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Maytag releases new laundry set with "Pet Pro" system

A new product for pet owners has hit the market. Maytag recently released a top load laundry set (MVW6500MBK + MED6500MBK) that features the new Maytag Pet Pro System.

Maytag top load laundry set with pet pro hair removal system models MVW6500MBK + MED6500MBK

What is the Pet Pro System?

The Pet Pro system includes a filter in the washer that Maytag claims can remove up to 5 times more pet hair than other laundry sets. The Dryer also features an extra large lint trap to trap and remove even more hair.

Maytag top load washing machine model MVW6500MBK with pet pro filter
Pet Pro washing machine filter in use.

What other features does this set offer?

The washer has a deep fill option and a built in faucet for pretreatments. The dry has steam functionality. Overall though, the main draw of this set are the pet hair removal features.

Have you purchased on of these sets?

Please leave a comment below to let others know what you think. This set is also exclusive to Lowes so please consider leaving a review about your delivery and installation experience to help with our study.

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