen so it had to be rescheduled for the next morning. Next day they called and said they would be there sometime in the afternoon and I reminded them it had to be in the morning and once again had to be rescheduled. Wednesday morning the driver called and confirmed for an afternoon delivery. After several phone calls to store manager and dispatch of the delivery company they finally got it delivered around 1230. They put a hole in my wall and the refrigerator has a large dent on the front of the door. We called the store and said well we can come get it and bring you another one. Why in the world do we want to begin this horrible experience all over again. We have been life long shopper's at lowes but now they have lost our business.


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/24/2022 Battle Creek

Purchased washer and dryer. Delivery and install was supposed to be Oct 22. Delivery guys stated they could not do the install because they could not "breathe" in the house. Then they stated they could not work with the water nosel to the washer. Tried everything to get me to do the work for them. Went to store to complain. Delivery rescheduled for next day with different team. Never showed up. Called the store at approximately 6pm. Was told they have till 8pm. If they didn't show by then to call again. Called at 830, store was closed.


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/21/2022 Orlando, FL

I bought a dishwasher online, got my installation date setup, and then they never showed up! 9-12 appt. I called several times, the tech never answered their it's 3pm wasted the day waiting, and no dishwasher, and not even a call. I called to get my money back, which they resisted at first...someone called me back, and said they had issued a refund


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/19/2022 San Jose, CA

Bought a refrigerator. First delivery person was so negative. He mislead me saying that the fridge is bigger than the door so he cannot help. So, no delivery on the first time. Second day a different person came (on Oct 19 2022). No complaints at all. He said he can do it. He removed my house door, brought the fridge in, fixed back the house door in matter of half an our. It all depends on the person, no matter how big or small the company is


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/19/2022 Anderson, IN

Do not go through Lowes! The worst service I have ever received. Lowes goes through a third-party vendor. And which, they refuse to take accountability when things go wrong. My refrigerator was dropped on my floor, the refrigerator was damaged, and my property was vandalized by the delivery guys. Never received any phone call back from any supervisors as promised I had to facilitate all communication. And took weeks to receive my new refrigerator.


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/18/2022 Alachua, FL

Bought a new Maytag stove at Lowes. Delivered 6 days after purchase on 10/6/22. Delivery guys were very careful. When they set it in place, again carefully, the bottom drawer was crooked. Took a ride to Lowes in Alachua on 441 and they said ist was too long to get service. Not good! Bad Lowes!


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/17/2022 Louisville, KY

I am very pleased with the delivery of my stove. The two young men, (Deangelo and Bobby) were very efficent, polite and completed my stove installation quickly and left no mess when done. thank you jerry harris


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/16/2022 Gloversville

I ordered a refrigerator on September 28th it was supposed to be delivered October 15th I was notified between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at 4:35 I got an email saying it would be delivered between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. at 7:55 I received message that it was on route when I called the customer service they said there was four more deliveries and it would be there. Today Sunday I have not received my refrigerator and no one knows when it's going to be delivered this third party company sucks the last time I got a delivery for him it was delivered at 11: 15pm . You know you're getting complaints about this third party vendor, at what point do you take responsibility for having this piece of s*** outfit deliver your goods. That was supposed to be scheduled for tomorrow but I have no guarantees that it will be delivered because this outfit does not care neither does Lowe's. If they did care they wouldn't use this third party considering the class action suit against Lowe's. You know the quality of services inferior yet you continue to use them that makes you liable totally pissed off


⭐ Big Box User Review 10/15/2022 Easley, SC

My wife had a dryer delivered while I was at work. Later that night, the smoke detector activated outside of the laundry room. I could not find a source and reset the alarm. The next day, my wife opened the dryer door and sparks shot out of the outlet. She also said the dryer was not heating properly. After unplugging the dryer and opening the breaker, I discovered that the pig-tail had been installed improperly on the back of the dryer. The neutral wire in the middle was attached to one of the hot sides and that hot side was attached to the neutral. This could have been a very serious situation and burned our house down. Maybe Lowes needs to supply more training to the delivery guys. This could have been very serious. Seems to be working fine now that the pig-tail is wired correctly

⭐ Big Box User Review 10/13/2022 Pittsboro, NC

Dishwasher stuck out 2” from counter thus deforming the side seals. It was an interference from an electrical box that got mounted behind the dishwasher contrary to install instructions. Called the subcontractor who installed. They said I had to call Lowes, Lowes said call national installation for workorder, subcontractor then called and said the earliest next appt was 2 weeks out. I can’t wait 2 weeks to have my $1200 dishwasher reinstalled. My neighbor did it for me. I asked for a refund on the install and for new seals. They kept asking for an invoice for the reinstall. I’m not going to falsify an invoice. I just want to be credited for the install and I want the new seals. Lowes refused. The local store is not empowered to help resolve at all. Total jerk around. I’ve bought appliances from Lowes for 20 years NEVER again.

⭐ Big Box User Review 10/13/2022 Aubrey, TX

Over the last few years I have bought a Husqvarna riding mower, a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a washer and dryer from the Lowe's stores in McKinney and little Elm, TX. Every single one of them were delivered as scheduled and the delivery personnel have been excellent. I really only had a couple of minor problems. On the riding mower they didn't undo the moving lock cable and it started fine but wouldn't move. I called the store and it just took them a few minutes to instruct me what to do. On the washer, dryer, and refrigerator (purchased together recently from Little Elm), one letter of my address was wrong and it took about an hour to find my house. Then the two guys connected and set up all 3 in no time. Purchased in January, they are all Samsung and I've had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I compared prices with Home Depot and I probably saved over $1000 by going with Lowe's. I also get an extra 5% off with the credit card. I still go to Home Depot for certain tools because they have the power tool brans I prefer. But I use Lowe's for everything else.

⭐ Big Box User Review 10/10/2022 Northport

deanthony and Felicia did an outstanding job. Called ahead of time to confirm delivery. They were friendly, fast, and professional. Highly recommend for anyone's appliance installation. 11/10

⭐ Big Box User Review 10/09/2022 Evansville, IN

First, they didn’t call 30 minutes before delivery as stated. Then, they slammed the fridge down when they came to the porch. Fridge arrived with 4 dents on the front door. 2nd delivery (had to wait 7 days after the first), they arrived 2 hours before delivery window. We told them we’d be there in 10 minutes, he told dispatch 30 minutes. They were pulling away when we got there. They also did not call 30 minutes before. Dispatch confirmed neither guy called any customer that day. We didn’t want Lowe’s delivery to begin with, this confirmed our decision to never use them again.

⭐ Big Box User Review 10/08/2022 Roanoke, Va

I had a dryer delivered 10/04/22. The old one was removed and the new one was brought in. The crew installed the cord but didn't use the cable strain relief bracket. They didn't put the leveling feet on the dryer or the bottom cover plate on. When I turned on the dryer to check out the controls, the vent house wasn't even hooked up. Now, I'm waiting for this same company to deliver a refrigerator. They didn't call me, the night before to give me a scheduled window, like I was told they would. I called the store this morning and was told between 8 and noon. It's now 1:30, no call from them and the store was unable to help me find out what happened. I like Lowe's, I used to manage for them and I am still a stock holder, but there has got to be a better way to find a contracting company that cares about the customers as much as most of the associates seem to. I'll keep you posted on the fridge delivery circus that I am expecting.

⭐ Big Box User Review 10/06/2022 Summerville SC

We waited numerous days for our appliances to be delivered, but it never happened. After the 4th day of hearing excuses as to why they haven't arrived yet I canceled the whole order. This is not the Lowes that I am used to. Whoever made the decision to outsource their deliveries made a horrible business decision! I spoke to the local Lowes and they also said that they have received a lot of complaints similar to mine. The problem is that this was a corporate decision and it is out of the local Lowes hands. My advice is to not purchase any appliances from Lowes until they find a new delivery company. It's not worth the hassle or stress!

⭐ Big Box User Review 10/01/2022 Arizona

I'm still waiting it's 2 hours past the delivery and I'm sure you will see the results...geezers and no contact with anyone on Saturday


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/29/2022 Spring. TX

1 star only because the box above wouldn't accept a 0. Delivery window was an entire day. They never came. I have video footage proving that. I also had 3 adults at my home the entire day. They said they came but didn’t. Spent the whole day playing phone tag going between the Loews reps (who were fine) and their delivery contractors (who were not - I believe they are fraudsters). They made me angry. So angry. .. and I never get angry. Ended up canceling the order after it was all said in done but still got stuck with a huge delivery fee (delivery that was supposed to be free mind you) supposedly for their missed attempt? Afterwards, I went an bought the same appliance from American Freight. Got a longer warranty for less money and had it installed and running in my home within 2hrs of purchase. Will never but an appliance from Loews again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/28/2022 Troy, OH

This is the new way of doing business, Lowes is all about customer service. #1 if you can find someone in the department that you need help in. #2 if the person that works in that department even showed up to work. #3 if they are not talking to each other. #4 as soon as they (lowes) gets the money THE CUSTOMER SERVICE STOPS!

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/28/2022 Lexington, KY

First of all, I bought the washer and dryer set. On the day of delivery, I was given a 3-7 pm time frame. Didn't come until 8pm. Just to add more frustration b/c I wasted 5 hours of waiting only to be delivered with 2 washers, NO DRYER! Then, the washer was damaged, with a dent and a scratch, so I told the delivery guy, why don't you just swap it out with the other washer, his reply was he's got no time b/c he has 4 more deliveries to do. I was flabbergasted and pissed! So, went to the store the next day, only to be let down as the color was out of stock for the dryer, so I picked a diff color that wasn't really my choice. Anywho, I ended up cancelling the whole order after hours and hours of dealing with the Louisville office about getting it exchanged b/c they have the product and lexington doesn't have it so I had to deal the Louisville office instead not where I had originally purchased them. So the sales lady was really nice and did say that if I buy again I would get a discount for all the troubles. So I went to the other branch, didn't want a repeat, which was still in Lexington, the sales man was nice enough to give me a discount after telling him my story and decided on a cheaper washer/dryer set this time. Delivery day was better, didn't waste 4-5 hours waiting. BUT, again the set came damaged, yet again, this time the dryer. It was even more damaged than the first. I just wanted to cry by then. This was a huge headache. I was able to use the dryer until I got the replacement yesterday, which thankfully did not have a dent/scratch this time. Moral of the story, I am not buying any more major appliance at Lowe's.

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/26/2022 Florence, KY

I will never by an appliance from Lowes again!! My son built a new house. He bought a Whirpool oven range, fridge, over the oven microwave and dishwasher. At the same time we purchased him a washer and dryer. When we were ready for the install, I called lowes to have the delivery date moved up, They gave me one day sooner, 09/22/2022 from 12- 4. I took the day off work to accept the appliances. The delivery men were very nice and professional - no problem with them but they only brought the washing machine! I called Lowes delivery and held for 1 1/2 hrs. They advised everything but the dryer would be delivered the next day - the original delivery day. The dryer would be delivered 09/25!. No explanation or a pologies. So I had to take a 2nd day off work for the Friday delivery and someone else had to be at the house Sunday for the last delivery. The 2nd delivery crew were also very nice and professional and did a great job. The last delivery - the dryer was a horrible experience. The stopped at the wrong house. They were given directions and proceeded to drive up a single lane country road at break neck speed. The time window was 2-6 pm. They showed up at 7:30. Thee driver was rude and made it clear he did not want to be there. They brought the dryer into the house, said they could not stack the unit as there was no stacking kit - it was on top of the washer. They left without stacking the units or or connecting the gas dryer. My husband saw them driving away and told them to go back as the stacking kit was there. The driver was belligerent and argued. He finally went back and drove again at break neck speed. He stacked the unit, did not connect the gas and managed to scuff up the wall in the laundry room. Again, he drove down the unpaved country driveway at breakneck speed leaving stones flying and upsetting our neighbors. It was the worst experience ever and I still have to call Lowe's again to have someone else come out and hook up the gas dryer. Yet another vacation day wasted. Next time I will pay a little more and deal with an appliance store!


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/25/2022 Sulpher Springs, TX

I would like to thank Lowes for having such polite and knowledgeable delivery men for my recent delivery and install on 09/24/2022, for a Kitchen Stove. They also hauled off my old stove, all done with no damage to my flooring.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/22/2022 Omaha, NE

A HUGE disappointment in the 3rd party delivery service from Lowe's! They did show up within the time frame to install a new refrigerator and move the old refrigerator to the garage. However, they shut our water off, unloaded the new fridge in the garage and moved the old fridge in the front door entry way....and LEFT...saying they were running behind and had another delivery. Said they would be back TOMORROW. They left at about 2:30. We had food in baskets all over our kitchen and no fridge/freezer that was plugged in and working. My husband called Lowe's and another crew came about 4 hrs later to finish the install. They left about an hr later. We had a mess! Water dripped thru the house due to moving the old fridge out...cardboard and styrofoam everywhere and food that had set out for 5 hours. Needless to say we had to throw out fish, chicken, ice cream and other frozen items as well as throwing out some refrigerated items we were unsure that would be ok to use. We let Lowe's know this. They said they would talk to the delivery manager. We didn't hear anything back. We will NOT, in the future, buy an appliance from Lowe's that needs to be delivered and installed. Unacceptable!


