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On Hold: Up to 2 Hour Wait on Phone with Costco Customer Service

When Costco first started selling appliances a few years back, many fans of the retail giant were excited about the news. However it now seems that many of those customers are wishing that they shopped elsewhere. As we did research and talked to consumers, problematic customer service and delivery appear to be areas where the Big Box store struggles significantly.

With a very limited in-store display and no appliance specialist on staff, the overwhelming majority of Costco’s appliance sales occur online. A frequent frustration voiced by customers in reviews was not being able to get someone to answer their questions. When we attempted to call Costco’s appliance department, it took 2 hours to get a representative on the phone. Another frequent topic that showed up in many of Costco’s negative appliance reviews was delivery issues. The issues mentioned most by upset customers included home damage, missed appointments, and faulty installation. Like its other Big Box counterparts, Costco outsources their appliance delivery and installation to a third-party.

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