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Appliance Availability

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Long wait times and uncertainty

Thinking about getting your next appliance from Costco? If you are, I have some advice for you: get ready to wait...While the majority of appliances on Costco’s website are out of stock, there are a few options listed as “available for delivery” within one week’s time. After completing your order, however, you are notified that a representative will reach out and confirm your “actual” delivery date. When you finally do hear from someone, you soon find out that the earliest available delivery date listed on their website was incorrect. Not just a day or two off what was advertised though. In fact, you will be told that your order cannot be fulfilled for almost a month.

For those in the market who need an appliance on a timely basis, spare yourself the wasted

time and frustration of dealing with Costco’s ineptitude. They are new in the appliance business and unable to fulfill appliance orders in a timely, consistent matter with integrity. As for how they are going to manage their product after the sale, that is yet to be determined

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