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/22/2022 Fresno, CA

This store is NOT Senior Citizen Friendly!!! I took my 68 year old self into the Fresno Lowes to the Appliance Department to look at Dryers, the clerk and I looked at the Whirlpool and the Amana Dryers. The employee and I discussed the two Dryers and I definitely did NOT want the Whirlpool; so I purchased the AMANA Dryer on September 15th, 2022; I then arranged to pick it up at 6am September 16th, 2022. On September 16th at 6 AM I was in the door, went to customer service and they brought the box with the Dryer in it. I did NOT see the Amana name on the front of the box and I asked 'Is this the Amana Dryer?', The guy looked on the Box and said 'Yes', He loaded up and we took it home. My friend unloaded the Dryer and then proceeded to unbox it. The Dryer was A WHIRLPOOL!! The one I did NOT order. I went back to Lowes (September 16th) asked for the Manager and showed him the receipt and asked WHY I was given a Whirlpool Dryer and NOT the Amana I wanted. (The Receipt ONLY had the Model Numbers NOT the name). The Manager stated They (Lowes) could possibly use a truck at the store to pick up the Dryer, but he would look into it and call me back. About 30 minutes later an Appliance Employee called me back and informed me I had purchased the Whirlpool not an Amana. I stated I did NOT want a Whirlpool!!!) the employee THEN informed me that Amana is made by Whirlpool. I then said I did NOT want Whirlpool that I have had very BAD Luck with Whirlpool. I asked if they any Dryers on the low-end NOT made by Whirlpool, that I could afford (am on Social Security), he stated he had GE. I then stated I would come back in to take a look at it. He agreed to meet with me in the Appliance Department when I got there, I stated that I would be there in about 30-45 minutes. (still September 16th) He asked me to page him. I got there in about 30 minutes....he was not there. I waited around and was ignored by Lowes' staff as I just stood there. An employee who had been running back and forth with stock stopped and asked if he could help and I explained that I was supposed to meet ----------(name redacted) regarding a Dryer. He then called ------ on the radio. The employee then proceeded with his load. About 5-10 minutes later that same employee came back by and asked if ------- had come by, I stated "NO'. The Employee called ------- AGAIN, and proceeded with his load. I waited another 5-10 minutes, -------- was still a No-Show. Then the employee who had called ------- for me came back and called ------- again. No Response. This Hard Working employee asked what was going on, I informed him. He then went to get an Assistant level Manager. She came up to me, asked what was going on, looked at the computer while I explained the Dryer situation to her and what I was told by the Manager and ----------(name redacted). She was very Abrupt with me, interrupted me, telling me that what I was told was untrue...etc. I had enough, She had one other employee standing there with her and I felt she was trying to intimidate me. I stated that I had been told that Lowes could pick it up today and get a new one out to me. She stated that wasn't true, Lowes doesnt do that. That she couldn't schedule a pick up until the next week. I then stated I just want to return the Dryer and get a refund. I stated I would just go to Home Depot. I was directed to Customer Service. They stated that I needed to Bring IN the Dryer in order to get a refund. SO, I went home, I called a couple of friends they put the Dryer in my truck and I brought the Dryer back to Lowes. (still September 16th) I went to Customer Service, stated I was returning the Dryer and I needed someone to unload it for me. An employee came out right away and unloaded. Then I went back to Lowes and got my refund and I was informed that it was a good thing I got it back within the 48 hour period (of which I was unaware of). I then went to Home Depot and I got a GE Dryer for the same deal that Lowes' gave me for the Amana. I received a call from the Lowes Store Manager asking what happened. I explained it and I told him that at least 2 of his employees were not respectful and treated me me like I as Senile. I did inform the Manager that the 'Working Employee' was the only employee who seemed to care that a Senior Citizen had been kept waiting and waiting to talk to ------ just to buy another Dryer. Lowes Fresno needs to treat Seniors better......The ONLY Shining Star in Fresno Lowes, was the employee going back and forth with his loads for customers


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/21/2022 Burke, VA

Made multiple calls to the store most were never answered. No delivery no notice no help. I will cancel my purchase and never buy from them again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/20/2022 Plantersville

Took a day off from work and it typical Lowes fashion they were a no show.. no calls just a email they are gonna be late. Scheduled time was 8 to 11.. is is now 8.08 pm .. This store is the high price Kmart of Hardware stores


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/20/2022 Pittsburgh, PA

First delivery the guys were great, on time. However the refrigerator was so badly dented and damaged, I had to reject it. Now, they gave me a window of 12-4, it is now 6:00, no calls, my food is all in coolers, I have to travel the next few days. Nothing. I have been on hold twice, for an hour each time to no avail. I call the local store, they say it shows my fridge is on the truck out for delivery.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/20/2022 Meridian, MS

Awful. The Board of Directors should be frog-marched 500 miles into the Sahara Desert and left to fend for themselves. That is the attitude they take with their customers. Let's be sure to lay blame where it belongs. This is a corporate decision and it is awful. Blaming the trucking company or the employees of Lowes is missing the forest for the trees. Lowes Corporate management and Board are responsible for the ill-treatment and pure disdain for their customers. I for one, will never make a Lowes purchase of any item again. Phil J.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/19/2022 Broken Arrow, OK

I would not recommend buying a samsung appliance from Lowes or using progressive leasing with them. I purchased a samsung refrigerator from them through progressive leasing and it did not work from the start. Did not cool at all and Lowes was comepletely useless afterwards. They did not help or allow me to return or swap it. Said I needed to contact samsung. So I did and samsung could not fix it. Something with the sealed system R600 and there's no company here that fixes these according to them. So I contacted progressive leasing and I am having to print proof and get it notarized so they can take the fridge and stop charging me. Horrible experience. I had to throw all of my food that needed to be refrigerated away.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/18/2022 Truman, AR

Told by salesman that I would receive a 4 hr window to accept delivery of frig by day before delivery. 8-12, 12-4, 4-8. Never got any call. All I get from cust service is that I will get by 8 tonight. I live by myself and don't want strangers at my house at 8 p.m. Got this feeling it won't even get delivered tonight. Salesmen tell u want they want u to hear to sell u something

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/17/2022 Gaithersburg, MD

Quite literally the worst delivery experience I’ve ever had. Was given a 4 hour window. After 4-1/2 hours I tried to contact lowes. They told me to call the delivery service. Ended up on hold for a combined hour with them on two separate calls. Called Lowe’s back and ended up on hold with them for 15 more minutes. Still no notice of when the appliances will arrive.

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/17/2022 Waxhaw, NC

Window from 8-12 on Saturday, September 17, 2022. First call from driver at 11:25 "we'll be there in 8-10 minutes. at 12:00 I called for status. "Uh, we forgot we had another delivery. We'll be there in 25 minutes." I called again at 12:30. "We are on the way and will be there in 25-30 minutes." It's now 12:45. I have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning than wake up at 7:30 and sit and look out the window for a Lowes truck for 5 hours. Underpromise, Overdeliver. NOT!

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/16/2022 Portland, TN

Never received product, card still charges. Food ruined!

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/15/2022 Burlington

Since lowes went to 3rd party delivery. Things have went downhill. In June had a french door fridge delevered. I was told they would take off doors as this was a 27.8 cu ft. Whene they arrived they didnt remove doors. And the opened the doors and forced it inside at which i heard those plastic door tray crack. I ask that they unwrap to check for damage and was told they could not do that. I had reluctantly signed the delivery paper and told them if there is any damage Lowes would hear from me. Well sure enough both door trays were cracked so I took to lowes and they replaced with trays off display model. I think they sprung one of my doors as it is hard to close. Now in Sept they delivered my wahing machine and i purchased the the water hoses only to be told they couldnt hook them up due they having hard water corrosion. They needed a wrench to unhook but they declined to do so. I suppose all big box stores have went to third party delivery but it is a sad situation for Lowes customer service.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/12/2022 Nashville, TN

I ordered a Samsung stackable dryer on Sept 8 that was suppose to be delivered on Sept 11. We waited around the house all day (didn't even go to church) and a little after 6pm called the store and found out that our delivery window was from 9am to 9pm (yes, a 12 hour window). At 9:13pm we still hadn;t heard anything so I called the store back. The automated system still said the ordered had been processed and delivery was expected between 9am and 9pm. It is Sept 12 and I called and it is still saying expected delivery was Sept 11 between 9am and 9pm. Called the customer care line and they set up a new delivery date for today (of course no actual time) so now I am having to wait around (and miss work) so I can be here to get this dryer. And I might add, last night at 10:30pm, when it was obvious that they were not just late, but had not intention of coming, we were having to hang up wet clothes that we had washed, expecting to be able to dry them before we went to bed. This is really unexceptable. Home Depot has never done this to me. Guess that is what I get for swaying away from my tried and true Home Depot, just to save a few bucks. I actually got a Lowe's card because it said I would get 20% off my 1st purchase. Turned out that was up to $100 (my fault for not reading the fine print). If I would have know about the $100 max I could have priced matched at Home Depot and with the price max + additional 10% (aprox $80) would have only paid and additional $20. Lesson learned. Will not be ordering anymore appliances (or anything else I have to have delivered) through Lowe's. Very poor business.

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/10/2022 Indian Land, SC

They called and said they were 20 minutes out. When they got here my husbands work iPhone was on the counter (fully charged) and after they left we couldn’t find it. Called it several times and still couldn’t find it but the call was at least going through. I called the guy who called and said he was 20 minutes out to ask if he accidentally took it thinking it was his work phone and he said he doesn’t work for lowes or deliver anything so I had the wrong number even though I just returned the call from my call log. Continued calling my husbands work phone trying to find it and then the phone went straight to voicemail as someone turned the phone off.

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/7/2022 Pittsburg, PA

Two guys came to deliver a fridge and haul away the old one. Tore a stair tread going in, left all drawers in the old fridge behind in our sink, did not connect water supply, left us with an incompatible cord for hookup and said "return this to get your money back". Left metal hardware from the old fridge in the street.


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/7/2022 Pittsburg, PA

Two guys to move old fridge and bring in new one. Guy 1 complained before even got in house. I informed them it was a tight squeeze getting older bigger fridge out but it could be done. Guy 1 asked me what it was worth it to me monetarily. Wow. A tip shakedown. He kept pressing that he doesn’t get paid enough to lift the fridge coffin style. Guy 2 came in and said we can do it. Guy 1 kept complaining but they got it done. Brought new fridge in and we’re gone without me having a chance to inspect the fridge. Too bad for them - lost out on a 30$ per guy tip.


⭐ Big Box User Review9/4/2022 Clarksville, TN

Had refrigerator stove dishwasher microwave delivered failed to bring ice maker hose and dishwasher supply line


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/4/2022 Denver, CO

Michael and Jose installed our refrigerator and range. They came on a very hot day and did not complain. They were very hard workers. They had been working since 4:00a.m that day. We would not have received our refrigerator and range that day if it hadn't been for these guys. They were wonderful!!

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/3/2022 Fort Collins, CO

I have never in my life had such incompetent installers. We bought a washer and dryer set and had it delivered. By had the installer show up with a IQ of 5.The hooked up the washer wrong,hot water went to cold cycle cold water went to hot cycle.Ruined 2 loads of our laundry thanks to the.Then when it came to the dryer they did not hook up the vent and when I went in the laundry room to see if my laundry was dry lint fly in the room and the room was a hot sauna sweatbox.Lowes needs to train there installers basic stuff if they are going to offer to install appliances.I will never trust them for any installation ever again and I will let everyone I know know about their incompetent.When I called them to tell them I was put on hold for 1 hour then hung up on.I called back and was hung up on 3 more time.Star rating for them I don't think so more like minus a thousand star rating They where horrible service the whole experience with them start to finish I will never buy anything from them ever again


⭐ Big Box User Review 9/1/2022 Cleveland, OH

​On August 5, we ordered a Whirlpool refrigerator, a Samsung washer, a Samsung dryer and two pedestals. The order was initiated online and finalized on the phone. We were closing on our new home on August 15th and delivery for the pedestals was scheduled for August 16th and the rest would arrive on the 17th. Because of my error, the payment did not immediately go through, however, that was quickly rectified and we were told delivery was to occur as scheduled. I had not received a new email from Lowe’s and decided to check the order online. The online invoice showed that the order had been canceled. We again phoned Lowe’s and were told that there was nothing to worry about and that the order had been reinstated and would occur as scheduled. This is where the entire delivery process became a nightmare. On August 16th the pedestals did not arrive and we called Lowe’s and after being transferred several times, we spoke to Dillon, from the Cleveland Store in Tennessee. Of all the people we spoke to, he was the most helpful. He explained the pedestals were rescheduled for delivery on August 24th. On August 17th, the refrigerator, washer and dryer did not arrive as scheduled. After calling Lowe’s once again, we were told they would be delivered on August 19th and were given a window between 10:30 and 2:00. However, the refrigerator we wanted could not be delivered until September or even October. We told the person on the phone that this was not acceptable. Our son went to the Cleveland store and with the help of Dillon and the sales person purchased a different refrigerator. It was loaded on a truck and at home the professional movers who were unloading our Pod, helped unload it. . On August the 19th the washer and dryer did not arrive. We called Lowe’s and were told that they would be delivered on the 20th. On the 20th they were not delivered and when Lowe’s was called, The excuse was that the washer, dryer and pedestals needed to be delivered on the same date, therefore delivery was set for the 24th. On the 24th the delivery did not occur. While trying to find out what the reason was, my son noticed the pedestals were on sale at the Cleveland store. We went and purchased both pedestals. While there we found out that our pedestals scheduled for delivery were there in storage. Our delivery was now rescheduled for August 26th. Finally on Friday, August 26, the washer and dryer were delivered. To say this entire situation is frustrating is to downplay it. We will never order any item from you which requires delivery as it is painfully obvious your delivery process is a joke. You are able to take an order but are not able to deliver as agreed upon. For your own benefit, it would behoove you to work on this. This entire experience with Lowe’s has been awful. Besides the inconvenience and stress it caused we did not get the refrigerator we wanted and had to settle for a quick pick.

