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Don't Wait, Buy Now! How Critical Supply Shortages Might Affect Your Next Appliance Purchase


Jason Duong

Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom


Due to Appliance Shortage, Customers Are Told to Purchase Appliances Now

Thornton, Colorado: With the recent pandemic, supply chain woes linger as retailers, from independents to large establishments, continue to struggle with replenishing their own inventory. As consumers are working from their home office to children learning from makeshift classrooms at home, the reliance of home appliances has never been greater. Unfortunately, the increased dependency of the typical home appliances will result a greater rate to wear and tear – ultimately failure - of those appliances that consumers depend on the most.

Having taken note of the pent-up demand, Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom exercised their strong partnership with top name brands to strategize the need of alleviating the elevated demand of appliances from refrigeration to laundry units.

“Out of the 20 plus years in the business, I have never witnessed such a supply shortage with this extraordinary level of demand. I can only imagine the frustration consumers must be going through,” says Chuck Ewing, CEO at Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom. “Even though we have a healthy inventory in our 350,000 sq ft warehouse, I highly recommend not waiting to purchase your appliances.It’s a scary, uncertain time and we do not know when the supply chain will be fully back online to its fullest capacity. Currently, we are seeing orders taking anywhere from 4-8 weeks to 4-6 months to fulfill.”

Appliance Factory has brought in extra inventory and has the largest inventory of any appliance dealer in the Colorado region. Their trained and seasoned Product Specialist are ready to help consumers from selecting products, managing ordering of the appliances to working with manufacturers to ensure products arrives in a timely manner.

As manufacturing plants are experiencing a combination of supply chain challenges and a limited work force, consumers must realize the reality: Consumers must plan for the future and act now to procure appliances to maintain a fully functioning household.

To learn more about appliance availability, please visit

About Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom: Started from humble beginnings in 1986, Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom grown to become the Nation’s Largest Discount Appliance and Mattress Dealer. With almost 30 showroom locations throughout Colorado, Indiana and Ohio, Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom main goal is to provide customers with the outstanding customer service and the widest array of available products from top brand names.

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