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Long Waits, Product Delays and Shortages

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A large problem for big-box appliance retailers right now is availability. Big-box national retailers (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Best Buy etc) are being affected by shortages due to COVID-19 and production plant closures and part supplies. Because of the shortages there has been an influx of/- negative online reviews that come from customers experiencing seemingly endless delays in the delivery timeline due to a deceptive ordering process and unclear product availability.

If you're buying an appliance that's not in-stock at the store it will be very problematic and can be a lengthy process. It will take an extended amount of time to get major appliances special ordered from the manufacturer to the store, and then delivered and installed into your home. We suggest looking at regional dealers and local independents for appliances. Their prices will most likely be the same or better. If they’re not it’s likely they will match the big box sale prices. Many of these stores have inventory available and you would be surprised how much some of the larger regional independent appliance stores have in inventory. Plus, these independent retailers have professional and experienced sales teams that will manage the order and can upgrade your appliance if it’s on backorder. They will also give you legitimate time frames on what to expect

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