⭐ Big Box User Review 9/1/2022 Sinking Spring, PA

Alex and Jonathan delivered our washer/dryer and fridge this morning. They were exceptionally friendly. They were crazy efficient. Unloaded, unboxed, installed and explained the items and answered questions. Super professional. My husband and I were both incredibly impressed. We couldn't be happier! Thank you Alex and Jonathan for your great quality of work!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/27/2022 Woburn, MA

Very Poor. Delivered a Damage Stove. Call for service Appointment was made. They never came on Day it’s was scheduled.


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/24/2022 Hendersonville, NC

Buyer's Beware - Lowe's added an extra delivery charge into my delivery, and 'hoped' I wouldn't notice. They shipped my delivery order from Hendersonville NC, Brevard NC, and Bolingbrook Illinois!!! Since they botched the delivery (4 days late) and shipped from Illinois, they 'hid' an extra delivery charge in hoping I wouldn't notice. Called customer service since it was their mistake. They didn't care and didn't fix the charge. Home Depot never did this...


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/22/2022 Tarentum, PA

Unbelievable!!!! DO NOT use this delivery service!!! They are a scam.. They deliver when they want when ever they want and where ever they want! Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had… Customer service is nonexistent, way below anyones expectation… Might as well go see your nearest kindergarten and talk to them! Unbelievable!!! You use them you will regret it!! They suck THE WHOLE COMPANY


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/22/2022 Online Order

I order an MR. cool air conditioner online on July 31, 2022. I paid for it with my debit card, l has been waiting for 3 weeks for it to be delivered to me, call them after 3 weeks they told me the air conditioner is no longer any more .that's not acceptable because they never call me and 3 weeks for let me know they only say so sorry for that inconvenience !!!! this is my order if you want to establish my order #8963397945 Ivoice77264 I disagree with lowes were been customers for 15 years.


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/20/2022 South Bend, IN

Ulises and Fernando did a terrific job delivering my washer! Very friendly and respectful!


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/18/2022 Cordova, TN

We have been dealing with 3rd party delivery service Spirit Logistics since May 13, 2022 in regard in delivering are Side by Side Frigidaire. Sales rep in Lowes Cordova TN stores was no help at Gerren Flynn never answered a email for help that we needed. Called Customer Service from Frigidaire they were some help. Told me to contact Shamika. to file a damage claim on the damages 3rd party delivery service did to my home damaged kitchen floor and made several dent on door trim in kitchen and front door. We provded 4 estimates as she requested took for ever to review then contactor we got estimates were no longer interested because taking too long. Sent a fourth estimate that covers all repairs new floor labor for paint and flooring. Estimate was submitted and we received a check but it was short $1.700.00. There is no way the check they sent would complete all the damage. We are very dissatisfied no communication from Lowes or Sprint Logistics. I need my repairs done. ASAP. You can contact Shamika Faulkner she has all pictures of damages and estimate. Thank you David and Kathy Heatherly


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/12/2022 Issaquah, WA

1st day - never showed up. I called Lowes manager, who called the 'delivery' company. "Owner" said the driver said they forgot about it. Owner (Julio?) then said he would pick it up personally the following day, deliver and install it. Next day, after I called and talked to Lowes delivery/dock person, verified that it would be on a truck and delivered 1st thing. With no communication (text or phone) the drivers finally showed up at 10:30 am. But guess what, they can't install it because they don't have the straps used to lift it up the stairs. Promise their manager (Julio?) will stop by in 1.5-2 hrs and get it done. 4 hours later (again, no text/phone) - no action. I finally call Lowes again and speak to a manager. He assures me he will call the supervisor of the delivery company (not Julio, but his boss!). It is now an hour past that conversation and again, no phone, no text from Lowes or from the delivery company. Called Lowes again and while I was waiting for the next manager to contact the delivery supervisor, the actual appliance manager got on the phone and said she had just talked to the delivery supervisor(Julio!) and he didn't know anything about any of these issues. Hah! And he is the only supervisor currently in town to have taken the call last night and promise to have it done this morning and supposedly the supervisor his drivers called and said would be out in 2 hrs. So who did the Lowes manager from the night before call? Who did the manager 4 hrs after the delivery call? Julio? He claims to know nothing of all this. End result, I am now "promised" that it will be installed tomorrow morning, because Julio is too far away on a call to do it today


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/10/2022 New Carrolton, MD

Made a second attempt to purchase a shower kit after the delivery nightmare last month thinking that it was a supply chain fluke. Got a confirmation text from Lowes at 5pm for Aug 10th (9:30-1:30 window) only to be called at 8:30 pm by the delivery vendor after hiring a handy man for 4pm that it was not going to be delivered. I asked why and Roz of XPO thought it best to hang up on me. I rushed frantically the next morning to try to get a replacement. Kenaan @ the MD Lowes store tried his best to help me find a replacement so that I wouldn't have to pay the handy man for a useless trip. Thanks for your patience Kenaan. They need to clone you and let you take over all deliveries. Terrible delivery service Lowes!


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/8/2022 Lincoln, NE

Have tried to get a Lowes dishwasher delivered and installed for 3 weeks. Delivery scheduled and no one showed, then company rescheduled delivery and no one showed again. Then we got a text saying installation was rescheduled for the day before the text date, so basically yesterday. Crazy.


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/6/2022 Toledo, OH

First time at lowes to buy a refrigerator delivery set 1030-230 they called at 11 saying their truck broke down! Old refrigerator already gone had nowhere to put my groceries. Customer service is lousy delivery people very rude!!! NEVER BUY APPLIANCES FROM LOWES ALEXIS RD. TOLEDO OHIO YOU.WILL REGRET IT!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/6/2022 Derby, CT

Completely unacceptable!!!!!! I bought an $800.00 washer from Lowes. I had already been without a machine for a week. I requested a Saturday delivery due to extreme work constraints of my own. I had to wait until the following week- delivery was scheduled for today 8/6/2022. I never received a call the night before giving me any time frame of delivery. I received a call at 8:30 AM the morning of- automated. Delivery was to be between 9:30-1:30. I received a call at 10:30AM from the driver telling me his truck broke down and they would try to deliver. I’m thankful for all the previous reviews who alerted to this game. Apparently, they’ve played this one before. I would not have known had the people not written about about the broken down truck game and then being jerked around for weeks after waiting for a delivery. After a few short words with the driver I told him to forget it- don’t bother coming- the driver hung up on me! First and foremost he was telling me a lie - Secondly he was rude- thirdly- I could hear the ignorance in his voice and I was thoroughly disgusted. Cancelled order- phoned the store. A woman tried to get to the bottom of what was happening. Damage was already done- I remained steadfast with my cancellation. Returned to the store to have my credit card refunded. The woman at the front needed to verify the machine was in their possession. It was 1:30- and the machine had already been returned to the store. Hummmm- broken down truck?…. No! More like lazy, inept and totally incompetent!!! Lowes- you are a complete disgrace for having the worst customer service on the face of the planet! Shame on you!!!!!! What you got was an interest free loan for a week extended from my credit card. You delivered nothing and u continue to deliver nothing as the bad reviews say it all!!! Never again!! Trust me people do t order a thing from these people as you will be so sorry!!! As you can see this is not only the Lowes store in CT but Corporate.


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/6/2022 Louisville, KY

Terrible delivery service, still have not received our washer/dryer. Can not get through to a person


⭐ Big Box User Review 8/2/2022 Mint Hill, NC

I am still waiting for delivery some time Wed 08 O3 22 Several promise dates late after delivering a heavy damaged unit first.... punishing my family for not accepting the damaged unit. I have 4 homes which I have purchased all appliances from Lowe's in recent past. This recent experience has and is a total help from anyone at the store or warehouse. I will never purchase any future appliance from Lowe's again!! John Presson 3849 Well Rd Mint Hill N C 28227 Do yourself a somewhere other than Lowe's. There name spells it all very clear..."Low" service!


⭐ Big Box User Review 7/23/2022 Inman, SC

Bought a Whirlpool freezer from Lowes. Next day they delivered Frigidaire freezer .Sent it back and today delivered the right one with a big gash going down the front door. Sent it back. I will never buy anything from Lowes again, not even a sack of fertilizer


⭐ Big Box User Review 7/23/2022 Charleston, SC

The only reason I gave a 1 was to get it to register. THIS WAS DEFINITELY A ZERO. My experience concerns a refrigerator delivery. The delivery started out with the driver stating he was not bringing the refrigerator through the door off of the kitchen at the garage (slab house, no steps). Until I measured the door, showed him the widths and turns from the front door did he stop arguing. In the mean time my glass door on the front was left jammed open and took a feat to get it to close again my me. The purchase required a move of the old refrigerator to the garage and remove the garage refrigerator. Both were empty when delivery arrived. The delivery guy stated he would not touch the garage refrigerator. However, he moved it away from the wall to the middle of the garage. The kitchen refrigerator was also left in the middle of the garage. The new refrigerator was installed. No paperwork was signed or given except for the energy savings tag on the front. I was on the phone with the delivery company trying to get them to do as to what had been paid for and to remove the garage refrigerator. I threaten to have them take the new refrigerator out. The delivery team left with me standing in my drive with two refrigerators in my garage while I was on hold for the delivery company. I managed to move one to the spot (5’’3”, 120 lbs) through shear determination and anger. The other refrigerator remains in my garage with the company responsible for the delivery stating they would come back and pick it up at another time. This means more scheduling, time away from work and the inconvenience of it. After getting the refrigerators both working, I went to Lowe’s and requested to speak to the manage on duty immediately. Only word was he was sorry for my experience. No paperwork, No contacting the delivery company, Nothing. I have yet to decide if I will keep the current one and let Lowe’s profit from the sale. Rudeness, unresponsive behavior has costs them a customer that would have been replacing several more appliances in the near future. Never Again!!

⭐ Big Box User Review 7/17/2022 Camden, NJ

I ordered a dishwasher in June, 2022. The process of purchasing the appliance and installation fee was straight forward. From that point on it was disastrous. I was promised delivery on Monday, July 11, which got rescheduled by Lowes to Tuesday, July 12. No one called. By the afternoon, I called Lowes again. Be aware, I had already talked to 8 people identifying themselves as Ryan, Amelia, Metala, Leo, Derek, Tiffany, Debbie, and Kyle. They were from the Installation Support Team, Lowes Customer Care, Premier Logistics, all Lowes affiliates. And the hold time on the phone amounted to hours of my time. Debbie rescheduled the delivery for Friday, July 15 between 2:15-6:15. That day I received a call from Anthony of Premier Logistics who stated, “you have the dishwasher at your home right? We cannot find your dishwasher at the store. Kyle said he could not find it. Do you have it there?” I responded “the dishwasher was not here, I paid for delivery and installation. It’s at the store.” I began the phone calling again and spoke with Rochelle, Lydia, and Rhea who all said the dishwasher was at the store. I cancelled the order entirely. Lowes lost the sale because of poor customer service. I never spoke to the same person twice. I strongly felt I was constantly chasing Lowes to deliver, trying to coordinate three different departments, and finally, gave up and decided the company did not deserve any more of my time or money.


⭐ Big Box User Review 7/17/2022 Camden, NJ

Bad product; even worse service. Will NEVER buy appliance from Lowes again. Advise you do the same.


⭐ Big Box User Review 7/15/2022 Tampa, FL

Purchased a refrigerator . MHad arranged for Delivery people to haul away old one. In the meantime a contractor friend brought over an old used refrigerator to barrow until new one arrived. Since he would be returning he asked if it was ok for him to leave the appliance dolly he used to bring the used fridge over in my fenced in backyard . It was next to the borrowed one on my patio . Next morning delivery truck arrived . Two young men with zero social skills began attempting to bring out the old and in with the new. Ended up having to n


⭐ Big Box User Review 7/4/2022 Austin, TX

Ordered washer/dryer with delivery on July 4. Got call saying 8am-12 delivery the day prior with a half hour to call. Left my phone on for that morning call but they called at 7:19 am. I wasn't up. They called twice, then apparently decided not to drop off to me, even though I called the driver back at 7:39. He hung up on me. They never showed up. I called the store hoping for help, but was placed on blind hold several times. This hold lasted 20 minutes when the system hung up on me. I called back, and spent 50 minutes on the line while no one answered. Disconnected again. No one explained anything and the next call, the lady who did answer hung up on me too. Called back, got her again. She said she accidentally hung up. Then, I learned that they don't care and can't help if their 3rd party delivery people don't follow policy and call 30 minutes before. Apparently, I was the first stop and should just be available at the whim of drivers who want to get started early but don't care if you weren't expecting a call to early first thing in the am. So I essentially was blamed for missing the call. And i was told they'd have to reschedule. I had to rearrange my tiny apartment to accommodate them and it's messed up my living situation dealing with them not showing up. I also work from home, so it's making my life difficult in that I'm now going to have to deal with this during my workday. Calling corporate is also useless. No callback to reschedule, either. Told that no one would help there in advance, so that was annoying too. No way to get my clothes washed and I'm immunocompromised so I can't just waltz out to do laundry outside my place. Never giving Lowe's any business after this. Will actively work to ensure no one I know uses them for larger purchases. They don't care at all about their customers, or how they inconvenience people. From what I'm reading here, it sounds like someone could just show up without notice tomorrow or I could be in this situation for months. Worst experience with a delivery service I've ever had. No confidence I'm getting my product either. And I'm betting the delivery guys will show up unmasked too.


