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Bosch Shortage update!

According to our industry insiders many Appliance manufacturers are still reporting availability issues across most product categories. Although showing signs of some improvement however it's "lumpy" at best by category. Semi conductors and high demand seem to be the main culprit however these past few months has seen a reduction in demand due to consumers shifting their spending from goods to services. This shift is most likely due having spent so much on electronics and furniture during the pandemic they now have the need to get out and about traveling and eating out post pandemic with higher costs in doing so.

Bosch availability issues won’t probably go away until at least 3rd Qtr of 2023 as of the writing of this article. The shortages vary almost daily depending on the product but it is still recommended to allow yourself 3 months to 6 months leeway if you’re planning on purchasing. Basically if you see a Bosch appliance in stock somewhere and you intend on purchasing then grab it when you see it.

Bosch isn’t the only manufacturer experiencing availability issues as Frigidaire as an example has a message to their customers in part that reads “As a result of both very strong demand for our appliances and the global supply chain shortages, some of our appliances are experiencing a fulfillment delay. We truly understand the impact this may have on you and are working closely with our suppliers so we can deliver your order as quickly as possible.” It’s also being reported that Miele isn’t even taking orders from retailers on their residential dishwashers from appliance retailers.

Please keep checking back in with Big Box Appliance Reviews as we will keep updating these availability issues as we find out.

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