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Consumer Report's Top 5 Dishwashers

Since it’s November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner we think it’s the perfect time to talk about the best dishwashers, according to Consumer Reports. Their ratings are based on cleaning, drying, noise and efficiency.

According to Consumer Reports, here are the top 5 dishwashers currently on the market.

5. Ikea Essentiell

Model: 80.655.85

Cost: $480 - $669

You've probably heard of Ikea for furniture, but believe it or not, they offer appliances too. This value priced unit features a 5-year warranty, 6-hour delay start, and an adjustable upper rack. It is also worth mentioning that this model is manufactured by Electrolux for Ikea. This is a solid entry level dishwasher with a robust warranty, but the plastic tub means that it will be louder than some of the entries higher on this list. Availability may also be a concern for those without an Ikea location nearby.

4. Kenmore

Model: 14573

Cost: $570

This unit gives great value for the money and does have a steel tub and 3rd rack for easier loading. The biggest drawback of course is actually find one. Very few places in the US actually carry this model, but Consumer reports tested it and put it in their top 5, so we are sharing it with you.

3. Bosch 300 Series

Model: SHEM63W55N

Cost: $999 - $1,149

This unit features AquaStop leak protection, 24hr delay start, PureDry, and a 3rd rack. This is the mid-range option in Bosch's dishwasher line and offers a good balance of features, cost and durability.

2. Bosch 800 Series

Model: SHPM78Z55N

Cost: $1,299

This model is near the top of Bosch's product line. It is more expensive, but significantly quieter than many dishwashers on the market today. It operates at only 42 dBA and also features AquaStop leak protection, as well as their CrystalDry system. CrystalDry uses minerals that get hot when exposed to water to efficiently dry dishes. This system even eliminates annoying condensation on plastics and Tupperware.

1. Bosch 100 Series

Model: SHXM4AY55N

Cost: $829 - $1,099

By now you're probably realizing that Bosch makes incredible dishwashers. This unit is a great value for the price. Superior cleaning and, while Bosch has had a tough time with availability the last couple years, this unit seems readily available now. This model features an adjustable 3rd rack and a fingerprint resistant finish. The print resistant finish is a major upgrade for anyone growing tired of trying to keep their stainless steel appliances clean.

While this list is based on consumer Reports testing, there are plenty of good dishwashers produced today. If you haven’t update in a while, Black Friday is a perfect time to update with some of the strongest Appliance Sales pricing of the year.

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