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/30/2022 Clifton, LA

Poor poor never buy appliances from lowes again


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/30/2022 Clifton, LA

Delivery did connect waterline properly water from door not working water coming from leaking line behind fridge , lines were not connected service did not remove tape fro inside fridge plus they stole my power drill currently waiting for service man received fridge 6/30 service will arrive 7/2 is this good or what I will never ever buy another appliance of any kind from lowes , their contract service sucks as well as their own personnel


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/30/2022 Machesney, IL

Purchased 2400.00 refrigerator and after 2 damaged deliveries I decided to pick it up myself and it is not damaged at all. Manager only gave us 20% discount with a serious attitude. I will never shop at lowes


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/21/2022 Houston, TX

LOWE’s has the worst delivery on earth! From the beginning they delivered to a wrong address. Then, delivered the dented washing machine. Second, they didn’t deliver because they said i don’t have the dented washer (its because the other driver took it back!!!). Third, Monday was the set delivery. They told me, they delivered last Sunday. Why would you lie that you delivered Sunday and in fact you DID NOT and Lowe’s didn’t even call! Fourth, Lowes said that they are out of stock of my order. Fifth, the driver Didn’t bring shoulder straps for delivery and cannot carry the appliance! Why would u go to a delivery without straps????!!! Sooo many excuses! I gave up. Whoever the General Manager of Lowe’s please listen to your customers.


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/17/2022 Charlotte, NC

Horrific. Rude. Degrading. Barely understood English. Called a neighbor as I felt unsafe.


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/19/2022 Akron, OH

I bought a double wall oven and refrigerator from Lowes and paid for installation of the wall oven up front. I pushed the delivery back a few months because i was running into issues evicting someone from the house but i told them if there was a problem with them holding anything i could store them in my garage at the house i was living at and they assured me it was fine. So i had it set up for Friday June 3 and it is now June 19th and no refrigerator the delivery was set up 3 different times and i burned 3 vacation days waiting on them to bring the refrigerator. I did revive the wall oven but the installer did not show up when i talked to Lowes about that they said he cancelled but no one relayed the message then rescheduled and they didn’t show up again so now I’m in the process of installing it myself if i knew this was going to happen i would have picked it up myself


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/17/2022 San Jose, CA

Delivery was good, they installed my fridge and everything was smooth, but they did not want to change the handle/door to the fridge. I asked them to since I wanted the handle on the right side but they said it wouldn't open. It would open, there's almost a 2inch gap between the fridge and the wall. Maybe they just wanted to go to lunch early but I insisted and they kept saying it wouldn't open and that i needed a different size fridge. Finally got tired, told them to leave it as is, and my husband and dad changed the handle to the right and guess what, it opens. bonus: the handle for the bottom freezer was upside down, you would think they knew how to put the handles in


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/16/2022 Renton, WA

If you care about your sanity, NEVER purchase appliances at Lowe’s. I wish I had seen the many complaints exactly like mine before I purchased. We purchased a fridge, dishwasher, and range hood that were all advertised as in stock and ready for delivery by a specific date. Great! …not so great to show up a day before the scheduled delivery when no one is home. Instead of coming the next day as scheduled, they rescheduled for the next week without notice. My husband had taken the day off and they never showed. The next week comes and they deliver, however, despite having paid for installation, they do not unhook OR install the appliance. “That’s scheduled for another day.” So we have to make arrangements for a 3rd time on one order. There’s not a single Lowe’s employee that can give you any information. Meanwhile the range hood is with a separate installer that wants to come on yet a different day…4th day of missed work. The range hood installer calls 2x. The first call said time and date of install and no need to call back unless to reschedule. Second call says call back and confirm by 2pm. I called repeatedly from 1130a-2pm. No answer and the voicemail full. All of a sudden my lowes order now shows the rage hood is out of stock. WTF, is going on?? To put the cherry on top, they charged my credit card DOUBLE!!!! Needless to say, I will never shop with Lowe’s again nor will anyone I know. This saga is still to b continued….


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/10/2022 Marco Island, FL

Gave Lowes $20,000 in cash for new GE cafe appliance order. Did this because they offer a 10% veteran discount and $2,000 is a lot of money. Worst purchase/money tied up experience of my life. 7 months later they had blown by 2 delivery dates for 80% of our order (the GE Cafe series appliances)….no firm delivery date in site. We canceled all orders and fulfilled the needed Cafe appliance deliver with 2 weeks from AJ Madison with home delivery. Then the fun starts…getting $16,800 back from Lowes. … they neglected to cancel our order in the system…when they finally did…it generated $16,800 in Lowes gift cards sent to me in 8 separate FedEx envelopes. So, now they are forcing me to spend my money at their store??? I don’t think so! Run from Lowes like the plague if you are a veteran trying to save 10% on a major appliance purchase. I have now have PTSD from my attempted and failed appliance purchase at Lowes! …and 10 months later I still cannot get a check out of corporate.


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/4/2022 Easton, MD

Worst experience ever ! I’m on day 7 of scheduled delivery with no call or no show . Iv been lied to Iv called every day spoken to everyone . Even Thursday night after i had been scheduled since 8 am I was told all day it was on the truck and would be here . The manager emailed the warehouse guy who sets up deliveries explains my situation and requested I be first delivery Friday morning since I had already taken off 5 days from work and couldn’t . Friday morning I called at 6:30 am and spoke to the man . He said “ oh yes I recieved and email from my manager and ma’am I’m sorry but Iv loaded the truck and you are not on there today “ 🤬🤬you mean to tell me you took my dryer off the truck , read the email and did it think maybe after missing 6 days already , this may be important ?” Is he really that stupid ? I don’t know where they hire these people but I have never ever been lied to or treated so horribly . After today when they don’t show up for day 7 of Schuyler delivery I will be requesting a refund and taking my business elsewhere along with a filing a report with Better Business Bureau. Also will be making sure I will let anyone know who tried to use them not to. Horrible ! All the way to the customer service numbers the company I had to call in New York , all horrible 🤬🤬


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/4/2022 Easton, MD

Horrible ! Ordered a dryer 3 weeks ago! Today is day 7 they are scheduled for delivery. .i already know they wont show as they have not showed up the past 6 scheduled times . The last scheduled delivery was Thursday . I was told all day they would be here . At 9 pm I called and the manager emailed the guy in the warehouse to let him know I needed to be first in the morning as I had already taken off 5 days of work and wasn’t able to take off anymore so please deliver early . I called at 6:30 am and spoke to the guy who said “ oh yes I recieved an email about you from my manager . “ he then proceeds to say “ Iv packed up our truck already and we can’t deliver today Sunday is the earliest I can get to you “ So here I wait . Sunday . Iv called numerous times to be sure my dryer was on the truck and assured it was scheduled for today . Iv filed a complaint with BBB . Here’s the thing . If you can’t get to me for 2 weeks schedule it then. Don’t keep lying to customers and having them take off work . If you can’t make it call them and let them know . Iv now used up all my time from work for nothing. . Have 10 piles of dirty laundry waiting that I could have gone to the laundromat had I not been expecting them everyday . So inconvenient . I will be getting a refund today and hopefully taking my business elsewhere to a place that doesn’t lie . Lowes is horrible ! I give you a negative 100 stars !!! 🤬🤬🤬


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/4/2022 St. Louis, MO

They are terrible and the store customer service does not exist. Just don’t shop there. I’ve never been so fed up with a store.

⭐ Big Box User Review 6/4/2022 Huntsville, AL

I would give zero stars if I could. I purchased a washing machine in store with a scheduled delivery a week later. A week later they delivered a dryer. I had to go back to the store cancel the charges but giving them the benefit of the doubt I reordered the same washing machine with a scheduled delivery a week later A week later they were a no show with no phone call. I'll be going to elsewhere tomorrow and from now on.


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/3/2022 Elk Grove, CA

I have been on actual hold with the Lowe’s store for over 2 hours… My delivery window is 8-12pm today and it’s 3:45pm and no phone call and a no show… I’ve been trying to reach someone since 1pm… I took the day off work to make this delivery happen and still no fridge… Someone at the store is picking up the phone and putting it right back on hold… This is absolutely ridiculous… After this experience, I will never shop at Lowe’s again for any business… I will pay more before going there…. Very disappointed


⭐ Big Box User Review 6/1/2022 Newcastle, WY

I bought a dryer off of Lowes. Should have been simple, all was ready for the delivery. All that needed to be completed by the delivery workers was to get it in the home, & remove the old platform from the old dryer, place the new dryer on it & take the old dryer with them. (which I paid for) They refused. I sent the new dryer back which they were incensed about. The best part of the experience if you can imagine was working for hours with Lowes customer service to get my money back (they were helpful) I was told that this information is identified in the policy but as many times as I searched I was unable to find it. Such an inconvenience - so much time, no dryer. Again, I do thank Lowes customer service but such a waste of time.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/31/2022 Gadsden, AL

Horrible service gave a 4 hour window for delivery of my washing machine so I took off work they never showed called 9 times same answer it’s on the truck the last time I called @9:25 The dispatcher said the running late directed stop before your house your next never heard another word called the next morning at 6 o’clock when they opened Lowes didn’t have a clue they called the third-party delivery service dispatcher didn’t have a clue he called the truck driver who said oh we broke down yesterday I had the truck towed all the appliances are still on the truck Lowe’s wanted to reschedule will know what be a good day I told them I took off work early yesterday took off work today waiting on him there’s not a good day I wanted it before five today an hour later Lowe’s calls said we’re on the way with your freezer how the heck does a washing machine turn into a freezer 🤦🏻‍♂️ Hopefully my wife will have her new washing machine sometime this year😡


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/30/2022 Morganton, NC

On March 30 Lowes free delivery delivered a new washer. They put two huge scratches in my new laminate floor and never removed the shipping bolts. On March 31 I went to my local store to show them pictures of the scratches, they said someone would contact me. It is now May 30th and I have not heard a word. My local store sent someone out on April 2nd to remove the shipping bolts. I have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes over the last 27 years, but I may never go back. This was the most expensive free delivery of my life.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/29/2022 Orland Park, IL

sales at the store perfection.... delievery nightmare; i had to call to get the time frame-they told me between 2-6 next day and id get a call 30 min before.. cool , i have a few things to move to get my new stove and fridge delievered, its early 10am.. gonna color my hair take a shower etc... phone rings its delivery guys.. they will be there in 15 min.. i ask nicely could they take and extra 10 so i can was the stuff off my hair etc... i get told " do ya want the stuff or not lady!" off to a BAD stat and only got worse... they take the old fridge out bring in new plug it in.. find out the gas valve for my old stove that has been in that spot since the kitchen was totally remodeled and expanded 24 yrs ago "doesnt work" convently after he took a wrench to it... so i tell them bring in the stove and i will call someone to put in the new valve.... they begrugeingly brieng it in still in the box and wont take the boxing off.. "they just deliver it"" i told them well they just delieved the fridge and took the box off... smart mouth driver says well we set it up... i told him all he did was plug it in... he tells me "you funny lady"" i told him oh your the smart mouth on the phone , again he says you funny lady... i told him you will see how funny i am and you can get the hell out of my house.... and they stood around like they were expecting a tip..... tip is do not piss me off... i called the store jumped on the sales person and the store manager and called the warehouse and jumped on the manager there... we shall see how this plays out... i dont want money out of this .. i want them to change how they treat people.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/23/2022 Gibson, PA

Horrible. Amazing a delivery services can ruin your day/week, but they do. Stay away from Lowe's appliencies and deliveries. Lowe's doesn't take responsibility for the incompetent delivery service they subcontract out.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/22/2022 Northern VA

I should have learned my lesson when they delivered my dryer in February 4 weeks late. Now my dishwasher is sitting at Lowes in Alexandria waiting for a truck to Pick it up. Last Sunday it was supposed to be delivered. It's been a week and the stores phone never gets picked up


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/17/2022 Perkasie, PA

Lowe's and XPO suck. Plain and simple.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/16/2022 Lowe's Online

I ordered a stove for my Mom from and it has been messed up at every step. They delivered it a week before they were supposed to, neither I or my Mom was home at the time, but a family member who lives next door has a key and let them in. The stove had two big dents, one on the side and one on the back. The delivery driver said they would give us a dent discount or replace with another stove, that turned out to be incorrect. Lowe's said he shouldn't have said that. They don't have another stove like the one we ordered and want. Not only did they not discount the bill, they changed it from 12-months no interest to regular so if we don't pay the full price interest will accrue. I've called numerous times and talked to several people, each time and every person just says they need to transfer me to another department. NEVER again will I buy an appliance from Lowe's - not only do they not know, they suck. I've never had worse customer service and it's not because the people on the phone are from another country, they just don't care and the supervisor was less helpful than the other people on the phone. If you have any other option, even if it costs more it would probably be much better than Lowe's.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/9/2022 Statesville, NC

HORRABLE, showed up at my home WITHOUT making an appointment. Was told they would call me that afternoon to re-schedule - never did. Called to make appointment was told they had an appointment for me 3 days later (that I DID NOT MAKE). Was told by delivery manager that I would get delivery the next day in the morning, appointment was changed, WITHOUT speaking to me, to the afternoon (which I already told the manager I would not be home in the afternoon). Lowes is happy to inconvenience their clients but never themselves to correct Lowes' error.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/9/2022 Wallingford, CT

We bought an LG washer and dryer from Lowes on 3/13 and paid for delivery, installation and removal of old. The process itself was fine, but installation itself not so good. When the truck showed they were late. While the installers were careful with bringing in the appliances, the installer (driver) was "rough" to say the least when it came to the connection. When we ran the dryer, we would always hear a clinking noise and come to find out, it was a screw he dropped down the back of the dryer when connecting the chord but that is the least of the problem. Last week, we smelled something terrible in the house, like burning rubber. There was nothing "evident" as the dryer had already finished it's cycle but clearly the smell was coming from there. The other day, we started the dryer, it shut off a second later, tried it again and same thing happened. We unplugged the dryer, plugged back in, saw a flash and the breaker popped. The installer pinched the chord inside the dryer and it eventually caught on fire. Luckily the breaker popped and shut the dryer down and the fire contained itself. But the wires were burnt, melted, it was a mess. Lowes replaced the dryer no questions asked and guess who delivered the new dryer? Same guy. When I told him what happened, he didnt believe me and said I want to see it. When I showed him, he was like, hm. Thats it.. I didnt expect him to own up to HIS mistake but perhaps be a little nicer.. ? No such luck. Last time I will have anything from Lowes delivered, clearly their contracted company is AWFUL based on all of the horrible reviews.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/8/2022 Collinsville, IL

They don't call 30 min advance they just show up worst delivery services ever.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/8/2022 Bloomington, CT

Such a long, long story of inept people, and uncaring delivery service (XPO- the absolute worst in customer service to the point of being consistently verbally rude and unprofessional). I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing appliances elsewhere. It’s not worth ANY savings you might get. My appliance delivery saga is 2 months long. With too many details of poor customer service to tell. Just trust that this is a real review based on dealing with actual uncaring, unprofessional, and inept people for 2 months. Go elsewhere to buy your appliances.


