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Why do Big Boxes have such bad reviews?

Selection process

• The selection process is difficult with 100’s of options.

• Are the dimensions correct? Is it the right color? Does it match the décor

and have the right features?

• If the wrong selection is made, appliances are a difficult hassle to return.

Order management

• Many appliances require someone to manage the ordering process.

• Is the product available? Is it on backorder? Has the model number

transitioned to a new model number?

• Are there issues with product fulfillment? What is the new delivery



• Manufacturer systems are complex; items don’t come in on time and get

back ordered and substituted.

• It’s important to have someone support order management.

Delivering the product to your home

• Will the delivery people be responsive and able to manage any issues with

the product or delivery?

• Can your delivery people hook up and install the appliances correctly?

• The delivery process is very problematic and requires professional salespeople and quality customer service staff that are responsive and can

manage any issues.

Customer Service after the sale

Who will take responsibility after the delivery goes wrong? The store

blames the third-party delivery team. The third-party delivery team blames

the store. You can never speak with a decision-maker and end up spending hours

upon hours trying to rectify the situation.

4-8% of appliances need service during the first year.

Appliance owners need someone they can count on to support them after

the sale with the manufacturer and warranty companies when their

appliances need service.

Do you have an experience to share about buying an appliance from a big box retailer?

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