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⭐ Big Box User Submission 7/7/2021 Lowell, MA

I bought an air conditioner on 6/17. I have had 4 different dates of delivery 6/20, 6/24, 7/2, & 7/7. It had never arrived. I have contacted the corporate office. This has not gotten me any results. They jerk their customers around. They are a waste of time. Go anywhere but Lowe's! I went to the store in Lowell Massachusetts. 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠Don't give them your business!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/29/2021

Lowes delivery is by far the worst delivery system I have ever experienced. Botched the first delivery day of our fridge, then tried to move it to the end of the week. Then conflicting times of delivery. Lowes is a good company, I strongly suggest Lowes hire a different delivery management system. 1 star at best!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/27/2021 Patterson, NJ

I will never do business with Lowes again. I made the mistake of ordering a refrigerator from them. Lowes of Paterson took the order. The first attempt at having the (3rd party) XPO deliver the item, ended when they brought me a damaged refrigerator. They never even brought it up, just opened it on the street and said that it was damaged and took it away. told me to get my sub zero taken out by a plumber, since apparently that is considered a commercial refrigerator... ( didnt say that anywhere...?!) So, $500 later, I had it out and they ordered another refrigerator. Waited until it was in and set it up for delivery again. This time Lowes of Paterson gave the delivery company XPO my billing address instead of my home address. I spent hours of my time trying to call, but was only put on eternal hold by the rude employees of Lowes. So, despite my begging them to make the 10 minute drive to my home, they wasted another day. While the Lowes managers Nymshai, Kieth, Patricia all tried to get them to deliver it that day. In the end it did not come. I had to cancel my floor re finishers for the second time. But Nymshai promised me that I was the first delivery the next day... that would be today,. He said that they load the truck at 630 in the morning, and hopefully it would be delivered before he came in at 8:30. It is 10:30 my groceries are all getting warm for the third time, while I wait for anyone from Lowes to actually show up and give me the refrigerator that I paid them for. Instead I had all this time to tell you do not make the same mistake! DO NOT GO TO LOWES!!!


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/14/2021

I have never had a problem with Lowes delivery until this year. Bought a new refrigerator that needed to be replaced. Took 4 1/2 months. And all they did was drop it off in my kitchen. Didn't take plastic off, level it, center it where it belongs. They delivery guys couldn't get out of my house fast enough. Must have been lunch time as they were here at 12:15


⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/10/2021

The worst appliance sales, installation (it doesn’t happen) and apathetic customer support. The delivery/installation contractors don’t communicate, leaving the customer in the middle, without the appliance purchased for an indefinite period of time. Just don’t.

⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/9/2021 Chandler, AZ



⭐ Big Box User Submission

I bought a $1800 counter depth frig and a $700 stove from Lowes. First delivery date the stove was delivered but not the frig. The stove had a big scratch on the cook top. A few days later finally the frig was delivered but the delivery guys smashed up walls as they removed the old frig and told me they would not chance damaging the new frig. Went out and bought a counter depth frig for $700 more than the full size. Go figure? Counter depth frig was delivered but delivery guys did not lower the leveling feet so consequently the frig moved every time the door was opened. So here I am at 74 years old down on my belly lowering the leveling feet which should have been done at installation by the delivery guys. Lowes uses 3rd parties to deliver appliances. These delivery people just deliver and don't do anything else. My advice is to find another more reputable vendor.


⭐ Google Review

"My wife and I have had quite possibly the worst experience with this Lowe’s and their customer service as a whole has been atrocious. After having a washer/dryer installation from hell where our brand new house was flooded."

⭐ Google Review

"Told me I could get next day delivery on a refrigerator. Once they had my credit card they called an hour later and said it would be 5 day delivery. Seems that Lowe's delivery at this store does that a lot. Gets your money by promising anything and then changes it up after purchase. Cancelled order and went through the competition."

Google Review

"Worst place to buy appliances they have inexperienced delivery people i purchased a refrigerator over 2 weeks ago and still no luck on getting the appliance at my home i don't understand this store i tried calling someone but they keep transferring but nobody answers"

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"Do not use Loews home delivery. I have attempted to use their home delivery on three occasions and they have been late with delivery every time. If you are working on a home project, DO NOT use #Loweshomeimprovement to keep your project being completed on time. Completely unreliable unless you have a 7-10 day window. Very dissapointed for all the money I have spent there over the years."