⭐ Big Box User Review 5/5/2022 Perrysburg, OH

Horrible experience. Ordered appliances 3/18/2022 and scheduled delivery that day for 5/5/2022. Received confirmation of delivery on 5/4/2022. As of 2pm on 5/5 no appliances no call from them. Had to make several phone calls myself with extensive hold times to be told THEY DON’T HAVE THEM!!! What? How do you confirm a delivery the night before without even having the product. The worst part is NO ONE CALLED TO TELL ME. I had to track the info down. Lowes just randomly reassigned my delivery for 5/14. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/29/2022 Statesville, NC

HORRIBLE, showed up at my home WITHOUT making an appointment. Was told they would call me that afternoon to re-schedule - never did. Called to make appointment was told they had an appointment for me 3 days later (that I DID NOT MAKE). Was told by delivery manager that I would get delivery the next day in the morning, appointment was changed, WITHOUT speaking to me, to the afternoon (which I already told the manager I would not be home in the afternoon). Lowe's is happy to inconvenience their clients but never themselves to correct Lowes' error.


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/29/2022 Akron, OH

We ordered a 750.00 stove and we paid 30.00 for removal of our old stove they came with are stove did not remove the old stove then I found on lowes site the stove is be ING recalled so now we have to get a replacement for the one we just bought we now have no stove so they say they will bring a stove the next day between 12 and 4 we sit and wait and no one shows up its now 530 and no stove called lowes they say they don't have a way to get in contact with drivers its on the truck and you'll have to wait this will be the last thing we buy from them even if it cost more


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/21/2022 Lexington, SC

Don't buy at Lowe's, just go some place else. Delivery is a nightmare.


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/19/2022 Bakersfield, CA

Although I’ve bought large appliances and had them delivered without any problems, it wasn’t the case with a new dishwasher and having it installed correctly the first time. I bought it in February and it wasn’t delivered until late March. They wouldn’t deliver on a Saturday, wouldn’t write correct notes about it, expected us to take time off work which we did, and wouldn’t show up at scheduled time. At one point, I called and told them that they couldn’t come on that date due to the fact that I had symptoms of Covid, even told them twice and asked them to put it in their notes, yet the delivery guys showed up to deliver it. I had to call my wife to leave work and come home to let them in. This had been the 4-5 time that we had tried to get them to deliver it. Other times they would leave before I could get home during the scheduled time, they had arrived earlier than that time, but was told the installer had to leave so he could go to the beach. I was five minutes from my home. When they did finally did show up and my wife had to come home, since I didn’t want to possibly expose anyone, then the installer didn’t install the dishwasher correctly. You have to lift the door to get it to close and it will come out of the cabinet because he didn’t bolt it in correctly. Started calling the delivery service again, was told that Lowe’s had to open a file on it. Tried calling the numbers I was given, no one would answer. Finally went back to Lowe’s for help. Deliver Company contacted me and set up a date, but had hours that no one could be there . So I called and they changed the time for the installer to come and fix it to 3-6 pm. But then on the date that it was supposed to happen, the delivery company or the installer, changed the time back. When I was able to call them, I was told that he had left but they could reschedule it again. I have taken off work early on three different occasions, 45 minutes or more each time. I went to Lowe’s again who set up a conference call between myself, the supervisor that didn’t exist earlier when I asked to speak to one, and the installer who never came on the line, it was someone from the delivery service. They wanted to set it up for the next day, for me to take off work again, when I asked for a date I could do it, I was told the following week past that date. So because I won’t do it on the date that they want, I was told to either call back the next month, or get two quotes on my own to have someone install it. Rotten customer service, what happened to working with the customer? What happened with doing the job correctly the first time? So I guess that it’ll be easier to get someone else to install it correctly and have Lowe’s take the installation cost off of the bill. Who knows if they will do it.


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/15/2022 Lima, OH

I had a dishwasher installed and they damaged the dishwasher. After 3 months the still have not replaced it and keep delaying. They don’t even call me back.


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/5/2022 Tarentum, PA

In Feb., 2022, I selected a refrigerator, range, and dishwasher at Lowes, and paid $8,000 cash. Lowes’s employees met about my for 30 minutes while I waited to be checked out. I also was told that since the dishwasher was already in the store it would delivered in three days and the appointment was set up. On the other two items they had no idea when they could get them nor when they would be delivered, perhaps in 2-3 months. When I went home, I checked my receipt, and found I was charged for two dishwashers. Furthermore, no one kept the appointment to deliver the dishwasher. I waited for two weeks to see if anyone would call about the overcharge or the missed delivery. FINALLY, I took my receipt to Lowes for a refund of the dishwasher. I did not mention the double charge because I wanted to see how deep the fraud would.go. However the person handling the return pointed out that I was charged for two dishwashers. She wanted to know if I wanted one of them. I declined because I could not trust the appliance dept. Two months later I received a call that my refrigerator would be delivered the next day. I thought I would get this item. Not so, because at 5 pm I received a recorded call that the refrigerator would not be delivered until the next week. I called Lowes to try and find out which call I could rely on. They said they had nothing to do with deliveries and did’t have any idea when, where, or who made deliveries. The refrigerator was not delivered at all. As for the range, no one had an inkling when or if it would come in at all.

⭐ Big Box User Review 4/5/2022 Detroit, MI

It took me a very long time to find the size fridge that I needed. I checked Home Depot, Menards, Lowe's, American Freight, Best Buy, ABC and drove around to some smaller appliance stores. I needed a counter depth, so I knew to order the same size I had. I finally found one that fit my budget, with an affordable protection plan. I called the warehouse and store after ordering to let them know that my hallway is narrow and it would fit, but if they removed the fridge doors it would be a breeze. They said it would not be a problem removing the fridge doors if needed. I measured to be sure and my smallest doorway was 29&1/2 everywhere else was much larger. The delivery guy said it would not fit, I told him the one I had was the same size. I told him we brought it in that way and took it out that way. He stated taking it out is not the same as bringing it in. He never took the fridge off of the truck, just kept telling me I need to buy a 33" fridge. I told him I'm not, I'll just get a refund, I don't want a 33" fridge. I had to wait on my refund for fridge, water line and protection plan. I ended up buying a used fridge of the same size because I had already been using a mini fridge for almost two months because the ones I could afford were on backorder until I found the one at Lowes, but because he was too lazy to bring the fridge in I ended up with a used fridge. I told the delivery guys that brought in my fridge from the other store that I was told one that size couldn't fit through my hallway. He asked who told me that, I told him the delivery guy from Lowes, he said he was just being lazy, I said I know. They brought it in by putting on shoulder straps and walked my fridge up the three steps and through the doorway and hallway, never bumping or scratching up anything, and did not have to take the doors off. Lowe's needs to follow up behind their delivery guys, because he act as if he was going to get paid rather he delivered or not, it was awful. He said he was with Penske for Lowes. He was too lazy to be a delivery guy. I wonder how often he does that. I was really excited about that refrigerator.


⭐ Big Box User Review 4/5/2022 The Woodlands, TX

It took for attempts to deliver a Samsung Range. Issue was the distance was 64 miles from store . Deliveries were scheduled for end of day and workers ran out of time. One time scheduler decided to to put range on delivery truck. When range was delivered the drop off, gas hookup and taking old range went smoothly. Current delivery process is inefficient, especially handling longer distances. I suggest reducing delivery radius to 40 miles from 75 and developing as system that allows appliances to be transferred to a closer store so deliveries can be managed better.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/31/2022 Silverthorne, CO

Hi. I live in Silverthorne, CO. Our Lowe's is just a few blocks away. I live on Polar Ct. and on of your Lowe's delivery trucks just drove into the neighborhood like a total bat out of Hell. UNACCEPTABLE in a residential neighborhood with many young children. Please report this to the local store. I'm normally pretty tolerant but this driver was over-the-top unsafe even for highway driving.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/29/2022 Lilburn, GA

what a nightmare!! We bought a refrigerator from Lowe's also paid for installation, moving our old fridge and warranty, we also informed in advance our kitchen is on the 2nd-floor. Delivery guys arrived at my house without giving me any advanced notice and were not willing to carry the fridge to the 2nd-floor they just say they need a four men crew to perform this job, then they left the unpacked fridge in my garage and disappeared from the scene. on the next day, I received an automated phone saying they will come the next day between 2 and 6 pm which they didn't show up which was disappointing because I had to leave my job early called Lowes which leaves me with nothing other than waiting on the line for more than 45 mins finally they reach the 3rd party (delivery company )to get another appointment for the next day which was the same waiting from my end and not showing up from their end. total disappointment


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/26/2022 

I purchased a refrigerator from Lowe’s. It was delivered on time. The quality of the delivery was totally unacceptable. The delivery team would not reverse the doors. They did not level the frig, clean out shipping protection or install kick plate or hinge cover. I went to the Chapel Hill store, where purchased, and complained. They sent person out the next day. It was the same people who did the delivery. This experience was equally disappointing. They wanted me to sign off before any work. I refused. They reversed door and adjusted level. Door did not close properly and they adjusted. Packing materials still were not removed. After they left, I noted scratch marks near screws. They used power drill contrary to manufacturer instructions. I will not buy any delivery products from Lowe’s and will favor other big box stores, in general.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/26/2022 

WORST DELIVERY SERVICE EVERRRR!!!! Delivered multiple dented and scratched appliances, destroyed my house. Then they deliver the wrong appliances and won’t put your old stuff back after they take it out. LIKE WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY GROCERIES. WORST DELIVERY SERVICE EVER!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/25/2022 Fernandina Beach, FL

Stackable washer and dryer delivered today. Paid for installation and haul away old appliances. We had brought the stacking kit home with us at time of purchase. When installers arrived they told us we had a "universal kit" not the specific kit for our brand of appliance and needed to get the correct one before they could install. So they dropped off the appliances and told us we needed to get correct part and set up a new installation time. At that time they said they werent allowed to even haul away old appliances until new ones were installed. We returned to Lowes with the stacking kit only to find out that it is the correct specific kit needed. So the installers flat out lied and just didnt want to do the work. Mind you this is after they drove all over our lawn and destroyed a beautiful flowering mature bush by running over it and completely snapping it at the root line. Lowes tells us they use a third party to deliver their appliances and theres nothing they can do as far as our comolaints. Worst service I have ever seen. I expected better service from such a developed big box store. Thoroughly disappointed and hard pressed to use lowes in the future


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/23/2022 Akron, OH

They left it in the garage. Wouldn’t wait for my husband to turn the shut off valve off. We paid delivery install haul away. They left the old.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/22/2022

The fridge my wife and I ordered took 3 deliveries to get it right! The first time it arrived it was damaged on both sides. The 2nd time out, they sent a new replacement fridge that was damaged in the exact same manner--on both sides of the fridge! I thought it was I on impractical jokers! What made matters worse was: (1) the first time we were blindsided with no advance phone call of delivery time; (2) both times was a rush-to-the-finish line to remove items (i.e., kitchen Island) out of the kitchen and to also empty out our old fridge as fast as possible to make room for the new one. Only to have to put all the food items back into the old fridge after discovering damage to the new fridge. Our kitchen was in disarray until all this was finally resolved; (3) and the most inconvenient part of it was that I had to take time off from work for the 2nd delivery (the replacement fridge) only to realize I wasted my time because this one too was damaged. We called and complained about this inconvenience to no avail. The response we received from the store appliance manager at Lowe's was semi-apologetic and centered on the fact that "this was not on Lowe's, but rather on the delivery company". To which I responded that "I am the customer! The delivery company works for Lowe's!! I've been inconvenienced. And that Lowe's has the responsibility to make it right with the customer first. And whatever issue or credit they need to resolve with the Delivery Company should not be the Customer's problem." For all of the inconveniences and disruptions that we experienced, the most that Lowe's management agreed to take of the bill for the damaged refrigerator was $400 (25% off the sale price, for a fridge that no one knew was still operable/functional). This was unacceptable. So we were forced to schedule a 3rd delivery (another replacement fridge) taking the chance that this one would be damaged as well. Thankfully this was not, but in so many words "the damage had already been done." Due to the lack of customer service response in this experience, for all future appliance purchases my wife and i have decided not to consider Lowe's. We received a Home Depot Range/Stove the same week with no issues (they even provided the appropriate advanced courtesy call). I don't complain about much. I rarely ever write a poor review. I expect some inconveniences with appliance deliveries. But this was over the top. And its not so much the inconvenience that left a sour taste in our was more the customer service responses from Lowe's.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/17/2022 Latham, NY

Worst experience I ever had. Installation was part of purchase, but delivery people stated they didn’t install and had no experience. They damaged our wood floors, stair railing, walls. 10 days and still haven’t been able to talk to anyone about filing a claim.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/14/2022 O'Fallon, IL

Our office bought a refrigerator from Lowe's and paid for delivery, water hook-up and haul away of the old appliance. As I was checking out at the register I told the cashier my delivery needs to be before noon on whatever day it will be delivered. I also supplied my tax exempt paperwork to the store. The store went on to schedule the delivery from noon to 4:00. After calling and talking to numerous employees I talked to someone to change the delivery time. Once the delivery finally happened the delivery guys almost had a meltdown because our older refrigerator had a copper connection for the water. They acted like it was poison to even look at it! We quickly had a plumber come to our office and disconnect/connect the water line. Did the Lowes employees take the old refrigerator with them like I paid for--nope. Another pickup for the old frig was scheduled but they decided to show up to our office at 8:00 at night. The office had been closed since 4:30. So now I have a 3rd pickup scheduled. Also--the original employees who delivered the refrigerator did NOT put the shelves or drawers in. No setup at all. I paid for delivery and setup--not just dump the frig. As far as the tax exempt--yes we were registered in their system but we were still charged tax. That was another call to the store to get that straightened out. What a joke.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/12/2022



⭐ Big Box User Review 3/9/2022 Naples, FL

The order was totally wrong from start. The wrong telephone was put into order. The hoses were not given to me, Tina said would be on delivery truck. Not. Machine, due to wrong number, was not delivered as promised; called delivery service and they would not help. Went to store and was told they could do nothing about it. They put through request and the transport specialist (Bill) called and got the delivery next day. I was given misinformation from everyone but Bill. The service is abominable. I requested a $150 refund due to screwups. Have not heard on that. Was told by Tina & Ray that the transport company would have to give refund. Not the case. Refunds for poor service are given my manager of store and associate responsible for order. I suggest anyone needing a washing machine, visit several stores and, if order placed, check the order several times.


⭐ Big Box User Review 3/7/2022 Crestview, FL

Third party company for deliveries with Lowes are terrible. My delivery was scheduled from 8am-noon so I took the morning off work. Well by noon, no show! So had to take the whole day off work. I called Lowes at noon and the receiving manager couldn't even get ahold of the dispatch company for the trucking (Spirit Logistics). I also called the trucking company and the dispatch ended up having to call the "boss" of the drivers. Then suddenly, I get a call from the driver that my delivery will arrive at 2:00pm! Lowes Inc. "GO BACK TO HAVING A DELIVERY DEPARTMENT"!!! These third parties ARE NOT "Delivering the right home improvement products with the best service and value across every channel and community we serve".

⭐ Big Box User Review 2/27/2022 St Petersburg, FL

This is is THE WORST delivery ever! If there is an error in your online order for delivery, which was never brought up, they just keep lying to you by saying “you're order is out for delivery” or “ you’re the seventh stop today’ or you’re next for delivery” You will get the robo calls for your scheduled delivery time, you can even call the delivery line and they tell you, “you’re all set for delivery today” BUT Each time THERE IS NO DELIVERY!!!! NOBODY KNOWS WHY!? NOBODY CAN GET AHOLD OF THE XPO ( 3rd party DELIVERY people) NO ONE COMMUNICATES ANYTHING —- and You will re-arrange your entire day (5 different days in my case) AND THEN THEY SAY “THE ITEMS ARE NOT ON TRUCK-THE ITEMS ARE JUST MISSING!! & THEY HAVE TO RE-ORDER YOUR ITEMS!!!!!!!!” AND NOW THIS IS THE 6TH TIME YOU HAVE RE-ARRANGE YOUR ENTIRE DAY FOR THE DELIVERY!!! IN THE MEANTIME THEY HAVE DEBTED YOUR ACCOUNT BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR ITEMS!! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE FOR APPLIANCE DELIVERY! DON’T USE LOWE’S FOR APPLIANCE DELIVERY!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 2/25/2022 Pittsburgh, PA

First I looked online and it said delivery in 2 days. Once I bought my range the tracking said 3 weeks. Strike 1. I went to the store and they said it can be delivered in 2 days only If I buy it from the store. Customer service said that I had to cancel my online and buy it again spending another $500 so I can get it in 2 days and then maybe they would get my money back from the online purchase within a day to a week. I couldn't wait for an oven another 2 weeks so I got another was supposed to be delivered in 2 days but on their computer it screwed up three separate times and was to be delivered in three days when it was supposed to be delivered on the time between 12 and 4 they called it 2:30 said that they would deliver by 6:30. At 8:30 they called and said hey did you get your delivery. no I didn't then they said it would take another 2 days. Do not get anything from Lowe's they subcontract, and they lie. How can a big store like them suck so bad. Get your s*** straight and do your job.​

⭐ Big Box User Review 2/22/2022

Ordered a LG side by side refrigerator and scheduled delivery for 02/22/22 on line. Paid the extra for hauling away the old appliance and for installation of the new one. First thing in the morning I got a call from the delivery driver, that they were on the way. He told me that he wasn't trained on how to install the new refrigerator or how to remove the doors to get it through the front door. He did say that he would try, if I signed a waiver of damage, he also claimed that the last time he tried to install a refrigerator, it was damaged. I refused and called Lowes and talked with customer service, then just cancelled the order. It appears that the delivery drivers just didn't want to spend time to install it.


⭐ Big Box User Review 2/19/2022

We ordered a refrigerator from Lowe's to be delivered. The refrigerator is great. The delivery was terrible. They showed up at 8 AM wasn't scheduled until 4 PM. They unwrapped the incorrect refrigerator and acted like it was our fault when we told them. They had to move everything around to get to our fridge in the front of the truck. They dented our wood floor installing the fridge. They gouged our front door and damaged the front of the fridge they removed from our house. We contacted Lowe's customer service and sent photos of the damage. We have not heard back despite multiple calls. They have done nothing to rectify the damage to our home. It's not okay and thought people should know.


⭐ Big Box User Review 2/3/2022 Atlanta GA

LG washer was fine, delivery service was terrible: Ordered a LG front loading washing machine (WM3600 model). Paid at the store on Jan 5, 2022. They said that it will take a few weeks to deliver and gave us a date of Jan 22. They also said that the delivery company will call us the day before the delivery and give a more specific time for the delivery date. 3-4 days later, we got an email that said the delivery date had been changed to Jan 19th. No more phone calls or emails. Suddenly one day (Jan 18th), my wife hears this huge banging on the front door (like when the cops show up). It was the Lowe's delivery guy with the washing machine. Since I wasn't home and given the loud / rude banging, and given the lack of notice (no phone call the previous day, no other email), she said she is not comfortable having it installed when she was alone at home. The guy said a few rude things and left. Didn't hear from Lowe's for 3-4 days more. Then again the same guy showed up...this time on a Saturday. Again with no previous phone call or email to let us know about the delivery. But since I was at home, I said let's do it. He brought the new washer, took out the old washer... and was about to leave. I asked him why he is not installing it and why he was not using the new hoses that we had paid for. He immediately raised his voice and said that we haven't paid for the hoses and he won't install it. Made a big deal of showing me his order from Lowe's which didn't have the water hoses listed. So I took out my receipt and tried to show him the installation fees of $30 and the water hoses of $32.38 listed on the receipt. He refused to look at the receipt, said he doesn't have any spare hoses, said he doesn't work for Lowe's (just a delivery company) and said he is just going to take back the new washer. So I said that is fine, as long as he brings back my old washer back into the house. He left in a big huff...and then came back with a new set of water hoses and installed the new washer. The washer works fine.

⭐ Big Box User Review 1/31/2022 Brockport, NY

Washing machine died on January 9, 2022. Bought new machine from Lowes with available delivery January 10, 2022. Wife takes off work for 4 hour delivery and installation window. Wife called in the middle of 4 hour time frame and told, no, not today. Maybe in a day or two. 2 days later, the washing machine arrived and was installed. Fast forward to January 30, 2022. My wife tries to get a shower. She comes to me and says that ever since the washer was installed, hot water is luke warm to hot at best while doing laundry. I took a look at it. Turns out, the washer was set to "cold" wash and rinse. What I found was that the machine would only send hot water no matter what temperature you have it set for. I then found the cold and hot lines were reversed at the water supply lines. Plus, the cold water valve was never turned back on after installation. I switched over the wrong water supply lines and opened up the cold water valve. VIOLA, COLD WATER! A little bit of common sense goes a long way. How hard is it to double check your own work? Wouldn't you want to be sure your work is of good quality?


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/30/2022 Easly, SC

Lowes del. Service is the LAST co. I would use.They were to deliver a new fridge between 10 and 2 today they were to call a half hr. Before arrival, no call they finally called at 3:16 pm with no notice of being late I called them every name I could think of after setting in 35 degree weather waiting for them!! Instead of delivering they took the fridge back to store what a bunch of worthless mil. I'd fire everyone of them


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/27/2022 

Lowes is the worst! ordered washer and they dont know where it is or when its coming. I went to get my money back they were rude and said they will not refund me. They said they dont know if I have the washer so no refund of 1k. they lied and told us its on the way 3 times and still no washer. These people are thieves! Boycott Lowes!!


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/12/2022 Brownsville, TX

Supposed to arrive Sunday Jan 9th 2022. Can’t track, no possible time window. Told at store they would reverse the door. Then they said when I called customer service that they don’t do that anymore. When I tried to check my order Lowe’s tells me I don’t have an Oder and they can’t find it yet I gave them the Oder number from the e mail confirmation. Left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. Customer service is very low. Actually thinking of cancelling as this is to frustrating.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/12/2022 Kissimmee, FL

January, 2022. The worst delivery and set up service I have even encountered. They barely dropped of a new refrigerator: 1. Hinged on the wrong side and refused to change it - even thgough it was set up that way at order time 2. REFUSED to take off the blue wrapping paper that is all over the box, drawers, under the handles, etc 3. Missing the top door bracket cover with a reply of "how should I know where it is?" Called store manager, Cagans Crossing in Kissimmee, and was told they would be back two days later at 430pm. The showed up at 9AM unannounced. Never, ever again.


⭐ Big Box User Review 1/6/2022 Cedar City, UT

We ordered a washing machines 2 months ago. Still nothing we can't even pull up the information on line. Last time I tried calling no one answered phone in store . We were told it was in Ontario then a week later it was in Portland it would be here 4 th if January Nothing. Trued calling no answer , did a virtual call was told it would be here 5 th of January Nothing and it's the 6 th. I understand a minor delay but this is ridiculous. What's worse is customer service No explanation no follow ups even though they said they would We are left to find out by ourselves. An honest answer would have been appreciated


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/31/2021 Tampa, FL

The Lowes Frigidaire appliances are excellent. However the delivery was not. Lowes in my area uses XPO Logistics. Our delivery window was 12:00 noon - 4:00pm. Our delivery arrived at 7;30 pm with 2 very unhappy employees. We had made 2 calls to find our delivery and had 2 made up answers. My story could be longer and way more explicit but you can expect a very negative result from any XPO delivery. This is my only direct experiece but my wife as dealt with them directly for some time until her company let them go. Avoid at all costs.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/20/2021 Tampa, FL

Lowes has NO PROBLEM MEETING ITS QUOTA When you purchase Appliances. But protecting those appliances and delivering them expeditiously is another subject all together. I purchased a Stove from them earlier this year and had a problem that needed trouble shooting from the same delivery company - XPO Logistics. They lied and said they called and I didn't answer, yet they were calling a disconnected phone number of three years ago. I expected the delivery of my Maytag Washing Machine today, 12/20/2021. Well guess what, it was delivered by Marques Javier, of their company and his colleague. Both the delivery persons showed up WITHOUT MASK or BOOTIES and neither spoke English and fortunately I was able to communicate with them in Spanish. They removed my old machine and INCORRECTLY hooked up the new one and just left - never doing a test wash or verifying its functionality. So with Omicron variant and Delta in high gear for Covid19, I paid nearly $1K for someone who I don't know to come in my home and potentially infect my family and I. GREAT, WELL DONE!!!!!!! Now, this SHOTTY and HORRIBLE DELIVERY Service can't get anyone out until after the holidays, 12/28/2021. I had to request, "Would you please make sure they at least wear masks." They reiterated it's policy, but guess what, they showed up on 12/20/2021 at 11:40 AM grunting, sweating and talking amongst themselves in my airspace. I have no ideal if they're vaccinated. That's clutch! They are HORRIBLE and EXPERT at delivering Consistently Poor Service!!! If you're able to purchase directly from the warehouse, I'd encourage it. This is the second time in the same year that LOWE"s Delivery service from this particular locale has dropped the ball. It is disgusting.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/18/2021 

Unbelievable story. Salesman lied, delivery people won't follow WRITTEN instructions, 3 failed attempts to deliver, 2 of those times they didn't have the appliance!!!!! Fourth confirmed attempt they didn't even show. Now trying to fight for our refund. Unbelievable nightmare. Run away!