⭐ Google Review

"I just spent $4,000 on appliances and installs -- Delivery day...20 minutes before my delivery window, I get a call telling me they are out of stock on the washer that was due to be delivered. Wow...talk about a very SCREWED up inventory system. Sorry...my time to deal with people is very limited and I don't feel it is my responsibility to do damage control for LOWE's or to do the jobs of LOWE's employees. I will not recommend Lowe's in the future...and will NOT shop there again. They BLEW it!"

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"The absolute worst experience ever. Will never set foot in another Lowe’s store again. From rude delivery drivers to incompetent installers"

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"Don't bother having appliances delivered. They will call you with excuses about delivery times then never show up. Horrible customer service!!!"

⭐ Big Box User Submission 6/28/2021

I took a chance with Lowes delivery and installation even though I heard from several people (including the in-store sales rep) that the delivery service was unreliable. They were a no show/no call on the original day of delivery. It has now been 8 days and I have not been able to reach anyone or get a call back. The people at Lowes said once the purchase is made it is out of their hands. That is just wrong! Now I need to go through the hassle of cancelling my order and purchasing from someone else. Very stressful experience and I will never step foot in a Lowes store again


⭐ Big Box User Submission 5/11/2021 Webster, TX

They, Lowe's, lie to you in order to make a sale in total violation of the Texas DTPA. Lowe's induced me to purchase a replacement Microwave and told me that if I select an in-stock it would be installed in 2-3 days which I did from their store # 0651 Webster Texas Invoice # 76272 on May 1, 2021 three days later I received a call that the installation is tentative for May 12 and would be confirmed on May 11, 2021 so I filed a complaint and received the following response its not Lowe's problem its under the control of their contractor OAO group, even though the contract is between me and Lowe's. After complaining I received several emails saying they would look into it. This morning I received a call from their executive representative promising to contact their vendor and get back to me...this afternoon I received a recorded phone message from their contractor OAO telling me to ask for a installation time to say installation which I did and received 5 different voices telling me " DUE TO HIGH CALL VOLUME TO HOLD" After holding for over an hour the phone messages went Dead...and no answer this behavior is a mini fraud against Texas citizens and in Violation of the Texas DTPA and must be stopped This customer had a NEGATIVE experience with this business. This customer WOULD NOT recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.


⭐ Google Review

"Horrible customer service, signs up saying delivery the next day on appliances. But when you go to buy, the soon as they can deliver is a week out. Was told to “Read the fine print” by the associate as him and his co-worker started laughing about it. Was not impressed by this location."

⭐ Google Review

"NEVER BUY AN APPLIANCE FROM THEM. They did not deliver on time, took days after the scheduled date to arrive. We specifically picked a product that could be delivered next day, which we we're promised. Waste so much time on hold to find an employee that knew what was going on, those that did not were rude. Then once it was installed, they didn't ensure it functioned properly. Within 15 minutes of them leaving, I was already on the phone with the manufacturer and store. I was told to wait a few days to see if the issues resolved themselves and if they didn't it would be no problem, that they would either fix the issues or replace our product. We waited and called back to say it is still not working properly and they told us today that it must be operator error and they will be charging us to be out. Then provided us an 800 number to call."

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"Buyer beware! Ordered a Washer/Dryer from here as it stated they had these 'in stock'. Less than 24 hours before my delivery time I receive a call from Jim advising these units may be 5 or more weeks delayed. This is completely unacceptable. Save your time and go to Home Depot unless you want to be disappointed."

⭐ Google Review

"Messed up the delivery of a new washing machine, and made it extremely difficult to correct. Would not use again."

 Google Review

"Already spent 1.6k for a washer & dryer set and the sales person simply said they are not yet in our distribution center, on the day before the delivery. They are now saying to go outside laundromat for washing your clothes until it is arrived, which is delayed for 3weeks. I am really not expecting this!!!"

 Google Review

"I will never order another appliance from Lowe’s. Ordered a new washer and dryer on Jan 19 paid in full, set up delivery and I still don’t have my new set as of Feb 13th."

 Google Review

"We ordered a refrigerator and received notice that our order was canceled with no explanation. After spending a half hour on the phone with two different representatives, we were told that the refrigerator was actually out of stock and we'd have to go to the store in person if we wanted to reorder it because it would have to be a "special order."" 

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