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/17/2021 Tomball, TX

I was given a delivery window of 4 hours. They did not arrive until 3-1/2 hrs past the end of the designated window with no notification as to the late arrival. When they finally arrived, they drove through my yard in two different locations leaving ruts from all wheels. The box delivery truck could have easily fit on my paved driveway had they cared to try. When I tried to provide guidance to their driving they completely ignored me. I don’t mean to imply that they just dropped a wheel off the edge of the driveway, they went directly across my lawn for more than 20ft


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/13/2021 Zephyr Hills, FL

Teo men delivered washer & Dryer and neither one spoke english. Could not communicate at all. Installation cost was included but not done. No way to communicate with delivery people. Never again will I use or buy from Lowes foreign business


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/13/2021 Colorado Springs, CO

11/20- purchased dishwasher. Deliver and install scheduled for 11/24. 11/24- no show, no call-Called installer, said dishwasher "wasn't there." Lowe's said it was. Received 2nd appt for 12/1 with same installer. 12/1- no show, no call again. When I called the installer he said the dishwasher "wasn't there." I said it was there there the 1st and 2nd time and I'd like it picked up and installed. Told "Let me get back to you." - no return call. Asked Lowe's for a different installer. Same installer called to make 3rd appt and was rude when I asked for them to make sure they picked up the dishwasher this time. I cancelled delivery/install and picked up dishwasher and called an appliance repair company to install dishwasher. 12/8- They showed up to deliver and install the dishwasher (somehow they found one to deliver even though mine was picked up). Turned them away and called corporate Lowes. Asked them to call installer (provided the #) since local Lowe's didn't inform them of cancellation. Corporate Lowe's didn't call them and the installer kept calling me. Finally answered and told them I cancelled deliver/install due to terrible service. 12/13- Appliance repair company installs dishwasher and come to find out it has a broken part. Called manufacturer and they are sending part. Hoping to have a working dishwasher before the new year. I'll be trying to get the Lowe's protection cancelled and refunded. I'd hate to see how long it will take for Lowe's to complete a repair when they can't get a delivery/install completed. After complaining to friends I hear I'm not the only one who has had terrible experiences with Lowe's


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/9/2021 Huber Heights, OH

Lowes should be ashamed! Bought a washer/dryer set that was delivered 4 days later. They gave me a time frame for delivery but they didn't bother to call when they were on the way, they just showed up at the tail end of the delivery time frame. The young guys failed to put the feet on the dryer and scratched up my basement floor. They didn't level the washer so it shakes violently when spinning. The dryer vent hose was never hooked up. They claimed I needed an "extender". They said they would call in a work order right away and that I should receive a phone call within an hour to schedule an appointment? Of course I never received that phone call. Long story short 5 phone calls and 4 customer service reps later I finally got some delivery guys from Lowe's to come out 5 days later just to hook up the same dryer vent hose the previous delivery guys left behind. No extender was ever needed! Just incompetent and LAZY!!! I REFUSE TO SPEND MY HARD EARNED MONEY AT LOWES EVER AGAIN!


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/5/2021 Conroe, TX

My dryer cord was not installed properly by delivery guys in which the ground wire was not screwed into the right location. I only found out because I had that dryer replaced after a couple of weeks due to a loud noise.


⭐ Big Box User Review 12/5/2021 Philadelphia, PA

They are the worst delivery service available total bums Lowes should be ashamed to have them they are worthless an lazy

⭐ Big Box User Review 12/1/2021 Ballwin, MO

Company delivered my new washer and dryer , said they hooked up the machines and they were ready to be used . We ran a load of laundry after they left and about 20 min into the cycle there was a rush of water that flooded and ruined my new hardwood floors and did damage to my basement , 1 month has gone by and they say they are still trying to figure out if there driver hooked them up . Come on , the driver never even ran a test cycle . Lowes is the worst


⭐ Big Box User Review 11/30/2021 Patchogue, NY

Totally disappointed purchased new refrigerator it was delivered damaged on 2 sides, we refused delivery They then delivered a 2nd had a 3rd party Install they attached water supply pushed appliance back against wall checked water dispenser on front of fridge than left , needless to say the install leaked for several days before detected during holiday while we were out of house and damaged 1st and 2nd floors now buckling , walls and closet full of clothes saturated Called Lowe’s disconnected us twice then the appliance guy accused us saying why did we wait to call Really !!! Didn’t know if was leaking we weren’t home why didn’t the installer check the work done on the back of the appliance ? We then spoke to another associate who helped get us to a manager whom advised us to email and take pictures and send we did we were then told they can send a new refrigerator, for a leak ? We hired a plumber to rectify Tyne leak most likely damaged when they pushed it up against the wall after tightening down to much . After waiting all day hearing nothing from the store until we called back letting them know we hired a plumber the MGR said they understood and then passed us onto this 3rd party stating they will compensate us for damages but after reading these reviews we are more concerned then ever Why does Lowe’s continue to use these 3rd party vendors knowing they have all of these issues? Why is it the customer who trusted Lowe’s is paying the price due to their installer They just shoved it all downhill We are beyond frustrated and disappointed we ordered a simple appliance that has now caused significant damage to our home due to the faulty install ! This is just so wrong we are sick over this and can only pray they all do right by us So much for a Happy Holiday they damaged our home now plans will now have to change and our holiday cancelled


⭐ Big Box User Submission 11/21/2021 Chino Hills, CA

bought a refrigerator, and new icemaker- it was delivered and "installed" ....wrong icemaker was sold, so returned it and purchased right one for a higher price.....second set of workers returned two days later incorrectly installed said icemaker....third set of workers came two days later, and said it was the wrong icemaker, and left.....fourth set of workers came two days later, and re-adjusted the water intake line the first set of workers had left kinked where no water would flow to icemaker, BUT, put the icemaker chute OVER the freezer's water input so water flowed into the bottom of the freezer, through the back of the refrigerator and onto our floor......we believed the entire unit compromised, so drove to Lowes, and requested a new fridge and icemaker.....fifth set of workers delivered a new fridge that was dented and scratched, -- we called day later,, a sixth set of workers delivered a new fridge, one of whom said, "Trust me, I've done this three times before." ...ten minutes later could not manage to correctly assemble the icemaker.....still one piece not attached, so he says, "We just never put that piece on," and both workers left without finishing the installation-- We had to take all the tape, cardboard, and shrinkwrap off, and out of the fridge, where we found the covers for the feet and top hinge, and directions for putting the anti-tip nuts to the floor....... Topping this month-long frustration of having to adjust our schedule due to workers not being adequately trained, regardless of the time window we were told, the delivery/workers would be at our house, they arrived one to two hours earlier-- one day workers arrived at 7a.m., when we were told 9a.m. ..... Lowes needs to change their third party delivery/installation company for more qualified workers, OR, provide more detailed training for installation/delivery workers. With another 24hrs to wait before knowing if the fridge/icemaker works properly, and after a month of not having a properly functioning icemaker, if possible, I'd give both Lowes, and this third party company a negative five (-5) rating.... Sorry, but zero out of 12 different workers who don't know what they're doing does not make me want to purchase anymore appliances from Lowes, Chino Hills. Have a great holiday season.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 11/17/2021 Indiana, PA

Delivery guys showed up late and did not speak a word of English. Hard to have customer relations or understand customers needs when u can’t communicate with them


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/30/2021

Bought a washer and dryer set. They took the old ones but left the new ones sitting in the boxes and left. I hope they don't do this all of the time. They had no idea whether or not that I had someone to open them or hook them up. Lowes has always hooked up my appliances.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/26/2021 Dartmouth, MA

Run do not walk away from from purchasing any appliance from this Lowes. Worst delivery company. I believe it is either XPO or XTO delivery located in Mass. We have been waiting daily on supposedly delivering just a standard fridge. Every we wait dont leave the house one time didnt even take a shower out of fear of missing the delivery. Have spoken the the delivery company mgr. Dan several every time he apoliges says he will personally take care and the same thing happens. Today after speaking with him last night and him promising it would be here i found out we were never on the list. This has been going on FOR DAYS NOW. it feels like we are prisoners not being able to leave until we finf very late in the day there will be no delivery. LOWES should be ashamed of hiring a company like this. i for one will be sellong their shares short as i believe this and other customer service issues like returning Craftsman tools with a lifetime warranty that they are completely not trained WILL CATCH UP to this company and the stock will suffer for it.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/21/2021

Worst delivery service ever!! They delivered a damaged fridge and damaged my hardwood floors. Came back next day for an exchange they dropped fridge in front of my front door and the second fridge was damaged as well and they did even more damage to my floors without bringing another fridge in! They took my front door off the hinges let the hinges fall on the floor and drug my front door across the hardwood floors causing more damage. The delivery guys were argumentative and rude. I will be getting a new fridge and appliances elsewhere.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 10/18/2021 

My closet doors were delivered to my old address. I discussed the new address with the attendant he was familiar with the area. The driver said he couldn't bring it to the new address even if I paid him 20 bucks on top of the 60 I paid for delivery which I said was only 3 miles away. The edge of one of them is chipped in 2 places. I have to reschedule my guy who was going to install them. At this point I just want them delivered. I was better off renting a pickup from Uhaul and taking them myself.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/28/2021 Lenoir, NC

My range was delivered by a third party per Lowes and they plugged wiring in to outlet but did not have it wired too my range and blew up my outlet and tore up floor. It has been over three weeks and i have a Range stove still just sitting in my kitchen not wired. Lowes cannot understand why yiu have not made good on this.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/25/2021 Marble Falls, TX

Don't waste your time. MANY MANY MANY problems with washer and dryer. Management failed!!!!!!!!!!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/25/2021

garbage company.. should be closed.. never buy any appliance shipping from lowes..piece of ****


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/20/2021

True very nice man delivered my washer and dryer when they started to unhook my old washer to take it away Delivery driver broke my hot water pipe while trying to unscrew The connection to the old washer of course room got flooded had to shut off main valve for water he did help me clean up the water and he left I signed a work order and never got a receipt he also charge me $70 cash for insulation kit no receipt problem is I still have water leaking out of this broken pipe all over my house I called Lowe’s right away and explained what happened I didn’t want the man to be in trouble or fired I said mistakes happen but can you help me now my pipe is broken and I have water leaking in the wall under the floor and throughout my house the very rude manager said cut and dry no we are not responsible for anything that breaks in your house even if we broke it it’s on you you’ll have to call your own plumber goodbye I think that’s horrible business I will never go there again I didn’t expect money or I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble I just wanted help With an emergency that they caused I’m done with them


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/16/2021 Victorville, CA

The.Worst.Ever. I will never buy anything from Lowe’s, ever! Their Customer Service, Delivery, and Installation is the worst all across the board! Not only has it taken over a month to receive my appliances, each time their installers bring my appliances, they either steal my previous appliance, try to leave my appliance uninstalled (although I paid for installation) or just don’t show up for the installation and call me a “liar” ! I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/14/2021 Cape Coral, FL

Their customer service may be worse than Comcast! I have been remodeling a house and have spent well over $30K with Lowes so far on this project. Their delivery service is hands down the worst I've ever dealt with. To add insult to injury, whenever there is a problem with a delivery you will be spending no less than forty-five minutes on the phone and deal with two to three people that will undoubtedly drop the ball. You are supposed to get a heads up call thirty minutes before your delivery......that never happens. This last delivery (a stove) I received a text @ 12:26pm stating they were ten minutes from my house. The delivery was supposed t be between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. I told them that nobody would be at the house until 1:00pm. I asked them if they were going to drop it off after 1:00pm or if they were rescheduling. Their response was: "No sr I'm on the phone." (I didn't make a typo, this is exactly how it was sent to me) My response was: "That's not even a response to my question!" I tried to call them, no answer. I went to the house, they were gone. At this point I had no idea if they were rescheduling or what was going on due to their lack of proper communication. I have a busy schedule so I left. At 2:38pm the delivery guy calls and says he's at my house, no warning at all this time. I told him I was twenty minutes away, he told me I'd have to reschedule. The delivery company called and after I explained what happened I was put on hold which disconnected after about two minutes. I made two calls to the local Lowes location and was met with nothing but confusion from their employees. I called the 1-800 number and spoke with them for twenty-eight minutes. I was told that they would contact the store and they had forty-eight hours to contact me or the problem would be escalated to the corporate office. This call was made at 5:46 on Wednesday. Lowes never called to straighten this out. Instead, they send me an e-mail at 2:24am Friday stating, "Great news, your item has been delivered." It's 5:45am on Tuesday morning, I have jumped through multiple hoops, spent about two hours on the phone, driven to my house being worked on, twice. Now Lowes has completely dismissed the whole delivery fiasco, not holding any of their people accountable for what has happened, not taking any responsibility for what they have put me through. They have now started a lost item claim for the stove I paid $1,379.00 for. Someone will contact me within twenty-four hours of my call to them around 9:45 yesterday morning. I've got $100 that says I won't receive that call! Any takers? I've got about $30K more I'll be spending on this remodel. Lowes won't be getting a dime of that!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/13/2021

The store scheduled a delivery and then no one calls and they cancelled delivery and scheduled a date without asking if it works for us. Then they rescheduled for an afternoon delivery. No call and I had to wait on hold for 30 minutes- then left a message to call me per their instructions. No one called. That night sat on hold for an hour to find out that switched an afternoon delivery to the morning- again without asking if that worked. Then they told me they never call the day before or anytime to confirm delivery after 3 different people in the store assured me I would get a call the day before. Never again. My advice is do not buy appliances from Lowe’s . Never had such poor customer service.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/13/2021

Lowe’s install service is extremely poor.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/13/2021 Gilford, NH

Nightmare--from start to finish. DISHWASHER: Said the non-English peaking installer---"We no install--only deliver"--we paid a lot of money for both. What Lowes does not tell you is they hire 2 totally separate subcontractors--(1) only delivers and (2) installs. Lowes says on the website the INSTALLER will contact the buyer within 2-3 days--it is now 10 days after purchase and the installer has not contacted us--even tho we paid a LOT of money and I have called Lowes repeatedly as well as the installer and left messages. The dishwasher tha "delivery men" brought has been just sitting in our garage for 5 days. RANGE: (1) the delivery/installation people did not speak English---which is essential--without knowing English they cannot ask questions, can't answer questions, they cannot raise concerns, they cannot explain what they are doing, they cannot understand requests (like. please put on a mask due to COVID), (2) the range installers did not remove any of the packaging until we had to specifically ask them, (3) they shoved the range in without removing packing tape along sides, which are now hidden by cabinets, (4) they did not install the safety tip-bracket--with the bracket you CANNOT use the range--as it says it on a huge notice right on the range; (5) they did not install a piece that goes along the back, (5) they did not demonstrate how to use it or even check whether the range was working--just pointed to the clock and said "Eees OK" and headed for the door, (6) they shoved the range in--not even the entire way--turned around and started to leave--we thought they were just getting something in the truck, and had to run after them--we told them the range needed to be pushed further back--they sullenly loped into the kitchen and pushed again and we had to mime it was not pushed all the way it before they did it, (7) we have been waiting 5 days for Lowes to send someone back to finish the job and we CANNOT use the range until then. REFRIGERATOR: (1) we set up the delivery time between NOON and 4pm---at 9:45am they show up and start pounding on the door(!)--my Mom is 90+ years old and had a physical therapist at the house when they arrived and I was on a conference call with a client--they had her in tears saying "This when we come--others jobs end" I guess meaning they had cancelations or their work was finished early or simply they wanted to end their day earlier and didn't FEEL LIKE waiting until the contracted time so barged over and insisted on doing it on THEIR time, not the customer's, (2) Lowes did not indicate if you have copper tubing the installation people will NOT hook it up--only rubber or plastic tubing, (3) the men did not remove packaging from the drawers and containers nor put them into the refrigerator--they were ready to leave until we asked about it and one of them reluctantly did it, violently tearing the plastic off and slamming in the drawers, (3) prior to entering the house, they tore off the plastic wrapping carelessly, and missed places on the refrigerator, so we keep finding more pieces of plastic, (4) they were going to leave without checking to see whether it was level--I had to ask them, in Spanish, because they didn't understand the question in English. MICROWAVE: it has been 10 days since we purchased and paid for installation--which was hella expensive. Not one word from the installer. I have called Lowes and they have had no luck in getting this scheduled. I give Lowes a grade of D on this.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 9/10/2021 Manitowoc, WI

Called on Wednesday to find out if my dishwasher had come in. I was told no, but that it might be on the Thursday truck. Was also told that if it arrived on the Thursday truck, I would receive a phone call by 4 P.M. on Thursday letting me know it had arrived. I did not receive a call on Thursday. Called Friday to reschedule the delivery to be sure I was on the schedule for the next week. After being placed on hold for a very long time, all of a sudden my dishwasher was at the store, it had showed up 2 days ago. Very odd, as 2 days ago, I was told it was not in. But even though I was on the phone with Lowes delivery, they could not verify that I was on the schedule for Saturday or give me a time slot. I now have to wait 1 to 3 hours for them to call back to schedule. Total lack of communication on Lowes part, zero customer service. I am very leery about trusting anything that anyone says with the delivery of my dishwasher. Lowes, Manitowoc, WI


⭐ Big Box User Submission 8/22/2021

Purchased a washer and dryer from lowe’s today apparently the warehouse doesn’t check the items before it leaves because the washer machine was crushed on the top. The manager asked me if I still wanted to keep it wow ABSOLUTELY NOT REFUND ME ALL MY MONEY IM GOING ELSE WHERE!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 8/3/2021 Clayton, NC

I had Lowes deliver a new washer and dryer this morning. I have never had a worse experience from a delivery standpoint in my 80+ years of life. The driver from Lowes in Clayton, NC (Richard Boone) was the most uncooperative, nasty, irritating, noncommunicating person I have ever dealt with. If Lowes has this type of contractor working for them, they should not be in business. Everything I said to him, he argued about. I called the store manager to inform him of my concern and he seemed to have very little interest and never even said he was sorry for my irritation. I just wish I had read some of the delivery reviews (most all bad) before buying from them.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 8/1/2021

Lowe's delivery service sucks!! Two strapping men refusing to bring in our dryer because our basement stairs were crooked and they might get hurt!🙄 it is a very old house and the wood steps down into the cellar move a little, but my partner and I both danced up and down them to prove they were safe. They made us carry it down and then ran back to the truck refusing to take the old dryer. Even tho we said we would get it up the stairs for them! Lowe's need to hire real men instead of whiny boys!🤬🤬


⭐ Big Box User Submission 7/25/2021 Shreveport, LA

Lowe’s Shreveport. Worst delivery experience ever. Had appliances being delivered and went to go check on order status and it said delivered which it wasn’t. After being on hold for way to long just to be hung up on to start the process all over again is frustrating enough. This went on for hours. Getting off work early for a certain delivery date is the whole idea. Talked to person in charge of deliveries and they promised a delivery date and knocked 200.00 off for my inconvenience. Of course that didn’t happen either. So far a really bad experience. Really going to be hard to recommend buying appliances from Lowe’s ever.


⭐ Big Box User Submission 7/7/2021 Lowell, MA

I bought an air conditioner on 6/17. I have had 4 different dates of delivery 6/20, 6/24, 7/2, & 7/7. It had never arrived. I have contacted the corporate office. This has not gotten me any results. They jerk their customers around. They are a waste of time. Go anywhere but Lowe's! I went to the store in Lowell Massachusetts. 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠Don't give them your business!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/29/2021

Lowes delivery is by far the worst delivery system I have ever experienced. Botched the first delivery day of our fridge, then tried to move it to the end of the week. Then conflicting times of delivery. Lowes is a good company, I strongly suggest Lowes hire a different delivery management system. 1 star at best!

⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/28/2021

I took a chance with Lowes delivery and installation even though I heard from several people (including the in-store sales rep) that the delivery service was unreliable. They were a no show/no call on the original day of delivery. It has now been 8 days and I have not been able to reach anyone or get a call back. The people at Lowes said once the purchase is made it is out of their hands. That is just wrong! Now I need to go through the hassle of cancelling my order and purchasing from someone else. Very stressful experience and I will never step foot in a Lowes store again


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/27/2021 Patterson, NJ

I will never do business with Lowes again. I made the mistake of ordering a refrigerator from them. Lowes of Paterson took the order. The first attempt at having the (3rd party) XPO deliver the item, ended when they brought me a damaged refrigerator. They never even brought it up, just opened it on the street and said that it was damaged and took it away. told me to get my sub zero taken out by a plumber, since apparently that is considered a commercial refrigerator... ( didnt say that anywhere...?!) So, $500 later, I had it out and they ordered another refrigerator. Waited until it was in and set it up for delivery again. This time Lowes of Paterson gave the delivery company XPO my billing address instead of my home address. I spent hours of my time trying to call, but was only put on eternal hold by the rude employees of Lowes. So, despite my begging them to make the 10 minute drive to my home, they wasted another day. While the Lowes managers Nymshai, Kieth, Patricia all tried to get them to deliver it that day. In the end it did not come. I had to cancel my floor re finishers for the second time. But Nymshai promised me that I was the first delivery the next day... that would be today,. He said that they load the truck at 630 in the morning, and hopefully it would be delivered before he came in at 8:30. It is 10:30 my groceries are all getting warm for the third time, while I wait for anyone from Lowes to actually show up and give me the refrigerator that I paid them for. Instead I had all this time to tell you do not make the same mistake! DO NOT GO TO LOWES!!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/14/2021

I have never had a problem with Lowes delivery until this year. Bought a new refrigerator that needed to be replaced. Took 4 1/2 months. And all they did was drop it off in my kitchen. Didn't take plastic off, level it, center it where it belongs. They delivery guys couldn't get out of my house fast enough. Must have been lunch time as they were here at 12:15


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/10/2021

The worst appliance sales, installation (it doesn’t happen) and apathetic customer support. The delivery/installation contractors don’t communicate, leaving the customer in the middle, without the appliance purchased for an indefinite period of time. Just don’t.

⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/9/2021 Chandler, AZ


⭐ Big Box User Submission 5/11/2021 Webster, TX

They, Lowe's, lie to you in order to make a sale in total violation of the Texas DTPA. Lowe's induced me to purchase a replacement Microwave and told me that if I select an in-stock it would be installed in 2-3 days which I did from their store # 0651 Webster Texas Invoice # 76272 on May 1, 2021 three days later I received a call that the installation is tentative for May 12 and would be confirmed on May 11, 2021 so I filed a complaint and received the following response its not Lowe's problem its under the control of their contractor OAO group, even though the contract is between me and Lowe's. After complaining I received several emails saying they would look into it. This morning I received a call from their executive representative promising to contact their vendor and get back to me...this afternoon I received a recorded phone message from their contractor OAO telling me to ask for a installation time to say installation which I did and received 5 different voices telling me " DUE TO HIGH CALL VOLUME TO HOLD" After holding for over an hour the phone messages went Dead...and no answer this behavior is a mini fraud against Texas citizens and in Violation of the Texas DTPA and must be stopped This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business. This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.


⭐ Big Box User Submission

I bought a $1800 counter depth frig and a $700 stove from Lowes. First delivery date the stove was delivered but not the frig. The stove had a big scratch on the cook top. A few days later finally the frig was delivered but the delivery guys smashed up walls as they removed the old frig and told me they would not chance damaging the new frig. Went out and bought a counter depth frig for $700 more than the full size. Go figure? Counter depth frig was delivered but delivery guys did not lower the leveling feet so consequently the frig moved every time the door was opened. So here I am at 74 years old down on my belly lowering the leveling feet which should have been done at installation by the delivery guys. Lowes uses 3rd parties to deliver appliances. These delivery people just deliver and don't do anything else. My advice is to find another more reputable vendor.


⭐ Google Review

"My wife and I have had quite possibly the worst experience with this Lowe’s and their customer service as a whole has been atrocious. After having a washer/dryer installation from hell where our brand new house was flooded."

⭐ Google Review

"Told me I could get next day delivery on a refrigerator. Once they had my credit card they called an hour later and said it would be 5 day delivery. Seems that Lowe's delivery at this store does that a lot. Gets your money by promising anything and then changes it up after purchase. Cancelled order and went through the competition."

⭐ Google Review

"Worst place to buy appliances they have inexperienced delivery people i purchased a refrigerator over 2 weeks ago and still no luck on getting the appliance at my home i don't understand this store i tried calling someone but they keep transferring but nobody answers"

Google Review

"Do not use Loews home delivery. I have attempted to use their home delivery on three occasions and they have been late with delivery every time. If you are working on a home project, DO NOT use #Loweshomeimprovement to keep your project being completed on time. Completely unreliable unless you have a 7-10 day window. Very dissapointed for all the money I have spent there over the years."

⭐ Google Review

"I just spent $4,000 on appliances and installs -- Delivery day...20 minutes before my delivery window, I get a call telling me they are out of stock on the washer that was due to be delivered. about a very SCREWED up inventory system. time to deal with people is very limited and I don't feel it is my responsibility to do damage control for LOWE's or to do the jobs of LOWE's employees. I will not recommend Lowe's in the future...and will NOT shop there again. They BLEW it!"

Google Review

"The absolute worst experience ever. Will never set foot in another Lowe’s store again. From rude delivery drivers to incompetent installers"

Google Review

"Don't bother having appliances delivered. They will call you with excuses about delivery times then never show up. Horrible customer service!!!"

⭐ Google Review

"Horrible customer service, signs up saying delivery the next day on appliances. But when you go to buy, the soon as they can deliver is a week out. Was told to “Read the fine print” by the associate as him and his co-worker started laughing about it. Was not impressed by this location."

⭐ Google Review

"NEVER BUY AN APPLIANCE FROM THEM. They did not deliver on time, took days after the scheduled date to arrive. We specifically picked a product that could be delivered next day, which we we're promised. Waste so much time on hold to find an employee that knew what was going on, those that did not were rude. Then once it was installed, they didn't ensure it functioned properly. Within 15 minutes of them leaving, I was already on the phone with the manufacturer and store. I was told to wait a few days to see if the issues resolved themselves and if they didn't it would be no problem, that they would either fix the issues or replace our product. We waited and called back to say it is still not working properly and they told us today that it must be operator error and they will be charging us to be out. Then provided us an 800 number to call."

⭐ Google Review

"Buyer beware! Ordered a Washer/Dryer from here as it stated they had these 'in stock'. Less than 24 hours before my delivery time I receive a call from Jim advising these units may be 5 or more weeks delayed. This is completely unacceptable. Save your time and go to Home Depot unless you want to be disappointed."

⭐ Google Review

"Messed up the delivery of a new washing machine, and made it extremely difficult to correct. Would not use again."

 Google Review

"Already spent 1.6k for a washer & dryer set and the sales person simply said they are not yet in our distribution center, on the day before the delivery. They are now saying to go outside laundromat for washing your clothes until it is arrived, which is delayed for 3weeks. I am really not expecting this!!!"

 Google Review

"I will never order another appliance from Lowe’s. Ordered a new washer and dryer on Jan 19 paid in full, set up delivery and I still don’t have my new set as of Feb 13th."

 Google Review

"We ordered a refrigerator and received notice that our order was canceled with no explanation. After spending a half hour on the phone with two different representatives, we were told that the refrigerator was actually out of stock and we'd have to go to the store in person if we wanted to reorder it because it would have to be a "special order."" 

Company Name: Lowe's

Year Founded: 1921

City: Mooresville, NC

Phone: (800) 445-6937


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